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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Corey Davis Note
Corey Davis photo 79. Corey Davis WR - (at BUF)
We got somewhat of a breakout season from Davis last year, as he finished with 65 receptions for 984 yards and five touchdowns despite missing two games and playing second fiddle to A.J. Brown. He signed with the Jets in free agency and figures to be their go-to receiver, though there are suddenly tons of mouths to feed in New York. The Jets also added Keelan Cole in free agency, drafted Elijah Moore in the second round, and managed to restructure Jamison Crowder's contract to keep him in town. On top of all that, they have a rookie quarterback under center, which presents another obstacle. Davis is likely to be the leader in targets, but he may not have enough consistency to be a weekly WR3. Ideally, you draft him as a WR4 to play in spots.
10 weeks ago
Michael Carter Note
Michael Carter photo 108. Michael Carter RB - (at BUF)
Don't sleep on Carter in redraft formats. The only player standing in his way of 15-plus touches is Tevin Coleman, who's played just 22-of-32 games the last two seasons. On top of that, he's never been efficient when asked to carry a heavy workload. Carter reminded me of Justin Forsett while scouting him. He does everything well, and though he's undersized, that shouldn't stop him from getting plenty of opportunity, especially in the passing game. The Jets are no longer an Adam Gase-led team. There's value to be had in this offense, and Carter is one of the best late-round values in fantasy football.
10 weeks ago
Elijah Moore Note
Elijah Moore photo 140. Elijah Moore WR - (at BUF)
While scouting Moore this offseason, I came away saying, "that guy is a natural football player." The game seemed to come easy to him, which is the same thing I said about Tee Higgins. They're different players, but some are just born to play this game. So, to hear about Moore tearing up the offseason workouts, it didn't surprise me. What did surprise me was them re-working Jamison Crowder's contract to keep him with the team. His presence is going to be an issue for Moore's ceiling in his rookie year. The hope for Moore is that they'll use him in a Curtis Samuel-type role where they manufacture touches for him to give fantasy managers weekly usability. He's certainly someone to keep an eye on.
10 weeks ago
Tevin Coleman Note
Tevin Coleman photo 141. Tevin Coleman RB - (at BUF)
Let's just call it as it is: Coleman is essentially undrafted at this point in the offseason. He's not great, but he's going to be the starting running back for the Jets when the season begins. As time goes on, I fully expect Michael Carter to push him for that job (he's better than Coleman), but Coleman was brought to New York because he knows the offense. But still, a starting running back should be taken as a top-50 option.
10 weeks ago
Zach Wilson Note
Zach Wilson photo 172. Zach Wilson QB - (at BUF)
The Jets liked Wilson enough to draft him over Trey Lance and Justin Fields, which tells you just how high they were on him. Judging by ADP on the entire Jets roster, many are still approaching the team as if they're run by Adam Gase. Insider info: They're not. Wilson is locked in as the starter all year long in Mike LaFleur's offense, and fantasy managers need to know about Wilson's upside as a rusher. Even Daniel Jones, who threw for 11 touchdowns in 14 games last year and missed two games, finished as a top-24 quarterback due to his 423 yards and one touchdown on the ground. Wilson is going to finish as a top-20 fantasy quarterback in year one.
10 weeks ago
Jamison Crowder Note
Jamison Crowder photo 194. Jamison Crowder WR - (at BUF)
It's a shame the Jets re-worked Crowder's contract to keep him with the team because I'm not really sure where he fits in. The Jets are head over heels in love with Elijah Moore, who projects as someone who'll play quite a few slot snaps. They also went out and snagged Corey Davis in free agency, so he'll be their top receiver. You mustn't forget that Adam Gase is no longer the head coach, and Sam Darnold is no longer the quarterback. Removing those two is bad for Crowder's production, as both loved the slot very much. The Jets suddenly have a crowded depth chart at wide receiver, meaning Crowder might not even play a full-time role.
10 weeks ago
Ty Johnson Note
Ty Johnson photo 201. Ty Johnson RB - (at BUF)
Denzel Mims Note
Denzel Mims photo 257. Denzel Mims WR - (at BUF)
Yes, Mims was drafted in the second round last year. However, that doesn't matter much anymore. The Jets brought in a new coaching staff, and with that, they brought in a multitude of pass catchers. First, it was Corey Davis, who's built nearly identical to Mims (both 6-foot-3, just two pounds apart). Next, it was Keelan Cole, who's been underutilized throughout his career. Lastly, they drafted Elijah Moore, who's a utility blade in the offense. Oh, and they still haven't released Jamison Crowder. He's going to have a tough time seeing the field on a consistent basis.
10 weeks ago
New York Jets Note
New York Jets photo 272. New York Jets DST - (at BUF)
La'Mical Perine Note
La'Mical Perine photo 283. La'Mical Perine RB - (at BUF)
Keelan Cole Sr. Note
Keelan Cole Sr. photo 296. Keelan Cole Sr. WR - (at BUF)
Tyler Kroft Note
Tyler Kroft photo 341. Tyler Kroft TE - (at BUF)
Matt Ammendola Note
Matt Ammendola photo 407. Matt Ammendola K - (at BUF)
Ryan Griffin Note
Ryan Griffin photo 460. Ryan Griffin TE - (at BUF)
Braxton Berrios Note
Braxton Berrios photo 484. Braxton Berrios WR - (at BUF)
Kenny Yeboah Note
Kenny Yeboah photo 521. Kenny Yeboah TE - (at BUF)
Vyncint Smith Note
Vyncint Smith photo 575. Vyncint Smith WR - (at BUF)
D.J. Montgomery Note
D.J. Montgomery photo 577. D.J. Montgomery WR - (at BUF)
Trevon Wesco Note
Trevon Wesco photo 599. Trevon Wesco TE,RB - (at BUF)
Daniel Brown Note
Daniel Brown photo 603. Daniel Brown TE - (at BUF)
Jeff Smith Note
Jeff Smith photo 855. Jeff Smith WR - (at BUF)
Manasseh Bailey Note
Manasseh Bailey photo 902. Manasseh Bailey WR - (at BUF)