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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Darren Waller Note
Darren Waller photo 20. Darren Waller TE - (vs . LAC)
I remember getting Waller in the fifth or sixth round last year, and though it never felt amazing while doing it, the end result worked out. Why didn't it feel amazing? He's part of the Raiders offense, that lacks potency. The targets were what we were chasing, and the targets are what we got. But when you're paying TE2 prices in the second round, you not only need the targets, you need touchdowns. While Waller scored nine of them last year, he scored just three of them in 2019 in the same offense. There's a reason people pay up for Travis Kelce, and while I like Waller, I just don't have that guaranteed Kelce-like production.
11 weeks ago
Josh Jacobs Note
Josh Jacobs photo 43. Josh Jacobs RB - (vs . LAC)
I remember last year when Jacobs was going as a late first-round pick, though I wanted nothing to do with him at that price due to his lack of involvement in the passing game the previous season. Nothing changed except they added more pass catchers. He did get a slight bump in targets (45), though nothing you could rely upon every week. What's changed this offseason? The Raiders decided to pay Kenyan Drake a good chunk of money to come in and share the workload with Jacobs, forcing his fantasy stock to plummet. Drake was essentially the same running back as Jacobs last year, though we've seen him produce in the passing game before. Did the addition of Drake drop Jacobs' price too far, or is this a backfield to simply avoid if possible? I believe he's fallen enough to consider a value as a low-end RB2 who should see be in line for 250-plus touches. The expectations were out of control last year, but if you can get him in the fifth round this year, I'm buying.
11 weeks ago
Kenyan Drake Note
Kenyan Drake photo 110. Kenyan Drake RB - (vs . LAC)
The marriage between the Raiders and Drake is an odd one, as Drake was somewhat of a Josh Jacobs doppleganger last year. They both finished between 3.9 and 4.0 yards per carry, both scored double-digit rushing touchdowns, and both were extremely limited in the passing game. The Raiders have continually given guys like DeAndre Washington, Jalen Richard, and Devontae Booker work alongside Jacobs over the last two years, so Drake is going to get mixed in quite heavily, and my guess would be that the passing game is where he gets most of it. You may not remember, but Drake was considered a solid third-down back early in his career with the Dolphins, and has two seasons with 50-plus catches on his NFL resume. It's tough to see him eating into Jacobs' carry totals a whole lot, especially after the way he looked with the Cardinals in 2020, but he should offer low-upside flex value due to his work in the passing game.
11 weeks ago
Henry Ruggs III Note
Henry Ruggs III photo 127. Henry Ruggs III WR - (vs . LAC)
You'd think that when a team spends the No. 12 overall pick on a wide receiver, they'd actually find ways to use him, right? That didn't happen with Ruggs. There wasn't a game in 2020 where he saw more than five targets or caught more than three receptions. We did see the Raiders move on from Nelson Agholor, but he was quickly replaced by John Brown. It's no secret that Brown has struggled to stay healthy, which could be the door Ruggs needs to get more targets. He shouldn't need an injury to get targets, but if this Raiders coaching staff told us anything last year, it's that they don't know how to best utilize Ruggs.
11 weeks ago
Derek Carr Note
Derek Carr photo 158. Derek Carr QB - (vs . LAC)
The article I write every year titled, "Boom, Bust, and Everything In Between," highlights the both the consistency a player offers, as well as his upside. Carr has no upside. Over the last two years under Jon Gruden, Carr has played 32 games. In those games, he's delivered QB1-type performances just 14 times (43.8 percent), and a "boom" performance just one time (3.1 percent). I'd rather take shots on the rookie quarterbacks who might not start out of the gate, as Carr certainly wouldn't be your QB1.
11 weeks ago
Bryan Edwards Note
Bryan Edwards photo 159. Bryan Edwards WR - (vs . LAC)
The Raiders were high on Edwards during last year's draft process, though injuries derailed his progress. Once Nelson Agholor left, it felt like Edwards might be starting in 2WR sets, though they quickly replaced Agholor with the veteran John Brown. Still, Edwards is the only notable receiver on the team who's over six-feet tall and can play that go-to role they seek outside of Darren Waller. We've also heard Derek Carr say that Edwards reminded him of his former teammate in college, Davante Adams, which is never a bad thing.
11 weeks ago
Daniel Carlson Note
Daniel Carlson photo 244. Daniel Carlson K - (vs . LAC)
Carlson had an outstanding 2020 season, converting 94.3% of his field-goal attempts and missing just two of his 47 extra-point attempts. Kickers are notoriously fickle, and Carlson is evidence of that, as he's converted 94.1%, 73.1%, and 94.3% of his field-goal attempts since joining the Raiders. In other words, it's worth drafting Carlson in a standard-sized league, but he's far from a guarantee in terms of his success.
14 weeks ago
Hunter Renfrow Note
Hunter Renfrow photo 249. Hunter Renfrow WR - (vs . LAC)
Jalen Richard Note
Jalen Richard photo 328. Jalen Richard RB - (vs . LAC)
Las Vegas Raiders Note
Las Vegas Raiders photo 372. Las Vegas Raiders DST - (vs . LAC)
Peyton Barber Note
Peyton Barber photo 377. Peyton Barber RB - (vs . LAC)
Foster Moreau Note
Foster Moreau photo 391. Foster Moreau TE - (vs . LAC)
Marcus Mariota Note
Marcus Mariota photo 441. Marcus Mariota QB - (vs . LAC)
Zay Jones Note
Zay Jones photo 468. Zay Jones WR - (vs . LAC)
Alec Ingold Note
Alec Ingold photo 479. Alec Ingold RB - (vs . LAC)
Derek Carrier Note
Derek Carrier photo 596. Derek Carrier TE - (vs . LAC)
Nick Bowers Note
Nick Bowers photo 611. Nick Bowers TE - (vs . LAC)
Javon Wims Note
Javon Wims photo 617. Javon Wims WR - (vs . LAC)
Trey Ragas Note
Trey Ragas photo 637. Trey Ragas RB - (vs . LAC)
Matt Bushman Note
Matt Bushman photo 679. Matt Bushman TE - (vs . LAC)
Marcell Ateman Note
Marcell Ateman photo 758. Marcell Ateman WR - (vs . LAC)
Theo Riddick Note
Theo Riddick photo 816. Theo Riddick RB - (vs . LAC)
Dillon Stoner Note
Dillon Stoner photo 833. Dillon Stoner WR - (vs . LAC)
Caleb Scott Note
Caleb Scott photo 834. Caleb Scott WR - (vs . LAC)
DJ Turner Note
DJ Turner photo 835. DJ Turner WR - (vs . LAC)