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ADP Risers and Fallers in DRAFT Best Ball Leagues (Fantasy Football)

by Josh Shepardson | @BChad50 | Featured Writer
Apr 24, 2019

David Johnson continues to see his DRAFT best ball ADP climb

The NFL Draft is this week, and DRAFT has added rookies to their player pool. The addition of rookies has obviously impacted the ADP for the established veterans already in the player pool. In the interest of showing gamers where rookies are being drafted in advance of the NFL Draft, I’ve slightly tweaked the normal format for this piece and included separate tables at each highlighted position with rookies and their position rank/ADP. For the running backs and receivers, I illustrated those things for the top nine at those positions, so a few guys at each position missed the cut for the tables.



Player 4/20 (ADP)
Kyler Murray QB17 (127.4)
Dwayne Haskins QB31 (213)
Tyree Jackson T-QB36 (216.8)
Daniel Jones T-QB36 (216.8)
Will Grier T-QB40 (217)
Drew Lock T-QB40 (217)


Player 2/13 (ADP) 3/31 4/20
Deshaun Watson (HOU) QB4 (62) QB5 (71.2) QB4 (71.4)
Dak Prescott (DAL) QB20 (117.9) T-QB18 (131.4) QB16 (126.3)
Kirk Cousins (MIN) QB21 (126.8) QB20 (135.5) QB19 (132.1)

Watson moved back up to fourth in the quarterback pecking order. Prescott climbed the QB ranks once again since I first began tracking ADP back on February 13, and he’s risen despite Kyler Murray making an appearance in the top-20 quarterbacks. Cousins has also moved up another spot and is now within the top-20 signal callers.


Player 2/13 (ADP) 3/31 4/20
Baker Mayfield (CLE) QB5 (74.6) QB4 (66.1) QB5 (73.1)
Lamar Jackson (BAL) QB13 (104.9) QB16 (126.6) QB18 (131.8)
Jimmy Garoppolo (SF) QB19 (117.4) QB17 (128.9) QB21 (138.8)
Mitchell Trubisky (CHI) QB18 (116.6) T-QB18 (131.4) QB20 (135.1)

Mayfield has slipped back behind Watson in the QB rankings after bypassing him for the fourth spot last time I checked in on DRAFT ADP data. Jackson’s free fall continues as he barely clings onto a top-20 spot at QB after sitting a few spots outside of the top 10 back in the middle of February. Jimmy G’s ADP movement has been curious, as he was a riser at last look, but has now slipped to his lowest spot in the QB rankings and ADP to date. While Prescott moved up from T-QB18, Trubisky has slid the opposite direction a couple spots.

Running Back


Player 4/20 (ADP)
Josh Jacobs RB29 (63.9)
David Montgomery RB41 (109.8)
Miles Sanders RB42 (112.9)
Darrell Henderson RB53 (152.8)
Damien Harris RB58 (174.8)
Devin Singletary RB63 (202.4)
Justice Hill RB67 (210.6)
Rodney Anderson RB71 (213)
Bryce Love RB72 (214.4)


Player 2/13 (ADP) 3/31 4/20
David Johnson (ARI) RB11 (15.3) RB8 (10.1) RB7 (8.4)
Leonard Fournette (JAX) RB19 (35.7) RB15 (30) RB14 (28.6)
Devonta Freeman (ATL) RB20 (37.4) RB17 (31.3) RB16 (30.2)
Derrick Henry (TEN) RB18 (34.1) RB19 (33.3) RB15 (28.9)
Marlon Mack (IND) RB17 (32.6) RB20 (36.5) RB18 (32.6)
Mike Davis (CHI) Undrafted RB41 (113.7) RB34 (81.9)
Jordan Howard (PHI) RB31 (66.8) RB34 (86.2) RB30 (65.4)
Isaiah Crowell (OAK) T-RB65 (212.8) RB60 (195.2) RB52 (149.9)

Only one rookie running back cracks the top 30 at the position and just three in the top 50. David Johnson’s the only back in the top 10 to move up, and he’s climbed every ADP check-in. Fournette and Freeman have also risen the ranks yet again. A pair of AFC South backs, Henry and Mack, join the ranks of the risers after landing in the fallers section last time. Davis, or perhaps he should go by the nickname, Mr. Helium Man, has skyrocketed from undrafted among the 66 backs selected back in February to RB34 and a top-90 selection. Howard’s RB rank and ADP this go-round are almost identical to where they were back in February after a 20-spot fall in late March. Crowell’s zoomed way up the rankings and is knocking on the door of cracking the top-50 backs.


Player 2/13 (ADP) 3/31 4/20
Le’Veon Bell (NYJ) RB9 (12.3) RB7 (7.5) RB8 (9.2)
Damien Williams (KC) RB14 (24.6) RB14 (27.7) RB17 (32.5)
Kerryon Johnson/C.J. Anderson (DET) RB16 (32.3)/RB44 (126.9) RB16 (30.4)/RB53 (158.5) RB20 (38.8)/RB60 (187.3)
Aaron Jones (GB) RB15 (28.9) RB18 (33.2) RB19 (35.2)
Derrius Guice/Chris Thompson (WAS) RB22 (41.3)/RB51 (152.7) RB24 (47.7)/RB56 (171.8) RB25 (50.8)/RB62 (199.2)
Tevin Coleman/Jerick McKinnon/Matt Breida (SF) RB30 (66.4)/RB25 (49.3)/RB34 (86.5) RB27 (60.7)/RB32 (74.8)/RB42 (118.4) RB31 (70.3)/RB35 (88.4)/RB46 (126.5)
Kareem Hunt (CLE) RB28 (58.9) RB36 (87.5) RB40 (99.5)
Dion Lewis (TEN) RB43 (125.8) RB45 (125.4) RB50 (145.1)
Kalen Ballage (MIA) RB48 (142.7) RB47 (130.8) RB55 (158.1)

Bell’s the only back in the top-10 RBs to slip, but he still settles in higher than when I began tracking ADP in February. The addition of late-season and playoff hero C.J. Anderson to Detroit’s backfield on a one-year pact has resulted in both Johnson and Anderson falling significantly. Jones slips a bit further in the rankings, and Washington’s duo of Guice and Thompson find themselves doing the same. San Francisco’s backfield is overflowing with talent, but the logjam has resulted in all three of their best backs falling outside the top-30 backs. Ballage’s offseason ADP movement is baffling, as he jumped a dozen spots in overall ADP and one spot in the RB rankings in late March before nosediving outside the top-50 backs with an ADP barely inside the top 160 now.

Wide Receiver


Player 4/20 (ADP)
D.K. Metcalf WR49 (125.5)
A.J. Brown WR56 (150.1)
N’Keal Harry WR60 (165.2)
Hakeem Butler WR63 (177.3)
Marquise Brown WR64 (180.9)
Parris Campbell WR80 (211.7)
Andy Isabella WR86 (214.6)
Deebo Samuel WR88 (215)
Kelvin Harmon WR89 (215.1)


Player 2/13 (ADP) 3/31 4/20
Julian Edelman (NE) WR19 (45.7) WR18 (45.9) WR17 (42.8)
Cooper Kupp (LAR) WR20 (50.6) WR22 (53.8) WR21 (52.4)
Calvin Ridley (ATL) WR23 (60.1) WR25 (61.7) WR24 (60.6)
Sammy Watkins (KC) WR35 (83.1) WR27 (67.1) WR26 (63.6)
Robby Anderson (NYJ) WR32 (78.8) WR34 (83.9) WR32 (79.4)
Devin Funchess (IND) T-WR81 (214.9) WR44 (106.7) WR36 (92.2)
Christian Kirk (ARI) WR42 (105.5) WR46 (107.7) WR41 (100.6)

This year’s rookie class of receivers lacks big-time, top of the first-round talent, and that’s reflected by just one receiver in the top 50 at the position. The movement upwards at wideout has been extremely minimal. The lone exception is Funchess’ surge since inking with the Colts and earning high praise from head coach Frank Reich.


Player 2/13 (ADP) 3/31 4/20
Kenny Golladay (DET) WR18 (45.1) WR17 (44.4) WR18 (45.3)
Jarvis Landry (CLE) WR21 (52.5) WR21 (51.5) WR22 (53)
Allen Robinson (CHI) WR22 (58.9) WR24 (60.1) WR25 (60.8)
Doug Baldwin (SEA) WR24 (64.3) WR35 (85.3) WR37 (92.7)
Emmanuel Sanders (DEN) WR31 (75.4) WR36 (89.3) WR39 (95.7)
Courtland Sutton (DEN) WR38 (91.2) WR39 (97.5) WR42 (100.8)
Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) WR37 (90.6) WR40 (97.6) WR43 (103.4)
James Washington (PIT) WR43 (105.6) WR42 (104.4) WR47 (117.1)
Marquise Goodwin (SF) WR49 (130.1) WR54 (140.9) WR62 (173.1)
Adam Humphries (TEN) WR53 (138.4) WR56 (146.2) WR67 (190.3)

As was the case with the risers within the top-25 receivers, there was minimal movement within the fallers. There was some movement downward for a couple of second-year receivers, Sutton and Washington. Ditto for grizzled vet Fitz. Goodwin and Humphries are the big fallers, though, slipping from being top-60 options with ADPs in the top 150 to outside the top-60 receivers with ADPs outside of the top 170, respectively.

Tight End


Player 4/20 (ADP)
T.J. Hockenson TE16 (136.6)
Noah Fant TE22 (171.2)
Irv Smith TE32 (212.6)
Jace Sternberger T-TE47 (216.8)
Caleb Wilson T-TE47 (216.8)


Player 2/13 (ADP) 3/31 4/20
Evan Engram (NYG) TE8 (71.6) TE6 (55.8) TE5 (55.2)
Jared Cook (NO) TE9 (83.8) TE9 (73.6) TE8 (69.8)
Vance McDonald (PIT) TE15 (123.5) TE10 (76.1) TE9 (76.9)
Christopher Herndon (NYJ) TE14 (115.4) TE13 (109.1) TE12 (105.5)
Austin Seferian-Jenkins (NE) T-TE45 (216.8) T-TE59 (217) TE23 (171.6)
Jason Witten (DAL) Not in Player Pool Not in Player Pool TE29 (203.7)

The tight end draft class projects to provide an influx of fantasy-friendly talent and Hockenson is being selected inside the top-20 tight ends, while Fant cracks the top-25 tight ends. Engram’s stock continues to ascend in the wake of the OBJ trade. Cook, McDonald, and Herndon are back in the risers section (Cook made the cut last time due to his ADP leap despite no movement up within the position). ASJ is receiving serious love after signing with New England, and Witten cracks the top-30 tight ends after being added back to the player pool with his return to the gridiron.


Player 2/13 (ADP) 3/31 4/20
O.J. Howard (TB) TE6 (61.2) TE5 (52.6) TE6 (56.1)
David Njoku (CLE) TE7 (67.2) TE8 (72.6) TE10 (81.4)
Trey Burton (CHI) TE12 (101.7) TE12 (106.9) TE13 (114.4)
Jimmy Graham (GB) TE17 (135.2) TE16 (131) TE17 (138.4)
Ian Thomas (CAR) TE22 (159.3) TE21 (157.9) TE25 (180.6)
Jesse James (DET) TE33 (214.4) TE22 (162.8) TE24 (178.6)
Tyler Eifert (CIN) TE26 (192.1) TE23 (165.9) TE26 (187.2)
Rob Gronkowski TE10 (92.7) TE26 (189.3) TE41 (216.5)
Matt LaCosse (NE) Undrafted TE29 (205.3) TE39 (216.1)

The biggest downward movement at the top of the tight end rankings is felt by Njoku. With so many mouths to feed in Cleveland’s high-octane offense, Njoku’s ADP has slid mightily. Late-round options Thomas, James, and Eifert have all fallen anywhere from 16-23 picks or so with the addition of this year’s rookie class to the player pool.

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