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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Paul Goldschmidt Note
Paul Goldschmidt photo 56. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
Paul Goldschmidt continued to do what he does, albeit at a lesser pace than his torrid 2022. He hit 25 home runs, scored 89 runs, knocked in 80, and stole 11 bases. He continued to be a picture of stability, playing in over 150 games for the eighth year in a row (excluding 2020). His batting average tumbled from .317 to .268, and his slugging fell to .447 from .578. Essentially, the regression that we expected hit, yet he still had an overall productive season. Looking ahead, fantasy managers can probably expect numbers in line with 2023.
9 weeks ago
Nolan Arenado Note
Nolan Arenado photo 80. Nolan Arenado 3B
Nolan Arenado hit 26 home runs in 2023, his first year below 30 since 2014 (excluding 2020). He also fell short of 100 RBIs for the first time since that year, too, coming in at 93. Essentially, Arenado showed signs of decline with an average slash line of .266/.315/.459. At age 32, it's difficult to know if this was the new normal or a perfect storm of unfortunate breaks that hit the Cardinals as a team. It is hard to justify passing on higher-upside players in the general vicinity of Arenado's ADP. However, he and Alex Bregman constitute the "boring veteran" section of the 3B position, and fantasy managers could certainly do worse.
9 weeks ago
Jordan Walker Note
Jordan Walker photo 107. Jordan Walker LF,RF
In his debut season, Jordan Walker showcased potential with a .276 average, .342 OBP, and .445 slugging. His performance included 16 home runs and seven steals. Despite a challenging year for the Cardinals, Walker's power was evident. Expectations for 2024 lean towards a 20-homer, 10-steal output, but his full potential is yet to be fully realized.
9 weeks ago
Ryan Helsley Note
Ryan Helsley photo 108. Ryan Helsley RP
Ryan Helsley had a shortened season due to injury, appearing in only 33 games before being shut down. When healthy, his strikeout rate continued at an elite rate (35.6 K%), and he sits above 99 mph with his fastball. Helsley mightily struggled with walks (4.17 BB/9), reminiscent of his pre-2022 profile. He should enter the season as the Cardinals closer and could touch 30 saves if his health allows it.
9 weeks ago
Sonny Gray Note
Sonny Gray photo 118. Sonny Gray SP
Sonny Gray had a superb year in Minnesota in 2023. He threw 184 innings, striking out 183 batters and maintaining a 2.79 ERA and 1.15 WHIP. He also allowed only eight home runs the entire season. Gray now returns to the NL with the Cardinals; Busch Stadium is even better than Target Field when it comes to Park Factors favoring pitchers. While his K% isn't elite, he is a solid contributor to fantasy squads as an SP3 in 2024.
9 weeks ago
Willson Contreras Note
Willson Contreras photo 148. Willson Contreras C
Willson Contreras began his Cardinals career by improving his batting average and not slipping anywhere else. The elder Contreras brother hit 20 home runs, drove in 67, and slashed .264/.358/.467 across 125 games. He increased his BB% to 10.3 and is in the 93rd percentile in xwOBA at .373. While he will go through stretches where he chases more than fantasy managers would like, he should continue his Top 10 catcher production in his ninth season. Willson and William had eerily similar stats in 2023, but you can get Willson about 55 picks later. He is a great mid-round target to fill your catcher position.
9 weeks ago
Nolan Gorman Note
Nolan Gorman photo 165. Nolan Gorman 2B,3B
Nolan Gorman offers the possibility of 30 home runs from the second base position, and you can have him past pick 180. The question is how many opportunities he will have, given that his K% is north of 30. Gorman feels like the type of fantasy player who hits most of his home runs while on your bench because you benched him after a week of 40 strikeouts. If your ratios are protected elsewhere, Gorman can provide pop in your MI slot.
9 weeks ago
Lars Nootbaar Note
Lars Nootbaar photo 220. Lars Nootbaar LF,CF,RF
Lars Nootbaar's 2023 season was hindered by injuries, including issues with his thumb, back, and a painful foul ball incident to his groin. Despite these setbacks, his potential remains high for 2024. With his proven on-base prowess and solid contact skills, Nootbaar is a promising pick for fantasy teams. If he stays injury-free, expect around 20 homers and a chance for 10 steals. His role as the leadoff hitter against right-handers in the Cardinals' uncertain lineup secures his playing time. Nootbaar is a valuable late-round draft choice for fantasy managers, especially if he maintains good health.
9 weeks ago
Tommy Edman Note
Tommy Edman photo 244. Tommy Edman 2B,SS,CF,RF
Brendan Donovan Note
Brendan Donovan photo 276. Brendan Donovan 1B,2B,LF,RF
Lance Lynn Note
Lance Lynn photo 294. Lance Lynn SP
Victor Scott Note
Victor Scott photo 338. Victor Scott CF
Masyn Winn Note
Masyn Winn photo 351. Masyn Winn SS
Miles Mikolas Note
Miles Mikolas photo 383. Miles Mikolas SP
Steven Matz Note
Steven Matz photo 431. Steven Matz SP,RP
Giovanny Gallegos Note
Giovanny Gallegos photo 439. Giovanny Gallegos RP
Kyle Gibson Note
Kyle Gibson photo 459. Kyle Gibson SP
Andrew Kittredge Note
Andrew Kittredge photo 516. Andrew Kittredge RP
JoJo Romero Note
JoJo Romero photo 534. JoJo Romero RP
Luken Baker Note
Luken Baker photo 544. Luken Baker 1B
Alec Burleson Note
Alec Burleson photo 555. Alec Burleson 1B,LF,RF
Dylan Carlson Note
Dylan Carlson photo 567. Dylan Carlson CF,RF
Matthew Liberatore Note
Matthew Liberatore photo 577. Matthew Liberatore SP,RP
Ivan Herrera Note
Ivan Herrera photo 592. Ivan Herrera C
Zack Thompson Note
Zack Thompson photo 673. Zack Thompson SP,RP
Keynan Middleton Note
Keynan Middleton photo 765. Keynan Middleton RP
Nick Robertson Note
Nick Robertson photo 796. Nick Robertson RP
Thomas Saggese Note
Thomas Saggese photo 832. Thomas Saggese 2B
Tekoah Roby Note
Tekoah Roby photo 851. Tekoah Roby SP
Ryan Fernandez Note
Ryan Fernandez photo 890. Ryan Fernandez RP
John Lynch Note
John Lynch photo 953. John Lynch
Riley O'Brien Note
Riley O'Brien photo 1024. Riley O'Brien RP
John King Note
John King photo 1072. John King RP
Brandon Crawford Note
Brandon Crawford photo 1077. Brandon Crawford SS
Matt Carpenter Note
Matt Carpenter photo 1107. Matt Carpenter 1B
Packy Naughton Note
Packy Naughton photo 1138. Packy Naughton SP,RP
Wilking Rodriguez Note
Wilking Rodriguez photo 1148. Wilking Rodriguez RP
Adam Kloffenstein Note
Adam Kloffenstein photo 1191. Adam Kloffenstein SP
Andre Pallante Note
Andre Pallante photo 1207. Andre Pallante RP
Kolton Ingram Note
Kolton Ingram photo 1230. Kolton Ingram RP
Michael McGreevy Note
Michael McGreevy photo 1239. Michael McGreevy SP
Gordon Graceffo Note
Gordon Graceffo photo 1277. Gordon Graceffo SP
Logan Sawyer Note
Logan Sawyer photo 1289. Logan Sawyer
Logan Gragg Note
Logan Gragg photo 1307. Logan Gragg
Sem Robberse Note
Sem Robberse photo 1333. Sem Robberse SP
Ryan Loutos Note
Ryan Loutos photo 1336. Ryan Loutos RP
Drew Rom Note
Drew Rom photo 1435. Drew Rom SP
Pedro Pages Note
Pedro Pages photo 1537. Pedro Pages
Alfonso Rivas Note
Alfonso Rivas photo 1610. Alfonso Rivas 1B
Michael Siani Note
Michael Siani photo 1625. Michael Siani CF
Jose Fermin Note
Jose Fermin photo 1651. Jose Fermin 2B,3B
Moises Gomez Note
Moises Gomez photo 1679. Moises Gomez OF
Jared Young Note
Jared Young photo 1698. Jared Young 1B