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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Trevor Story Note
Trevor Story photo 8. Trevor Story SS
Story had his usual stellar year in 2020, putting up strong overall numbers and offering a rare power and speed combination. As usual, he greatly outperformed his expected statistics, but that's been the norm for Story throughout his career and isn't all that unexpected since he plays in Colorado. Story is entering his walk year, so the chances of a trade, which would diminish his value, remain a possibility. But there are few safer players in the game as of this moment, and he's a locked-in first round pick. The only question surrounding Story is whether he or Trea Turner should be the first shortstop selected in drafts.
37 weeks ago
Freddie Freeman Note
Freddie Freeman photo 10. Freddie Freeman 1B
Although there were questions about Freeman's 2020 season because of his battle with COVID-19 prior to the season, those questions were answered and then some with his MVP season. The statcast leaderboard is littered with Freeman's name, as he ranked in the top nine percent of the league in barrel rate, average exit velocity, expected batting average, expected slugging percentage, wOBA, xwOBA, xwOBAcon, hard hit percentage, strikeout percentage, and walk percentage. Freeman likely won't reach double digits in steals, but that is about the only negative thing you can say about his fantasy outlook. He's as safe as they come in the other four hitting categories, and comes with next to no risk. He'll likely cost a borderline first round pick on draft day, but he is worth it.
37 weeks ago
Michael Conforto Note
Michael Conforto photo 42. Michael Conforto CF,RF
Conforto built on his excellent 2019 season by trading off a bit of power for some batting average. Fed by a significant increase in line drive rate that led to a .412 BABIP, Conforto batted a career best .322 last year. His xBA was just .284, so don't think that he suddenly morphed into a high average bat, but he did hit above .300 against every type of pitch last year, so it was certainly more than luck. Expect some regression to closer to his .259 mark, but he should hit around 30 homers with plenty of runs and RBI and even toss in a few steals. That makes him a worthwhile OF2 in mixed leagues.
37 weeks ago
Nelson Cruz Note
Nelson Cruz photo 43. Nelson Cruz Util
If you ascribe to the "I'd rather jump off a year too early than too late" philosophy, then you probably haven't been drafting Cruz for the last several years. But if not, then you've not only drafted one of the most underrated fantasy bats in recent memory, but you're probably going to do so again this year. Cruz is back on a one-year deal with the Twins, and he's coming off another utterly dominant season. Fine, his strikeout rate rose again a bit, he didn't hit the ball quite as hard, and he's eligible at utility only. But other than the fact that he will be 41 years old this season, there's nothing in his profile that should cause you to expect significant decline. Prepare to be having the same debate next year, after Crus puts up another 35-homer season this year.
37 weeks ago
Nick Castellanos Note
Nick Castellanos photo 45. Nick Castellanos LF,RF
Castellanos hit for plenty of power last season with the Reds, but it was far from the full breakout season many expected. His strikeout rate jumped to 28.5%, his batting average cratered to a career-low .225, and his wOBA was his worst mark since 2015. But Castellanos was also the victim of some pretty terrible luck, given that he had an expected batting average of .273 and a strong 46.7% hard-hit rate. With a full year in Great American Ballpark, Castellanos should fully live up to the hype he had coming into the 2020 season if he can just have even normal luck. Draft him with confidence as a likely strong four-category contributor.
37 weeks ago
Anthony Rizzo Note
Anthony Rizzo photo 52. Anthony Rizzo 1B
Rizzo's average dropped to just .222 last year and his counting stats waned, though the latter failing was much more due to the lack of production from the rest of the Cubs lineup. His walk and strikeout rates, however, stayed mostly in line, and his BABIP was an artificially low .218 (career mark of .289), which is partly why there was such a gap between his xBA of .266 and his actual batting average. With that said, Rizzo didn't hit the ball nearly as hard last year, as he saw career worsts in average exit velocity and hard hit rate. He likely won't ever be the player he was at his peak, but there's still plenty in his bat that can help fantasy managers, including the handful of steals he will throw in each year. He's a starting-caliber first baseman still, without question, and he'll go at a discount because of last year's numbers.
37 weeks ago
Eddie Rosario Note
Eddie Rosario photo 60. Eddie Rosario LF,RF
Rosario stays in the AL Central, signing a one-year deal with the Indians after a successful tenure with the Twins. He's established a fairly reliable power baseline at this point, and he usually offers some batting average to go with it. Last year, however, his batting average dipped to just .257, in part because he became much more passive (8.2% walk rate, 51.2% Swing%, both far out of character for his career). The bigger issue was that Rosario largely cut down on his swing percentage on pitches in the strike zone, but continued to swing at pitches out of the zone at a 41.2% clip. That likely explains his lower than usual average exit velocity and barrel rate, and it's something that's easily correctable if he just goes back to his previous approach. At the very least, Rosario should chip in 25 home runs at least, while helping out in runs and RBI, and he's a fine third outfielder in mixed leagues.
37 weeks ago
Carlos Correa Note
Carlos Correa photo 66. Carlos Correa SS
There's still plenty of upside with Correa, as he showed when he hit 21 home runs and drove in 59 runs in just 75 games in 2019 and went on a postseason tear last year. But he's also one of the bigger injury risks in the game, given that he hasn't topped 109 games played since 2016. The steal potential that he showed early in his career is gone after he struggled with back issues, as he hasn't stolen more than three bases in any of his last four seasons. That leaves Correa as someone who will likely contribute, but not excel, in four areas. With his upside, there's still a lot to like about his fantasy outlook. But realistically, with a different name on the back of his jersey, he'd probably go several picks later than he does.
37 weeks ago
Kris Bryant Note
Kris Bryant photo 67. Kris Bryant 1B,3B,LF,CF,RF
Bryant had a terrible 2020 season, but it seems like fantasy managers are forgetting how consistent he's been. Over the last four seasons, he has a 162-game pace of a .278 average, 29 home runs, 112 run scored, 80 RBI, and five steals. His quality of contact was awful last season, but hard contact has never really been his calling card anyway, and he battled back and wrist injuries. Bryant doesn't deserve a mulligan entirely for last season, but give it minimal weight in your evaluation.
37 weeks ago
Tommy Pham Note
Tommy Pham photo 68. Tommy Pham LF,CF
Pham had a terrible 2020 season, during which he slashed .211/.312/.312 and hit just three home runs. A broken hamate bone limited him to just 31 games, and to make matters worse, he was stabbed in the lower back during an altercation in the offseason. But even entering his age-33 season, there are reasons to be optimistic about his 2021 outlook. Pham had averaged roughly 22 home runs and 22 steals with a .284 batting average the three years prior to last, and he had the highest hard-hit rate of his career in 2020. Indeed, his expected batting average of .266 was 55 points higher than his actual average. There's reason to expect Pham to return to his 20-20 ways if he can remain healthy, and batting in a loaded Padres lineup, he should add plenty of counting stats.
37 weeks ago
Jorge Soler Note
Jorge Soler photo 79. Jorge Soler RF
Soler's injury-shortened 2020 season didn't live up to his massive 2019 campaign, but he did show that a lot of his gains were legitimate. Yes, it was more of a 30-homer pace, but his barrel rate, average exit velocity, and hard hit rate were all elite, as they were the prior year. Soler struck out way too much (34.5% of the time), and if he can't fix that, then his average will suffer as it did last year. But, his walk rate remains high and the power is going to be there with how hard he hits the ball. He's a source of cheap power you can grab later than other similarly-profiled bats going several rounds earlier.
37 weeks ago
Andrew McCutchen Note
Andrew McCutchen photo 104. Andrew McCutchen LF,CF
McCutchen returned from his torn ACL and put up a decent season, hitting 10 home runs and stealing four bases in 57 games. If you watched him play, you could see he wasn't 100% himself, and his sprint speed dropped to just 27.4 ft/s, by far a career low. But he looks and reportedly feels healthier this spring, and will lead off again for the Phillies. Expect 20-plus homers, close to double-digit steals, and plenty of runs scored. And because he's an aging veteran, expect him to be a value on draft day.
37 weeks ago
Kyle Schwarber Note
Kyle Schwarber photo 109. Kyle Schwarber 1B,LF
Schwarber gave back many of his 2019 gains last year, seeing a rise in strikeout rate (29.5%) and his batting average dropping to an abysmal .188. But Schwarber's season was far from linear: over the first half of the season, he slashed .230/.343/.448, but those numbers dropped to .154/.279/.346 over the second half. At the same time, he continued to hit the ball extremely hard, with a 92.8 MPH average exit velocity, which was top 5% in the league. Given his consistently hard contact, the better course of action seems to forgive Schwarber for what amounted to an extremely poor 24-game stretch to close out the season. Now batting in the middle of the Nationals lineup with a fresh start and entering his age-28 season, Schwarber should rebound to somewhere between his 2018 and 2019 numbers.
37 weeks ago
Kyle Seager Note
Kyle Seager photo 128. Kyle Seager 3B
Joc Pederson Note
Joc Pederson photo 149. Joc Pederson 1B,LF,CF,RF
Jonathan Villar Note
Jonathan Villar photo 161. Jonathan Villar 2B,3B,SS
Villar's quality of contact dropped significantly last year, but given how out of character it was for his career, the decline can probably be written off to the small sample of the shortened season. But he was still one of the league leaders in stolen bases with 16 and he showed no hesitation about running whenever he got the chance. The bigger issue is that Villar won't have a regular role now that he's with the Mets, but instead will be a super-utility player. With that said, Villar's versatility should allow him to see a few starts each week, and he should see action as a defensive replacement and pinch runner. All that to say that Villar should tack on 15-20 steals over the course of the season, and therefore make a viable middle infield option despite his lack of a regular role.
37 weeks ago
Alex Dickerson Note
Alex Dickerson photo 163. Alex Dickerson LF
Buster Posey Note
Buster Posey photo 170. Buster Posey C,1B
Posey sat out the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic and concern for the health of his adopted daughters, but he returns this year for what is almost certainly his final season with the Giants and perhaps his career. Posey is in his age-34 season, ancient for a catcher, and he's coming off two seasons during which he totaled a .741 OPS and a .688 OPS in 2018 and 2019 respectively. But he's healthy and appears refreshed, and the changes to Oracle Park last year should work in his benefit now. He's outside the top-12 catchers, but you can get away with him in a one-catcher league in a pinch.
37 weeks ago
Adam Eaton Note
Adam Eaton photo 176. Adam Eaton LF,RF
Starlin Castro Note
Starlin Castro photo 187. Starlin Castro 2B,3B
Corey Dickerson Note
Corey Dickerson photo 190. Corey Dickerson LF,CF
Wilson Ramos Note
Wilson Ramos photo 192. Wilson Ramos C
Maikel Franco Note
Maikel Franco photo 203. Maikel Franco 3B
Andrelton Simmons Note
Andrelton Simmons photo 209. Andrelton Simmons SS
Colin Moran Note
Colin Moran photo 210. Colin Moran 1B,2B,3B
Donovan Solano Note
Donovan Solano photo 222. Donovan Solano 2B,3B,SS
Gregory Polanco Note
Gregory Polanco photo 224. Gregory Polanco RF
Yasiel Puig Note
Yasiel Puig photo 233. Yasiel Puig RF
Kevin Pillar Note
Kevin Pillar photo 242. Kevin Pillar LF,CF,RF
Mitch Moreland Note
Mitch Moreland photo 250. Mitch Moreland 1B
Kurt Suzuki Note
Kurt Suzuki photo 255. Kurt Suzuki C
Niko Goodrum Note
Niko Goodrum photo 262. Niko Goodrum 1B,2B,SS,LF,CF,RF
Khris Davis Note
Khris Davis photo 263. Khris Davis Util
Joshua Fuentes Note
Joshua Fuentes photo 264. Joshua Fuentes 1B,3B
Freddy Galvis Note
Freddy Galvis photo 265. Freddy Galvis 2B,3B,SS
Nomar Mazara Note
Nomar Mazara photo 270. Nomar Mazara RF
Chance Sisco Note
Chance Sisco photo 274. Chance Sisco C
Hanser Alberto Note
Hanser Alberto photo 278. Hanser Alberto 2B,3B,SS
Dexter Fowler Note
Dexter Fowler photo 290. Dexter Fowler CF,RF
Jay Bruce Note
Jay Bruce photo 294. Jay Bruce 1B,LF,RF
Ronald Guzman Note
Ronald Guzman photo 298. Ronald Guzman 1B
Matt Carpenter Note
Matt Carpenter photo 299. Matt Carpenter 1B,2B,3B
Tim Locastro Note
Tim Locastro photo 301. Tim Locastro LF,CF,RF
Asdrubal Cabrera Note
Asdrubal Cabrera photo 302. Asdrubal Cabrera 1B,2B,3B
Marwin Gonzalez Note
Marwin Gonzalez photo 303. Marwin Gonzalez 1B,2B,3B,SS,LF,RF
Roman Quinn Note
Roman Quinn photo 305. Roman Quinn CF
Alex Avila Note
Alex Avila photo 306. Alex Avila C
Albert Pujols Note
Albert Pujols photo 307. Albert Pujols 1B
Travis Shaw Note
Travis Shaw photo 308. Travis Shaw 1B,3B
Jake Bauers Note
Jake Bauers photo 309. Jake Bauers 1B,LF,RF
Mike Tauchman Note
Mike Tauchman photo 315. Mike Tauchman LF,CF,RF
Ender Inciarte Note
Ender Inciarte photo 317. Ender Inciarte CF
Daniel Vogelbach Note
Daniel Vogelbach photo 318. Daniel Vogelbach 1B
Edwin Encarnacion Note
Edwin Encarnacion photo 321. Edwin Encarnacion 1B
Stephen Vogt Note
Stephen Vogt photo 323. Stephen Vogt C,LF
Rio Ruiz Note
Rio Ruiz photo 327. Rio Ruiz 1B,2B,3B
Brett Gardner Note
Brett Gardner photo 333. Brett Gardner LF,CF
Austin Romine Note
Austin Romine photo 337. Austin Romine C
Jake Marisnick Note
Jake Marisnick photo 339. Jake Marisnick LF,CF
Yolmer Sanchez Note
Yolmer Sanchez photo 341. Yolmer Sanchez 2B
Eric Sogard Note
Eric Sogard photo 345. Eric Sogard 2B,3B,RF
Dee Strange-Gordon Note
Dee Strange-Gordon photo 349. Dee Strange-Gordon 2B,LF
Odubel Herrera Note
Odubel Herrera photo 353. Odubel Herrera 2B,LF,CF
Jake Lamb Note
Jake Lamb photo 360. Jake Lamb 1B,3B,LF,RF
Tyler Flowers Note
Tyler Flowers photo 361. Tyler Flowers C
Danny Santana Note
Danny Santana photo 362. Danny Santana 1B,2B,3B,SS,LF,CF,RF
Brad Miller Note
Brad Miller photo 364. Brad Miller 1B,2B,3B,LF,RF
Grayson Greiner Note
Grayson Greiner photo 369. Grayson Greiner C
Franklin Barreto Note
Franklin Barreto photo 370. Franklin Barreto 2B
Albert Almora Jr. Note
Albert Almora Jr. photo 371. Albert Almora Jr. CF
Josh Reddick Note
Josh Reddick photo 373. Josh Reddick LF,CF,RF
Billy Hamilton Note
Billy Hamilton photo 375. Billy Hamilton LF,CF
Phillip Evans Note
Phillip Evans photo 377. Phillip Evans 1B,3B,LF,RF
Pablo Sandoval Note
Pablo Sandoval photo 379. Pablo Sandoval 1B,3B
Matt Wieters Note
Matt Wieters photo 380. Matt Wieters C
Brian Goodwin Note
Brian Goodwin photo 382. Brian Goodwin LF,CF,RF
Josh Harrison Note
Josh Harrison photo 385. Josh Harrison 2B,3B,SS,LF
Ryan Braun Note
Ryan Braun photo 386. Ryan Braun LF,RF
Cameron Maybin Note
Cameron Maybin photo 388. Cameron Maybin LF,RF
Mike Freeman Note
Mike Freeman photo 392. Mike Freeman 2B,3B,SS
Jonathan Lucroy Note
Jonathan Lucroy photo 396. Jonathan Lucroy C
Dustin Fowler Note
Dustin Fowler photo 399. Dustin Fowler CF
Robinson Chirinos Note
Robinson Chirinos photo 407. Robinson Chirinos C
Tim Lopes Note
Tim Lopes photo 410. Tim Lopes LF,RF
Tyler Heineman Note
Tyler Heineman photo 413. Tyler Heineman C
Jed Lowrie Note
Jed Lowrie photo 416. Jed Lowrie 2B
Yoenis Cespedes Note
Yoenis Cespedes photo 420. Yoenis Cespedes Util
Lewis Brinson Note
Lewis Brinson photo 422. Lewis Brinson LF,CF,RF
Jose Marmolejos Note
Jose Marmolejos photo 434. Jose Marmolejos 1B,LF
Rene Rivera Note
Rene Rivera photo 437. Rene Rivera C
Tony Wolters Note
Tony Wolters photo 443. Tony Wolters C
Willians Astudillo Note
Willians Astudillo photo 444. Willians Astudillo C,1B,3B
Jason Kipnis Note
Jason Kipnis photo 449. Jason Kipnis 2B
Mike Ford Note
Mike Ford photo 455. Mike Ford 1B
Joe Panik Note
Joe Panik photo 459. Joe Panik 1B,2B,3B,SS
Pat Valaika Note
Pat Valaika photo 464. Pat Valaika 1B,2B,SS
Shed Long Jr. Note
Shed Long Jr. photo 466. Shed Long Jr. 2B,LF
Derek Fisher Note
Derek Fisher photo 468. Derek Fisher LF,RF
Jose Briceno Note
Jose Briceno photo 474. Jose Briceno C
Beau Taylor Note
Beau Taylor photo 480. Beau Taylor C
Ehire Adrianza Note
Ehire Adrianza photo 487. Ehire Adrianza 1B,2B,3B,SS,LF,RF
Delino DeShields Note
Delino DeShields photo 500. Delino DeShields CF
Jarrod Dyson Note
Jarrod Dyson photo 502. Jarrod Dyson LF,CF,RF
Jedd Gyorko Note
Jedd Gyorko photo 507. Jedd Gyorko 1B,3B
Steven Souza Jr. Note
Steven Souza Jr. photo 509. Steven Souza Jr. RF
Cristian Santana Note
Cristian Santana photo 512. Cristian Santana
Jose Martinez Note
Jose Martinez photo 513. Jose Martinez RF
Brock Holt Note
Brock Holt photo 526. Brock Holt 1B,2B,3B,LF,RF
Magneuris Sierra Note
Magneuris Sierra photo 528. Magneuris Sierra LF,CF
Yairo Munoz Note
Yairo Munoz photo 532. Yairo Munoz 3B,SS,LF,RF
Matt Kemp Note
Matt Kemp photo 534. Matt Kemp LF
Ryan Zimmerman Note
Ryan Zimmerman photo 542. Ryan Zimmerman 1B,3B
Ryan McBroom Note
Ryan McBroom photo 544. Ryan McBroom 1B,RF
Shin-Soo Choo Note
Shin-Soo Choo photo 545. Shin-Soo Choo LF,RF
Bryan Holaday Note
Bryan Holaday photo 547. Bryan Holaday C
Daniel Murphy Note
Daniel Murphy photo 548. Daniel Murphy 1B
Deivy Grullon Note
Deivy Grullon photo 549. Deivy Grullon
Daniel Robertson Note
Daniel Robertson photo 550. Daniel Robertson LF,CF
Anthony Bemboom Note
Anthony Bemboom photo 551. Anthony Bemboom C
Daniel Robertson Note
Daniel Robertson photo 554. Daniel Robertson 2B,3B,SS
Chris Owings Note
Chris Owings photo 564. Chris Owings 2B,3B,SS,CF
Drew Butera Note
Drew Butera photo 566. Drew Butera C
Brandon Drury Note
Brandon Drury photo 570. Brandon Drury 1B,2B,3B,LF,RF
Justin Williams Note
Justin Williams photo 573. Justin Williams LF,RF
Logan Morrison Note
Logan Morrison photo 574. Logan Morrison Util
Charlie Culberson Note
Charlie Culberson photo 577. Charlie Culberson 1B,3B,SS,LF,RF
Bubba Starling Note
Bubba Starling photo 580. Bubba Starling CF,RF
Scooter Gennett Note
Scooter Gennett photo 582. Scooter Gennett 2B
Chris Herrmann Note
Chris Herrmann photo 584. Chris Herrmann C,RF
Luke Maile Note
Luke Maile photo 587. Luke Maile C
Zack Cozart Note
Zack Cozart photo 588. Zack Cozart 3B,SS
Rob Brantly Note
Rob Brantly photo 589. Rob Brantly C
Greg Bird Note
Greg Bird photo 590. Greg Bird 1B
Andrew Susac Note
Andrew Susac photo 591. Andrew Susac C
Josh Phegley Note
Josh Phegley photo 594. Josh Phegley C
Joe Hudson Note
Joe Hudson photo 598. Joe Hudson C
Ildemaro Vargas Note
Ildemaro Vargas photo 601. Ildemaro Vargas 2B,3B
John Hicks Note
John Hicks photo 602. John Hicks C,1B
Gerardo Parra Note
Gerardo Parra photo 605. Gerardo Parra 1B,LF,CF,RF
Jose Lobaton Note
Jose Lobaton photo 609. Jose Lobaton C
Raudy Read Note
Raudy Read photo 610. Raudy Read C
Jeff Mathis Note
Jeff Mathis photo 611. Jeff Mathis C
Matt Joyce Note
Matt Joyce photo 612. Matt Joyce LF,RF
Juan Lagares Note
Juan Lagares photo 613. Juan Lagares LF,CF,RF
Brian Navarreto Note
Brian Navarreto photo 614. Brian Navarreto C
Joseph Odom Note
Joseph Odom photo 617. Joseph Odom C
Tim Federowicz Note
Tim Federowicz photo 619. Tim Federowicz C
Matt Adams Note
Matt Adams photo 623. Matt Adams 1B
Neil Walker Note
Neil Walker photo 627. Neil Walker 1B,3B
Trayce Thompson Note
Trayce Thompson photo 630. Trayce Thompson CF,RF
Alex Blandino Note
Alex Blandino photo 631. Alex Blandino 1B,2B,3B
Phil Gosselin Note
Phil Gosselin photo 632. Phil Gosselin 1B,3B,LF
Tim Beckham Note
Tim Beckham photo 638. Tim Beckham 2B,3B,SS,LF
Braden Bishop Note
Braden Bishop photo 640. Braden Bishop CF,RF
Mark Payton Note
Mark Payton photo 643. Mark Payton LF
Robel Garcia Note
Robel Garcia photo 646. Robel Garcia 2B,3B,SS,LF
Keon Broxton Note
Keon Broxton photo 649. Keon Broxton LF,CF
Justin Bour Note
Justin Bour photo 650. Justin Bour 1B
Matt Duffy Note
Matt Duffy photo 651. Matt Duffy 2B,3B
Hernan Perez Note
Hernan Perez photo 652. Hernan Perez 2B,3B,SS
Jordy Mercer Note
Jordy Mercer photo 654. Jordy Mercer 1B,2B,3B,SS
Billy McKinney Note
Billy McKinney photo 656. Billy McKinney 1B,LF,RF
Derek Dietrich Note
Derek Dietrich photo 657. Derek Dietrich 1B,2B,LF
Breyvic Valera Note
Breyvic Valera photo 658. Breyvic Valera 2B,3B
Greg Garcia Note
Greg Garcia photo 660. Greg Garcia 2B,3B
Brian O'Grady Note
Brian O'Grady photo 661. Brian O'Grady CF,RF
Erick Mejia Note
Erick Mejia photo 664. Erick Mejia CF
Josh Ockimey Note
Josh Ockimey photo 667. Josh Ockimey 1B
Travis Jankowski Note
Travis Jankowski photo 675. Travis Jankowski CF
Kyle Holder Note
Kyle Holder photo 676. Kyle Holder SS
Austin Listi Note
Austin Listi photo 681. Austin Listi
Ronald Torreyes Note
Ronald Torreyes photo 682. Ronald Torreyes 2B,3B,SS
Nicky Delmonico Note
Nicky Delmonico photo 685. Nicky Delmonico LF
Troy Stokes Jr. Note
Troy Stokes Jr. photo 688. Troy Stokes Jr. CF
JT Riddle Note
JT Riddle photo 691. JT Riddle 3B,SS,CF
Jorge Bonifacio Note
Jorge Bonifacio photo 692. Jorge Bonifacio LF,RF
Wilmer Difo Note
Wilmer Difo photo 699. Wilmer Difo 2B,3B,SS,RF
Nick Williams Note
Nick Williams photo 701. Nick Williams LF,RF
Kevin Kramer Note
Kevin Kramer photo 702. Kevin Kramer 2B,3B,LF,RF
Mark Trumbo Note
Mark Trumbo photo 703. Mark Trumbo Util
Eduardo Nunez Note
Eduardo Nunez photo 704. Eduardo Nunez 2B,3B,RF
Luis Gonzalez Note
Luis Gonzalez photo 707. Luis Gonzalez Util
Stephen Wrenn Note
Stephen Wrenn photo 709. Stephen Wrenn
Jon Jay Note
Jon Jay photo 711. Jon Jay LF,CF,RF
Sean Rodriguez Note
Sean Rodriguez photo 712. Sean Rodriguez 2B,3B,SS,LF
Sam Travis Note
Sam Travis photo 714. Sam Travis 1B,LF
Socrates Brito Note
Socrates Brito photo 717. Socrates Brito CF,RF
Zach Green Note
Zach Green photo 718. Zach Green 3B
Will Craig Note
Will Craig photo 723. Will Craig 1B
Tyler White Note
Tyler White photo 736. Tyler White 1B
Ian Miller Note
Ian Miller photo 737. Ian Miller CF,RF
Domingo Leyba Note
Domingo Leyba photo 740. Domingo Leyba 2B,3B,SS
Max Moroff Note
Max Moroff photo 742. Max Moroff 2B,SS
Yasmany Tomas Note
Yasmany Tomas photo 743. Yasmany Tomas LF,RF
Tzu-Wei Lin Note
Tzu-Wei Lin photo 747. Tzu-Wei Lin SS
Scott Schebler Note
Scott Schebler photo 751. Scott Schebler CF,RF
Melky Cabrera Note
Melky Cabrera photo 752. Melky Cabrera LF,CF,RF
Eddy Alvarez Note
Eddy Alvarez photo 754. Eddy Alvarez 2B,3B
Tomas Telis Note
Tomas Telis photo 758. Tomas Telis C
Dylan Cozens Note
Dylan Cozens photo 760. Dylan Cozens RF
Cheslor Cuthbert Note
Cheslor Cuthbert photo 761. Cheslor Cuthbert 1B,3B
Ryan Goins Note
Ryan Goins photo 762. Ryan Goins 3B,SS
Nick Tanielu Note
Nick Tanielu photo 763. Nick Tanielu 2B,3B
Pedro Florimon Note
Pedro Florimon photo 764. Pedro Florimon SS
Patrick Kivlehan Note
Patrick Kivlehan photo 765. Patrick Kivlehan 1B,RF
Marco Hernandez Note
Marco Hernandez photo 766. Marco Hernandez 2B,3B
Drew Ward Note
Drew Ward photo 767. Drew Ward 3B
Justin Smoak Note
Justin Smoak photo 769. Justin Smoak 1B
Forrest Wall Note
Forrest Wall photo 772. Forrest Wall 2B
Carlos Tocci Note
Carlos Tocci photo 773. Carlos Tocci CF
Daniel Descalso Note
Daniel Descalso photo 776. Daniel Descalso 2B,3B
Carlos Gonzalez Note
Carlos Gonzalez photo 777. Carlos Gonzalez LF,RF
Terrance Gore Note
Terrance Gore photo 778. Terrance Gore LF,CF,RF
Gordon Beckham Note
Gordon Beckham photo 779. Gordon Beckham 2B,3B,SS
Nick Martini Note
Nick Martini photo 781. Nick Martini LF
Abiatal Avelino Note
Abiatal Avelino photo 784. Abiatal Avelino SS
Joey Rickard Note
Joey Rickard photo 785. Joey Rickard LF,CF,RF
Ryan Cordell Note
Ryan Cordell photo 786. Ryan Cordell CF,RF
Blake Swihart Note
Blake Swihart photo 787. Blake Swihart C,LF,RF
Pete Kozma Note
Pete Kozma photo 788. Pete Kozma 2B,SS
Brian Dozier Note
Brian Dozier photo 789. Brian Dozier 2B
Nick Ciuffo Note
Nick Ciuffo photo 795. Nick Ciuffo C
Chris Shaw Note
Chris Shaw photo 797. Chris Shaw 1B,LF
Christian Colon Note
Christian Colon photo 799. Christian Colon Util
Juan Rivera Note
Juan Rivera photo 801. Juan Rivera
Nate Orf Note
Nate Orf photo 803. Nate Orf Util