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2024 NFL Mock Draft: Full Seven Rounds Every Pick & Prediction

2024 NFL Mock Draft: Full Seven Rounds Every Pick & Prediction

This is my first time doing a full Seven-Round Mock Draft! This is not a ‘predictive’ mock, so don’t make any bets based on it. CK and I will do a full betting breakdown on the show for you the Wednesday before the draft. This mock is what I would do to improve each team the most I feel like I can.

Some of these picks are for a need, and some of them are BPA, but I feel like every pick improves the team they end up on. An example of this is the Broncos selecting Bo Nix at #12 overall. I don’t think that Nix is worth a pick that high, but the Broncos don’t have the pieces to move up to get a top-four QB, and the need is overwhelmingly desperate in my opinion. 

I did WAY fewer trades that will happen in the real draft, but my process as the fake GM of all 32 teams meant that the trades REALLY had to make sense on both sides. I don’t fix every problem for every team, but I feel like every team would be better overall walking away with their draft class.

Trades and Picks by team are listed at the bottom.

2024 NFL Draft Guide

2024 NFL Mock Draft

Let’s dive into each pick I made for this seven-round 2024 NFL Mock Draft.

2024 NFL Mock Draft Picks








  • 7.221 (KC) – Millard Bradford, S – TCU
  • 7.222 (WAS) – Delmar Glaze, OL – Maryland
  • 7.223 (LVR) – Evan Anderson, IDL – FAU
  • 7.224 (CIN) – AJ Barner, TE – Michigan
  • 7.225 (LAC) – Michael Barrett, LB – Michigan
  • 7.226 (AZ) – Dallin Holker, TE – Colorado State
  • 7.227 (CLE) – Jalen Coker, WR – Holy Cross
  • 7.228 (BAL) – Jaden Crumedy, IDL – Mississippi State
  • 7.229 (LVR) – Javontae Jean-Baptiste, ED – Notre Dame
  • 7.230 (MIN) – Travis Glover, OT – Georgia State
  • 7.231(NE) – Layden Robinson, IOL – Texas A&M
  • 7.232 (MIN) – Daijahn Anthony, S – Ole Miss
  • 7.233 (DAL) – Rasheen Ali, RB – Marshall
  • 7.234 (IND) – Jamal Hill, S/LB – Oregon
  • 7.235 (SEA) – Grayson Murphy, Edge – UCLA
  • 7.236 (JAX) – Charles Turner, C – LSU
  • 7.237 (CIN) – KT Leveston, OL – Kansas State
  • 7.238 (TEN) – Jowon Briggs, IDL – Cincinnati
  • 7.239 (NO) – Bub Means, WR – Pittsburgh
  • 7.240 (CAR) – Kalen King, CB – Penn State
  • 7.241 (MIA) – Jack Westover, TE – Washington
  • 7.242 (TEN) – Matt Lee, C – Miami
  • 7.243 (CLE) – James Williams, LB/S – Miami
  • 7.244 (DAL) – Trey Taylor, S – Air Force
  • 7.245 (GB) – Jordan Jefferson, IDL – LSU
  • 7.246 (TB) – Tulu Griffin, WR – Mississippi State
  • 7.247 (HOU) – Myles Murphy, IDL – North Carolina
  • 7.248 (BUF) – Emani Bailey, RB – TCU
  • 7.249 (DET) – Nick Gargiulo, OL – South Carolina
  • 7.250 (BAL) – Tyler Owens, S – Texas Tech
  • 7.251 (SF) – Joe Milton III, QB – Tennessee
  • 7.252 (TEN) – Kamal Hadden, CB – Tennessee
  • 7.253 (LAC) – Ethan Driskell, OT – Marshall
  • 7.254 (LAR) – Johnny Dixon, CB – Penn State
  • 7.255 (GB) – Dylan McMahon, C – NC State
  • 7.256 (NYJ) – Micah Abraham, CB – Marshall
  • 7.257 (NYJ) – Jordan Whittington, WR – Texas

2024 NFL Mock Trades

  • LA Chargers trade 1.5 to Minnesota for 1.11 and 1.23
  • Chicago trades 1.9 to Indianapolis for 1.15, 2.46 and 4.151
  • Miami trades 1.21 to Detroit for 1.29, 3.73, and 5.164
  • Tennessee trades 2.38 and 4.106 to Las Vegas for 2.44, 3.77, and a 2025 5th
  • Atlanta trades 2.43 to Pittsburgh for 2.51 and 6.178
  • LA Chargers trade 3.69 and 6.181 to Seattle for 3.81 and 4.118
  • Arizona trades pick 4.104 to Cincinnati for WR Tee Higgins
  • Tampa Bay trades 4.125 and 6.220 to the New York Jets for 4.134 and 6.185
  • Chicago Trades 5.151 to the LA Rams for 5.154 and 6.217
  • Tennessee trades 6.182 to Houston for 6.188 and 7.238
  • NY Giants trade 6.183 to Cincinnati for 6.194 and 6.224

2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Guide

Team-by-Team 2024 NFL Mock Draft Breakdown


NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

What I Like: I feel like this draft would quickly fix the Cowboys’ OL issues. Paul had just under 3000 LT snaps for Houston and can slide right over to the spot left by Smith. Barton can play anywhere on the OL. Carter gives the D-line some needed depth. Watson fits the Cowboys’ mold of LBs. I gave them two more shots to give the current RBs some competition for playing time.

What I Missed: I would like to add another WR, but I’m a fan of Jalen Tolbert, and I hope he can break through this year. Drafting Carter is assuming Mazi Smith takes a jump because they are very different players, and getting a Safety earlier would have been a nice addition, too.
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New York Giants

What I Like: The Giants have so many problems, and I think Nabers, Hicks, Sweat, and McCaffrey are all instant starters for them. The WR room gets an immediate upgrade; Hicks replaces the hole left by McKinney leaving for GB, and Jones gives them an option along the OL.

What I Missed: I wanted to add more picks for the Giants, but for the most part, there was either a player worth taking or it didn’t make sense to me to move up for the other team. RB, S, OL, and CB could all use some more competition and complements to the current starts as well.

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Philadelphia Eagles

What I Like: I enjoyed drafting for a team that didn’t have a ‘desperate need’ at most positions, so they were able to sit back and add the BPA for most of the picks. DeJean addresses one of the bigger needs at CB: Amegadjie has a ton of upside and won’t need to start from Day 1. Corley and Bell give the Eagles options at Slot, and the late defensive players add depth and competition for roster spots.

What I Missed: I would have liked to have added an Edge and maybe an earlier safety, but almost all of Philly’s picks are going to be rotational and will be given the chance to develop. I don’t think there’s a shred of truth to AJ Brown trade rumors, but I also didn’t think that when he was in Tennessee, so maybe I’m off.
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Washington Commanders

What I Liked: Addressing so many needs makes this one of the most immediate impactful drafts coming out. Daniels gives Washington an immediate starter at quarterback, EDGE gets two athletic pass rushers to add to the rotation, Fisher is a nice BPA option for the OL in the third, and they add offensive weapons in Pearsall, All, and Tracy.

What I Missed: Again, a team that needs a lot of roster help will probably be looking to move back and add more picks. CB is still weak and could use a boost and depth at IDL would be nice. Washington likes their Edge depth better than I do so maybe they wouldn’t spend a second and third-round pick at that spot.
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NFC North

Chicago Bears

What I like: In most cases, I don’t want to move back from a spot to get Odunze, but I feel like the DL needs an upgrade, and moving back early and late adds spots for a roster that really needs competition for them to be a threat to win quickly. The Bears have the best quarterback and a top-two IDL from this class added along with a nice WR3 option to go with Moore and Allen, depth at EDGE, CB, and the OL.

What I missed: Odunze vs Newton+Polk is a more than fair argument. I think the two trades back that added two more players to this class make it worth it, but Odunze is an absolute stud. The Bears may not move the No. 9 overall but I bet they make more than two trades to move back to add picks.
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Detroit Lions

What I like: It would take a lot to move up to get a big-time player, but I feel that it’s worth it for a team with great starters and solid depth. Arnold and Bullard would immediately upgrade the secondary, the weakness last season. The late picks – Johnson, Lovett, Gargiulo – all add depth where they need it.

What I Missed: EDGE might be the Lions’ second biggest need, and I didn’t add one. If I didn’t move the third, I could have added a better WR at that spot. I feel like between 21 and 29, the Eagles, Packers, Bucs, Chargers, and Cardinals are all in the market to select a CB early, so I still like the move but understand it comes at a cost.
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Green Bay Packers

What I like: CK has influenced me in this mock for his Packers, but this is another of my favorite mocks. Guyton is raw but has enough upside to be an anchor LT for a long time. The early defensive additions immediately upgrade the back end of the defense. Pratt fixes the biggest need for the Pack at backup QB. Will Reichard would (hopefully) mark the end of the Carlson/Joseph K competition, and everyone else would add depth to good spots.

What I missed: This is the opposite of my problems with teams that NEED depth. The Packers have a strong roster, so I was trying to find spots to trade up, but I would be happy with the results here. My co-host Pat Fitzmaurice pointed out that Brian Gutekunst typically wants high RAS score players, and Nubin is getting drafted off film, not athletic traits, so maybe this pick doesn’t make sense.
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Minnesota Vikings

What I like: I think the trade to No. 5 with the Chargers makes the most sense of any deal for both sides. The Patriots shouldn’t trade out unless they get four; the Cardinals have 11 picks (two in the 1st round and four on day two), so trading back and not getting Harrison Jr doesn’t make sense to me. The Chargers have cap issues and are overhauling the roster. Also, Thor Nystrom would never forgive me for not giving his Vikings J.J. McCarthy! With the seven picks on Day 3, I added depth to the OL and gave competition to some of the weaker positions on the roster

What I missed: The current roster needs more pieces on the IDL. S needs a better shot than a 7th rounder, probably. Trading two firsts to move up could prove to be a mistake, but I feel like the QB spot HAS to be addressed, and the deal makes sense for both teams.
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NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

What I Like: This is my masterpiece of this draft, I think. On the most recent ITL War Room podcast, CK pointed out that I had drafted the No. 1 player (on a lot of boards but certainly not consensus) at WR, EDGE, LB, and RB for the Cardinals. The day 3 picks are some of my favorites in this class, too. The trade for Higgins would make sense to me because he’s on a franchise tag and might be a 1-year ‘rental’ that the Cardinals could extend after a trade.

What I missed: Positionally, Arizona spent a lot on the IDL, but I don’t think they have enough. Verse will help a lot, but they probably need more at EDGE as well. I still wouldn’t trade the early picks, but maybe a 3rd for two day-3 picks could be beneficial.
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Los Angeles Rams

What I Like: The defense HAS to be addressed, and seven of the 10 picks in this Mock are on that side of the ball. No one is replacing Aaron Donald, but Byron Murphy is a Top 2 IDL in this class. Gabriel Murphy could earn a ‘higher end of the rotation’ spot by the time the season ends, and I would bet on Rakestraw and Jones starting more games than not. Lloyd is explosive and has worked in a committee, and Johnny Dixon is a ‘live speed’ type of player the Rams like to select.

What I missed: The biggest thing that stands out to me is not addressing LB. The NFL (especially the Rams) is lower on LB as a need, and they have the same starters from last season. The bigger issue could be that guys like Wallace, Perry, Williams, and Flournoy may not be around as late on Day 3 as I had them in this mock.
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San Francisco 49ers

What I Like: The secondary was the weakness last season, and while Wiggins and Bullock aren’t the best tacklers, they can cover. Rosengarten gives the Niners a plan for an eventual Trent Williams replacement plan. Liafu and Washington will push for playing time quickly, and the other Day 3 pieces will give them some depth.

What I Missed: Drafting a Punter in the top 150 picks is a reach, but Taylor is one of the few specialists worth a selection that high; they did it last year with Michigan Kicker Jake Moody at pick 99. I’ll admit there’s a chance that Aiyuk is traded on draft day, but I just don’t see it happening, so I didn’t pull the trigger here. An EDGE rusher with a Day 2 pick would help for sure, and more depth at CB would help, too.
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Seattle Seahawks

What I Like: The Hawks have one of the worst IOLs in the league, and JPJ is the best IOL in the draft. Cohen and Reiman will help the run game, Trotter addresses a big need at LB, and Watson can be the next DeeJay Dallas.

What I Missed: I might have moved too much to get Kinchens, but I really don’t like Jenkins as a starter. Not getting a CB is probably a mistake here, too. I’m not a fan of the depth behind the starters. I like Cohen’s fit, but I might have been better served to pick at 3.81 and trade back from 118 to add another pick to get some more depth.
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NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

What I Like: The new defensive-minded HC Raheem Morris gets three of the first four selections, and the EDGE rushers get an immediate boost. Rattler would be a great developmental QB. Kirk is good, but he’s aging and coming off a bad injury, and Heinicke has been one of the worst QBs in the league. The day 3 guys will all push veterans for playing time

What I Missed: EDGE is a big need, but so are CB, S, and WR. Maybe I was too excited to add both EDGE rushers and I should have snagged a player at a different position. I also would have liked to add an OL and a TE so moving back more than once might be on the table for Atlanta.
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Carolina Panthers

What I Like: If Bryce Young doesn’t play way better this season, the Panthers are probably going to be looking for another QB, but this draft improves the strength of the OL and gives Young two more targets to add to Diontae Johnson after the trade. The Day 3 guys could see significant playing time by the time the season ends

What I Missed: There’s a lot I missed, but the Panthers cannot solve all the issues on this roster in one offseason. Every position needs more competition, at the very least. EDGE is probably the biggest miss positionally, but Safety is bad, and there’s not a ton of depth on the OL. Trading back would make sense, but since this is a ‘rebuilding’ year, I’d rather take shots on the best players possible.
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New Orleans Saints

  • 1.14 – Olu Fashanu, OT – Penn State
  • 2.45 – Xavier Legette, WR – South Carolina
  • 5.150 – Dominique Hampton, S – Washington
  • 5.168 – Jha’Quan Jackson, WR – Tulane
  • 5.170 – Khristian Boyd, IDL – Northern Iowa
  • 5.175 – Trevor Keegan, IOL – Michigan
  • 6.190 – Myles Harden, CB – South Dakota
  • 6.199 – Jordan Travis, QB – Florida State
  • 7.239 – Bub Means, WR – Pittsburgh

What I Like: The cap issues are finally catching up to the Saints, and I’m surprised that the roster is still so good even with those issues. That being said, the Saints didn’t spend a lot of money in Free Agency, and the draft is going to be huge for them. There’s a possibility that no one starts for the Saints in Week 1, but this class addresses a lot of depth issues.

What I Missed: Outside of ‘QB of the future,’ LB is the one that sticks out the most. The Saints spent on Willie Gay, but Demario Davis is on his last legs. A lot of the guys on the depth chart have had shots and not made much with them. The kicking game was pretty wretched last season, and I’m not sure they’re ready to give up on Grupe yet, but Hedley was awful, and the Saints are a possibility for Tory Taylor.
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What I Like: EDGE is the biggest need for this team, in my opinion. Latu falling to them would make him an immediate starter and help keep Diaby and Gregory fresh. Trading Carlton Davis saved the Bucs money against the cap, but they couldn’t afford to replace him, and Jackson will push Zyon McCollum and Bryce Hall for playing time quickly. Hainsey had a tough year at center, and Bortolini will give the Bucs another option there while Johnson, Shipley, Ulofoshio, and Griffin will add depth they couldn’t afford to get in free agency.

What I Missed: The miss that stands out to me is probably OT depth, as there’s almost no experience behind the starters. I think there’s enough at Slot WR with Palmer, Jarrett, and Thompkins, but I can see that being addressed in the draft as WRs are an ‘arms race’ in the NFL now. I’m not a fan of the current TEs, but skipping TE and taking one later and taking an LB at that spot could be beneficial since Devin White left and Lavonte David is old.
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2024 NFL Draft Guide

AFC East

Buffalo Bills

What I Like: We know the biggest issue for the Bills after trading Diggs is WR. That’s the first position addressed in Adonai Mitchell, and Ainias Smith would be fun to watch with his speed and Josh Allen‘s arm. Getting back was huge, but Von Miller is on his way out, and Kneeland seems like a guy who can really develop. The OL depth hurt the Bills down the stretch, Foster and Eguakun help a lot there. Allen gives the Bills a hulking back to help close out late leads, Gray goes into LB corp with playing time available, and Emani Bailey gives help at RB and potentially on ST teams, too.

What I Missed: The Bills roster is the opposite of what I talked about with the Saints. The Bills have great starters, but the depth is rough at WR, OL, CB, and S. I only leave this exercise way more comfortable at OL in those spots.
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Miami Dolphins

What I Like: I feel like I addressed the two biggest needs for the Dolphins here by adding OL and DL prospects with the first 4 picks. With Phillips and Chubb coming back off major injuries adding Trice, Hall (who is an IDL/Edge ‘tweener’), and Khalid Duke could all see early rotational action. Morgan could replace the snaps that Robert Hunt left behind if he adjusts to Guard quickly enough, and Nourzad gives them another option at C.

What I Missed: I’m a Tahj Washington fan, but a Slot WR earlier would have been nice. Secondary help is still needed. I traded back once, but I can envision the Dolphins moving back multiple times to get some more depth options at CB, LB, S, TE, WR, and OL.
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New England Patriots

What I Like: I am ADAMANT that it would be ill-advised to trade out of the number 3 pick for NE, even with a bad roster. Sticking and taking Maye or Daniels is obvious to me. I know the Patriots don’t typically take WRs early, but they have to add speed. Franklin and Bulrton would do that immediately and the day 3 guys all help positions of need.

What I Missed: The Pats roster needs an overhaul, and if the QB fails, they really should have traded out of this spot. Smith is listed at S but is really a Slot CB option, so adding an S is still a priority after the draft here. LB, Edge and IDL aren’t immediate needs but are all positions I didn’t add to at all.
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New York Jets

  • 1.10 – Rome Odunze, WR – Washington
  • 3.72 – Braden Fiske, IDL – Florida State
  • 4.111 – Trey Benson, RB – Florida State
  • 4.125 – Sione Vaki, S – Utah
  • 6.220 – Darius Muasau, LB – UCLA
  • 7.256 – Micah Abraham, CB – Marshall
  • 7.257 – Jordan Whittington, WR – Texas
  • *Tampa Bay trades 4.125 and 6.220 to the New York Jets for 4.134 and 6.185

What I Like: The Jets don’t have a lot of needs, but I think I got to the big ones here. Odunze or Bowers is going to be the pick at 10, I think, and it fits a need, as Xavier Gipson is the starting Slot right now. Fiske would upgrade the DL rotation immediately, Benson is a great value and may not last this long but behind Hall is only Abanikanda, who I like but some healthy competition would be nice. With few needs, I decided to jump up to get Vaki because I thought that was the last big need for the Jets

What I Missed: The OL had been so bad recently, but adding three starters in the offseason makes it less of a priority, and I would have liked to get another LB.
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AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

What I Like: Typical Ravens draft. They sit back and take BPA in almost every spot. The OL gets a facelift, Sainristill can push Maulet for time quickly, and Baker keeps the ‘track’ team theme for Baltimore. The Day 3 guys are where the Ravens addressed the needs instead of taking BPA.

What I Missed: The second biggest need (behind OL) is probably Edge, and I waited until Day 3 to address it. Safety is another need that I didn’t touch until the last round. There’s a chance I got a little too caught up in the ‘BPA’ every pick mentality that the Ravens typically have.
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Cincinnati Bengals

  • 1.18 – Troy Fautanu, OL – Washington
  • 2.49 – Jalen McMillan, WR – Washington
  • 3.80 – Ruke Orhorhoro, IDL – Clemson
  • 3.97 – Tez Walker, WR – North Carolina
  • 4.104 – Cam Hart, CB – Notre Dame
  • 4.115 – Bucky Irving, RB – Oregon
  • 5.149 – Cedric Johnson, Edge – Ole Miss
  • 6.183 – Dwight McGlothern, CB – Arkansas
  • 7.224 – AJ Barner, TE – Michigan
  • 7.237 – KT Leveston, OL – Kansas State
  • *Arizona trades pick 4.104 to Cincinnati for WR Tee Higgins
  • **NY Giants trade 6.183 to Cincinnati for 6.194 and 6.224

What I Like: I think all of the biggest needs are addressed here. I’ve said so many times that the Bengals’ main goal should be to keep Joe Burrow on his feet, and Fautanu is a movable piece on the OL. I flipped Higgins, but along with the additions of Iosivas and Jones last season, I feel McMillan and Walker give the Bengals enough ‘shots’ at the position, along with Chase, to keep everyone productive. Ruke improves run D behind Rankins and Hill and the Day 3 guys all address positions of need for Cincy.

What I Missed: I’m sure most Bengals fans won’t like trading Higgins, especially for a fourth. Higgins is worth WAY more than a 4th but he’s on the franchise tag and right now is a ‘rental’ for this season. Maybe a conditional fifth for next year that would move up to a 3rd if Higgins signs an extension and hits a certain amount of playing time would have been better. I probably could have added even more to the OL with so many picks.
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Cleveland Browns

What I Like: The Browns don’t have a ton of needs, so I felt picking for them was pretty easy. Jenkins can help stop the run and collapse the pocket for the big Edge rushers. I love the signing of Jordan Hicks, but I don’t like Devin Bush, so Eichenberg fits a need in my opinion. I’m not in love with the Sinnott pick for fantasy, but the Browns could use depth there, and the last three picks are guys with traits that could pay off big-time.

What I Missed: WR depth maybe should have been hit a little earlier. I don’t understand what the Browns see in Jerry Jeudy. I guess the bad QB play in Denver gives him a legit excuse for a lack of production, but to trade for him and extend him makes me feel like they feel comfortable, even with Moore suffering a really bad concussion at the end of the year. The Jets and Falcons are the only other teams that didn’t draft an OL in this exercise.
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Pittsburgh Steelers

What I Like: Drafting for my favorite team is easy! Mims allows Broderick Jones to slide to LT and Dan Moore to go to the bench (maybe not to start the season; Tomlin loves Dan Moore), and Van Pran would compete with him for the starting C spot right away. Coleman gives the questionable QBs a big target with a huge catch radius who is dangerous with the ball in his hands. CB depth and Edge depth are the biggest needs on defense, in my opinion, and we address both on Day 3.

What I Missed: A Slot-specific CB would have been nice, but Brownlee and Green were the best talents where I selected them, in my opinion. The bigger need is in the slot, and those guys played on the perimeter. Same at WR although the need for a Slot CB is much bigger, Safety is another position I want to add to for the Steelers but I feel the need for Edge depth is bigger.
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AFC West

Denver Broncos

What I Like: Simply put I don’t believe the Broncos can suffer through a full season of Stidham and that’s why I picked Nix (after trying to find a trade back that made a lot of sense and failing. I like Penix a little more than Nix, but I feel like Nix fits a little better with Payton and the OL was made to look better than they are with so many throws behind the line and within the first few yards. I feel WR, Edge, TE, and IDL all have big needs and I addressed all of them here.

What I Missed: The Broncos have admitted they made an enormous mistake by trading for Russell Wilson, and Bo Nix could compact that mistake if he doesn’t grab the reigns and run with the job. There will be so many good players still on the board at 12. A team with so many needs should probably take the best player or trade for depth, but if the Broncos have another disaster season, the Payton trade is going to look just as bad. Nix is a gamble, and I recognize that. In terms of positional misses, I feel the need at QB, pass catcher, and Edge are so big I spent five of eight picks there. They still have needs all along the OL depth, LB, CB, and S as well, and I only spent a 6th on the OL out of that group.
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Kansas City Chiefs

What I Like: I’ve heard Chiefs fans say they hate Worthy being mock-drafted to the Chiefs. I don’t get it. Worthy isn’t Tyreek Hill because no one is, but Worthy would be instantly the fastest player on offense, and I feel like he’s way better than Moore, Toney, Ross, and the rest of the backups in KC. The Chiefs added Marquise Brown, but Rice is probably looking at a lengthy suspension if everything goes his way. The Champs don’t have a burning need for any starting spot, but the depth at Edge and IOL is very weak, and I addressed those spots early.

What I Missed: Replacing Sneed at CB could take precedence early, and Kool-Aid McKinstry is an option instead of Worthy. There’s only one backup IOL on the roster right now, so the Chiefs may have to take more than one shot there. LB depth is a little thin, and I didn’t touch it here.
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Las Vegas Raiders

  • 1.13 – J.C. Latham, OT – Alabama
  • 2.38 – Michael Penix Jr. QB – Washington
  • 4.106 – Jaylen Wright, RB – Tennessee
  • 4.112 – Malik Mustapha, S – Wake Forest
  • 5.148 – Zak Zinter, IOL – Michigan
  • 6.208 – Isaiah Williams, WR – Illinois
  • 7.223 – Evan Anderson, IDL – FAU
  • 7.229 – Javontae Jean-Baptiste, ED – Notre Dame
  • *Tennessee trades 2.38 and 4.106 to Las Vegas for 2.44, 3.77 and a 2025 5th

What I Like: I’m not of the mindset that Minshew can do much more than keep your team firmly in the middle. Getting Penix (like every mock I’ve done for the Raiders) was a priority, and I had them moving up to get him. Latham is a plug-and-play starting RT, Wright could do the same at RB and the other Day 3 guys all help with positions of need for Vegas.

What I Missed: The Raiders need bodies on the OL, so maybe more depth would have been a better option than the late DL shots I added. WR also needs bodies with only DJ Turner and Kristian Wilkerson behind the starters Adams-Meyers-Tucker, so more than one pick could have been helpful.
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Los Angeles Chargers

What I Like: This one and the Cardinals draft are where I feel like I added the most talent. The Vikings trade up is fairly obvious, and with the Chargers already having their franchise QB and having so many issues on the roster, the move back makes sense. Fuaga, Thomas, Tampa and Corum will all push to start immediately. Day 3 is spent with Harbaugh getting some help on defense with four of six picks spent there.

What I Missed: There is enormous talent at No. 5 and if the Chargers decide to stick there, whoever they took would be an instant impact starter. I like moving back, but passing on the top of this class is tough. With the age and injury history (Bosa/Mack) at Edge (and Dobbins signing after I started working on this), maybe a selection of Gabriel Murphy or Javon Solomon would have been better.
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AFC South

Houston Texans

What I Like: It feels like the Texans are throwing darts at the Perimeter CB spot across from Stingley and Lassiter would come in and start over Okudah and Henderson quickly I think. The Day 2 picks of Isaac and Haynes address the biggest depth concerns I have for the Texans. On Day 3, the Texans can afford to go BPA because the depth is already great.

What I Missed: The Texans roster is so solid, and the core is so youthful that it’s easy to fit most prospects here. LB and OT getting blanked might be the biggest standout of what I missed for the Texans. WR is good after the Diggs trade; they signed four IDLs and CBs this offseason.
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Indianapolis Colts

  • 1.9 – Brock Bowers, TE – Georgia
  • 3.82 – Max Melton, CB – Rutgers
  • 4.117 – Matt Goncalves, OL – Pittsburgh
  • 6.191 – Marcus Harris, IDL – Auburn
  • 7.234 – Jamal Hill, S/LB – Oregon
  • *Chicago trades 1.9 to Indianapolis for 1.15, 2.46 and 4.151

What I Like: The Colts ‘are obsessed’ with Brock Bowers, and this big move would get them their guy. There are still issues on this roster, but considerably fewer than last season. The secondary has the biggest needs, and I used the next pick on Melton, who would likely push Flowers to the bench sooner rather than later.

What I Missed: I think the biggest thing I missed is probably trading a TE if they are going to draft Bowers. Woods, Granson, and Ogletree are all good enough to at least be a TE2 on a team, and we would probably see Bowers and Mo Allie-Cox as the top 2 here. If they had added an extra pick by flipping one or two of those guys I would have addressed more depth at Edge behind the starters and maybe someone to push Nick Cross or Rodney Thomas at FS. The Bowers trade doesn’t make total ‘roster’ sense with the depth needs, but adding a big-time playmaker for Richardson makes this offense very dangerous.
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Jacksonville Jaguars

What I Like: The most obvious need, in my opinion, is in the secondary. Mitchell gives them an instant #1, and Bishop can move around to any spot he is needed. The Edge depth is another big need and I hit that once inside the top 50 with Braswell and inside the top 125 again with Solomon. The idea has been to get Etienne fewer snaps, and they just haven’t done it, but Schrader could come in and be a ‘closer’ type of back to run with fresh legs late.

What I Missed: I didn’t add a WR from this rich class, and that could be a mistake. The Jags spent on Gabe Davis and Devin Duvernay from free agency, and Parker Washington was strong when given opportunities so I left it alone. The Jags are one of the teams that could be looking at a kicker as well with Slye and Patterson currently battling it out.
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Tennessee Titans

  • 1.7 – Joe Alt, OT – Notre Dame
  • 2.44 – Roman Wilson, WR – Michigan
  • 3.77 – Edgerrin Cooper, LB – Texas A&M
  • 5.146 – Gabe Hall, IDL – Baylor
  • 6.188 – Kitan Oladapo, S – Oregon State
  • 7.238 – Jowon Briggs, IDL – Cincinnati
  • 7.242 – Matt Lee, C – Miami
  • 7.252 – Kamal Hadden, CB – Tennessee
  • *Tennessee trades 2.38 and 4.106 to Las Vegas for 2.44, 3.77 and a 2025 5th
  • *Tennessee trades 6.182 to Houston for 6.188 and 7.238

What I Like: Alt is absolutely what I would do at No. 7, and I made the Raiders pay to move up to get their QB. Wilson would probably push Burks for playing time quickly Cooper would push Gibbens. I like all the shots from Day 3, especially Gabe Hall. Seeing him peak next to Simmons would be scary for OLs to deal with.

What I Missed: I might have given them too much to move back in the Penix deal but teams tend to get squeezed a little more when they’re trading for a QB. Positionally, an Edge with size might be more pressing than spending a 7th on, same with Safety in the 6th and 3-4 Edge which I didn’t touch here. Trading back one more time from 77 and picking up another pick would have helped a lot.
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2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Guide

More 2024 NFL Mock Drafts

Here are a few early predictions for the 2024 NFL Draft. We’ll continue to add our 2024 NFL Mock Drafts leading up to the start of Round 1.

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