Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2019 Fantasy Baseball Rest of Season Notes
Mike Trout photo 1. Mike Trout LAA
As incredible as Trout has been once again, both Yelich and Bellinger have been more useful from a fantasy perspective. It may not last much longer, but with the rate Yelich has been going for the past 120 games, it seems unlikely that Trout will catch him by season's end as the top fantasy hitter.
5 weeks ago
Christian Yelich photo 2. Christian Yelich MIL
In real life, Yelich doesn't do enough overall to have surpassed Trout as the top player in the game but with a 50 homer, 40 steal pace to go with a .330 batting average, you can bet your bottom dollar that he has been the #1 fantasy asset this season and will continue to be so.
5 weeks ago
Ronald Acuna Jr. photo 3. Ronald Acuna Jr. ATL
Acuna picked up right where he left off last season with 70 first-half runs to go with a 40/20 homer/steal pace to go with it. As if that wasn't enough, he may end up hitting .300 as well, putting him in the conversation as the top fantasy asset in baseball next spring.
5 weeks ago
Mookie Betts photo 4. Mookie Betts BOS
Incredibly, as disappointing as Betts has been, he is still a top 10 fantasy outfielder and hasn't even begun to play his best ball yet. Although Trout, Yelich and Bellinger are the clear top three, it would surprise no one if Betts has the best second half of them all.
5 weeks ago
J.D. Martinez photo 5. J.D. Martinez BOS
If you are hoping to make some noise in the trade market, you may want to put in a feeler for J.D. who has been among the most unlucky hitters in terms of batted balls this season. While his production looks down, he is actually hitting the ball just as well as he has the past few seasons.
5 weeks ago
Cody Bellinger photo 6. Cody Bellinger LAD
Although he has cooled off, Bellinger is clearly one of the top three fantasy assets in baseball this season. He may end the season with 120 runs, 120 RBIs, 50 homers and 15 stolen bases. And don't forget that he is still batting over .340.
5 weeks ago
Charlie Blackmon photo 7. Charlie Blackmon COL
Blackmon took a bit of a step back last year after finishing as the top overall fantasy asset in 2017. It seemed as though he was going to continue his downward trend at the start of the season but Blackmon has kicked it into gear and ended up being a top fantasy outfielder in the first-half.
5 weeks ago
Juan Soto photo 8. Juan Soto WSH
Soto may not equate to much in the field long term, but in fantasy, he continues to dominate with an average still over .300 to go with plus contribution in RBIs, runs, HRs and even a few stolen bases mixed in.
5 weeks ago
Aaron Judge photo 9. Aaron Judge NYY
Now that Judge is finally back, everyone will soon remember why he was recently considered to be in the top-tier of outfielders. Don't be shocked if he leads the AL in homers and runs over the rest of the season.
5 weeks ago
Bryce Harper photo 10. Bryce Harper PHI
It is hilarious that an .850 OPS is a major disappointment for someone like Harper. He has actually been solid in fantasy as well thanks to 115 combined RBIs and runs thus far. Sure, the batting average is still low, but overall, no one should be complaining about his production.
5 weeks ago
Whit Merrifield photo 11. Whit Merrifield KC
Whit has done exactly what fantasy owners have hoped for up until the break. He is on pace for both 20 homers and 30 steals to go with a batting average north of .300. While he doesn't possess top-tier upside, fantasy owners can continue to rely on him as a 3rd or even 2nd round value.
5 weeks ago
Kris Bryant photo 12. Kris Bryant CHC
Believe it or not, Bryant is on pace for 130 runs this season despite his slow start. He won't bop 40 homers like some of the other stars, but with a quality batting average and sufficient power, fantasy owners have to be pleased with their investment.
5 weeks ago
George Springer photo 13. George Springer HOU
With the injuries to both Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa, Springer's counting stats haven't quite been what fantasy owners expected but he is still among the clear-cut second-tier of fantasy outfielders and may finish with 35 homers, 10 steals and a .300 batting average.
5 weeks ago
Starling Marte photo 14. Starling Marte PIT
While still not elite, Marte is clearly a second-tier fantasy outfielder with both power and speed to go with a potential 100/100 RBIs and runs season despite playing for the Pirates' sluggish offense. Fantasy owners have to be loving his performance once again.
5 weeks ago
Rhys Hoskins photo 15. Rhys Hoskins PHI
You can say what you want about Hoskins' potential, and while it may be true, the fact of the matter is that he has never contributed in the batting average department and has actually been propped up quite a bit by batted ball luck to even keep him above .260. He will provide RBIs, runs and homers, of course, but is more of a sell candidate than a buy-low.
5 weeks ago
Eddie Rosario photo 16. Eddie Rosario MIN
Rosario is no longer swiping any bags for fantasy owners, but his consistency at the plate has rewarded them richly as he is once again on track for 30 homers with a useful batting average and all the RBIs and runs to match both.
5 weeks ago
Andrew Benintendi photo 17. Andrew Benintendi BOS
Even with the power disappearing, Benintendi batting in the middle of the Boston lineup means runs and RBIs galore thanks to his strong BB-rate. While he might not return draft value the rest of the season, fantasy owners can at least expect him to right the ship from here on out.
5 weeks ago
Yasiel Puig photo 18. Yasiel Puig CLE
Puig was borderline droppable just a month ago but he has quickly turned his season around and is now on track for 40 homers, 20 steals, 100 RBIs and is batting over .260. While that may not keep up, it wouldn't be a surprise either considering he is playing in Great American Ballpark.
5 weeks ago
Tommy Pham photo 19. Tommy Pham TB
Pham has not only managed to stay healthy so far this season, but his efficiency has actually improved as well. If he keeps it up, fantasy owners could be looking at a 30/20 season to go with another strong performance in the batting average department.
5 weeks ago
Marcell Ozuna photo 20. Marcell Ozuna STL
Ozuna may currently be on the IL but he was terrific in the first half with a whopping 62 RBIs to go with both power (20 homers) and speed (8 steals). His batting average isn't, nor will it be ideal, but all of this still combines to make him a top 50 fantasy asset.
5 weeks ago
Michael Brantley photo 21. Michael Brantley HOU
Brantley keeps on hitting, and as long as he stays healthy, fantasy owners can expect a .320 average from him to go with all the runs and RBIs that come from batting in the middle of the order for Houston. There won't be much in the way of power or speed, however.
5 weeks ago
Michael Conforto photo 22. Michael Conforto NYM
It now seems clear that Conforto will never be that star everyone expected him to become. If we can look past that disappointment, it's easy to accept a player on our roster who hits 30 homers with 10 steals, 90 RBIs and 90 runs even if it comes with a sub .250 batting average and that just so happens to be the pace Conforto is on.
5 weeks ago
Austin Meadows photo 23. Austin Meadows TB
This time last month, Meadows was all the rave and was considered a can't miss superstar. While he is still a nice asset, 25 homers, 15 steals and 70/80 runs and RBIs don't quite fit the description of a top 20 outfielder, let alone a top 5 guy.
5 weeks ago
Max Kepler photo 24. Max Kepler MIN
As odd as it is to imagine, Kepler just started playing baseball a decade ago so it should be no surprise that his breakout came a little late. It appears to be here to stay, however, and while the batting average and speed will never be a plus, 100 RBIs, 100 runs and 35 homers will certainly do the trick for fantasy owners.
5 weeks ago
Victor Robles photo 25. Victor Robles WSH
Robles didn't become an immediate star like many thought possible. That doesn't mean it can't happen in the second half, but more than likely, we are looking at someone who holds a .250 batting average with near 20 homers and 20 steals. That is useful for sure, but by no means a league-winner.
5 weeks ago
Lorenzo Cain photo 26. Lorenzo Cain MIL
After making a run at the NL MVP last season, Cain came with high hopes, but it turns out that he has been among the most frustrating players so far this season, going for just 5 gomers, 11 steals and a .253 average in the first half. Even so, he still deserves a roster spot, but perhaps not much longer.
5 weeks ago
Domingo Santana photo 27. Domingo Santana SEA
Santana has cooled off since his incredible start, but he is still on track for 100 runs, 110 RBIs and 35 HRs while stealing some bases and maintaining a quality batting average. It may not quite keep up, but it goes without saying that fantasy owners will end the season having gotten an incredible value from him.
5 weeks ago
Khris Davis photo 28. Khris Davis OAK
Davis has dropped off in power this season, but we all know that at the drop of a hat, he can rattle off a dozen homers in a month and quickly climb that leaderboard. He is still be all means a top 25 fantasy outfielder even with is frustrating first half.
5 weeks ago
Eloy Jimenez photo 29. Eloy Jimenez CWS
For the most part, Jimenez has been a grand disappointment for fantasy owners who expected a.290 batting average with 30 homers as a rookie. The homers might come, but his approach at the plate isn't as polished as we all anticipated.
5 weeks ago
Giancarlo Stanton photo 30. Giancarlo Stanton NYY
With the AL East likely in the bag, the Yankees have been wise to hold off on rushing Stanton back. When he will finally return is anyone's guess, but when he does, you can expect a top 15 fantasy outfielder as always.
5 weeks ago
Nicholas Castellanos photo 31. Nicholas Castellanos CHC
Castellanos isn't doing nearly as much this season for the Tigers as we have grown to expect from him. He may end up with 90 runs scored, but with no one else in the lineup, his RBIs are vastly behind what we've seen in the past. Likewise, his power is virtually non-existent.
5 weeks ago
Franmil Reyes photo 32. Franmil Reyes CLE
Franmil has been a sensation with 25 first-half homers despite playing half his games in San Diego. If he were to get dealt, his stock would sky rocket, but for now, he will continue to be held back by the park and getting a day or two off every week because of the Padres' outfield logjam.
5 weeks ago
Joey Gallo photo 33. Joey Gallo TEX
Even despite all the strikeouts, Gallo is batting .279 thanks to a league-high average exit velocity of 94 MPH. Add in 20 homers in 204 at-bats thus far and we are talking about one of the premium power hitters in fantasy baseball, worthy of a top 50 pick next year.
6 weeks ago
Trey Mancini photo 34. Trey Mancini BAL
There is nothing sexy about owning Trey Mancini, but he has rebounded quite nicely from his disappointing 2018 campaign. The underlying metrics suggest what we have seen in 2019 is the real Mancini so it wouldn't be wise to attempt selling high on him.
6 weeks ago
Justin Upton photo 35. Justin Upton LAA
Upton hasn't exactly hit the ground running since returning from the IL but his performance hasn't been poor enough to warrant a panic either. Rather, expect sufficient home runs and batting average to make him a fringe OF3 for the remainder of the season.
5 weeks ago
David Peralta photo 36. David Peralta ARI
Peralta was raging hot earlier in the season but as the underlying numbers accurately forecasted, that was a mere fluke. Now that he is on the IL, you can make a case for cutting him loose if you need the extra roster spot.
5 weeks ago
Mallex Smith photo 37. Mallex Smith SEA
Mallex certainly isn't going to provide any pop or batting average support, but he scores enough runs to go with his 45 steal pace that he should start for every night for every fantasy team that owns him.
5 weeks ago
Yordan Alvarez photo 38. Yordan Alvarez HOU
Yordan came into the league blazing but as we saw with Michael Chavis earlier this season, that doesn't suddenly make him a superstar. While it is possible that he continues to rake like Pete Alonso, we are better off holding back from calling him a top 10 fantasy outfielder for now.
5 weeks ago
David Dahl photo 39. David Dahl COL
Dahl has been every bit as good as advertised and more with a 110 run, 100 RBI pace to go along with a batting average north of .300. Fantasy owners should expect those numbers to drop a bit, however, as he has an outrageous BABIP so don't hesitate to explore the trade market.
5 weeks ago
Jorge Soler photo 40. Jorge Soler KC
Soler entered the All-Star Break on track for 40 homers and well over 100 RBIs. While the batting average won't help you at all, he seems to be on the route to a Khris Davis type of season, which as you know, would make him a top 100 fantasy asset easily.
5 weeks ago
Shin-Soo Choo photo 41. Shin-Soo Choo TEX
Choo may be getting old but he certainly isn't slowing down and may finish the year with 25 homers, 15 steals, 110 runs and a batting average near .300. While he is by no means a superstar, that would be a tremendous second outfielder.
5 weeks ago
Mitch Haniger photo 42. Mitch Haniger SEA
We know that Haniger offers plenty of upside when he returns from the IL, but it may continue to be rough going as we've seen in the first half. If you have the room on your bench to keep him, go for it, but don't sacrifice anything to do so.
5 weeks ago
Hunter Renfroe photo 43. Hunter Renfroe SD
With Wil Myers struggling for the Padres, Renfroe has been playing nearly every day and it has paid off as he knocked 27 first-half bombs. Sure, the batting average isn't there, nor will it ever be, but fantasy owners will gladly welcome 45 dingers from a mid-season waiver wire addition.
5 weeks ago
A.J. Pollock photo 44. A.J. Pollock LAD
Pollock has always produced when on the field but injuries have held him back quite a bit. This year, even the efficiency has taken a hit, and while he can still help fantasy teams, it isn't anywhere near as much as in previous seasons.
4 weeks ago
Ramon Laureano photo 45. Ramon Laureano OAK
Believe it or not, Laureano is on pace for 30 homers, 20 steals and 100 runs. While that may not keep up, it is worth noting that he has performed as a top 50 fantasy asset thus far so even if he drops off a cliff, fantasy owners should keep running him out in their lineup every night.
5 weeks ago
Nomar Mazara photo 46. Nomar Mazara TEX
Mazara has only supplied 12 homers in the first half despite all his raw power. With that said, batting in the middle of the order for Texas definitely comes with his perks, as you can see with his 90 RBI, 90 run pace through the break.
5 weeks ago
Dee Gordon photo 47. Dee Gordon SEA
Gordon won't steal 60 bases anymore and he clearly isn't a .300 hitter, but fantasy owners can still rely on him to offer nearly 30 steals with a batting average that won't kill you. Nothing about that is exciting, but he is still a worthwhile fantasy piece.
5 weeks ago
Ryan Braun photo 48. Ryan Braun MIL
As usual, Braun is dealing with injuries off and on, but getting the job done for fantasy owners while he is on the field. Going into the break, he carries a .271 average with a dozen homers and a handful of steals which is what we should expect in the second half too.
6 weeks ago
Byron Buxton photo 49. Byron Buxton MIN
Buxton has had streaks this season that show why there is still reason to be optimistic about his potential but overall, it has been the same old mediocre statline with some power and speed, but a less than ideal batting average.
5 weeks ago
Nick Senzel photo 50. Nick Senzel CIN
Senzel has merely been mediocre for fantasy owners up into the break with a .258 average and limited power, but he does have 8 steals already and we know he has the potential to breakout much like Scott Kingery did earlier this season.
6 weeks ago
Kyle Schwarber photo 51. Kyle Schwarber CHC
No one is surprised by Schwarber's performance thus far as he is yet again, piling up runs and RBIs with a pace of 35 homers. All of that is great, of course, but the batting average is once again south of .240 so he doesn't offer much more value than a Randal Grichuk.
5 weeks ago
Ian Desmond photo 52. Ian Desmond COL
Although he isn't starting every game for the Rockeis, Desmond does play enough in Coors to warrant a roster spot on fantasy teams. Gone are the days where he will steal 20 bags, but he should be solid at worst in the other four standard categories.
6 weeks ago
Joc Pederson photo 53. Joc Pederson LAD
Joc has already swatted 20 homers even though the Dodgers primarily only play him against right-handed pitchers. He will continue to produce while he is in the lineup, but the counting stats may not finish as high as others with his sort of pop.
5 weeks ago
Aaron Hicks photo 54. Aaron Hicks NYY
Hicks hasn't gotten going quite yet after missing some time earlier in the season. And while he likely won't steal double-digit bags, it is fair to expect the power to return and his batting average to bounceback in the second half.
5 weeks ago
Wil Myers photo 55. Wil Myers SD
In terms of batting average, Myers has been abysmal, but he might also finish the season with 20 homers, 20 steals and 80 runs, plus we know he has much more in the way of upside so don't drop him quite yet.
6 weeks ago
Adam Eaton photo 56. Adam Eaton WSH
Eaton is the same player we've always known him to be with a handful of steals, homers and tons of runs to go with a quality batting average. While there is nothing exciting about an asset like that, he is certainly worthy of a fantasy roster spot.
5 weeks ago
Jesse Winker photo 57. Jesse Winker CIN
Overall, Winker is merely a fringe fantasy asset, but if you can afford to use him correctly, you've got yourself a serious player. Winker is abysmal versus lefties, but terrorizes righties so be sure to check the probable opposing pitcher each day.
5 weeks ago
Stephen Piscotty photo 58. Stephen Piscotty OAK
Piscotty was terrific last season for the A's, but has come back down to reality a bit this year with a subpar batting average and not much in the way of power. He still has upside for more, but for now, fantasy owners shouldn't count on his production.
5 weeks ago
Kevin Kiermaier photo 59. Kevin Kiermaier TB
Kiermaier is quietly having an excellent season and may reach 20 homers to go with 30 steals by the time the season comes to a close. Health is always a concern with the way he plays in the field, but so long as he keeps playing every day, you've got to find a way to get Kiermaier in your fantasy lineup.
5 weeks ago
Hunter Dozier photo 60. Hunter Dozier KC
Dozier entered the all-star break om pace for 20 homers, 80 RBIs and carries a .283 batting average. Regardless of whether those numbers are a fluke or not, you can bet he won't regress enough to become waiver wire fodder in the second half.
6 weeks ago
Kole Calhoun photo 61. Kole Calhoun LAA
Calhoun has outperformed expectations thus far with a Kyle Schwarber like line of 20+ homers with a lackluster batting average. He also carries a 100/90 runs/RBIs pace up into the break so don't hesitate to scoop him up if you still can.
5 weeks ago
Jackie Bradley Jr. photo 62. Jackie Bradley Jr. BOS
It is anyone's guess which Bradley we will get in the second half, whether it is the worst offensive player in baseball or a fringe all-star. We have seen both at times this year and in the past. For now, though, he is hot so don't hesitate to use him.
5 weeks ago
Brett Gardner photo 63. Brett Gardner NYY
Gardner is once again providing plenty of runs and RBIs for fantasy owners and just so happens to be on pace for 25 homers which off-sets his drop in steals that came with age. Fantasy owners can continue to rely on Gardner as a OF4.
5 weeks ago
Randal Grichuk photo 64. Randal Grichuk TOR
As always, Grichuk is providing some pop to go with runs and RBIs. There is, of course, a batting average well below .250 to accompany the benefits in the other categories. This makes him a fringe candidate for a roster spot in standard-sized leagues.
5 weeks ago
Adam Jones photo 65. Adam Jones ARI
Jones isn't back to his glory days, but he has certainly been a nice surprise this season for fantasy owners, contributing in three categories and not hurting anyone in batting average. You can continue to use him as a mediocre asset.
5 weeks ago
Danny Santana photo 66. Danny Santana TEX
Among all the fantasy breakout players, Santana may be the biggest surprise with double-digit homers and steals in the first half to go with a batting average above .300. All of those numbers are likely to take a dip, but even with that being the case, he should still be owned in every league.
5 weeks ago
Alex Verdugo photo 67. Alex Verdugo LAD
Verdugo has been raking in the first half for the Dodgers with a batting average well above .300 and even some speed. Don't be surprised if he ends up with 20+ homers too if the Dodgers continue to get him enough at-bats.
5 weeks ago
Manuel Margot photo 68. Manuel Margot SD
Jay Bruce photo 69. Jay Bruce PHI
Most gave up on Bruce before the season because he was so awful in 2018, but he was struggling through plantar fasciitis. Now that he is healthy, Bruce just keeps mashing with 24 homers headed into the break. He is good bet to keep hitting if he can stay on the field.
6 weeks ago
Corey Dickerson photo 70. Corey Dickerson PHI
Jose Martinez photo 71. Jose Martinez STL
Martinez hasn't provided fantasy owners much with a .282 batting average and just 6 homers, but all Statcast metrics suggest those numbers will come roaring up in the second half. It might be time to add him before it costs you a pretty penny.
6 weeks ago
Jason Heyward photo 72. Jason Heyward CHC
As difficult as it may be to believe, Heyward is actually hitting quite well so far this season with a 25-homer pace and a batting average back up around .280. It might not be here to stay, but you can be sure that he is worthy of a roster spot in your fantasy league.
5 weeks ago
Avisail Garcia photo 73. Avisail Garcia TB
One of the most underrated fantasy assets this year has been Garcia who entered the break with 12 homers, 9 steals, a 75/80 runs/RBIs pace and a solid .280 batting average. There is no reason he should still be available in 75% of leagues.
5 weeks ago
Hunter Pence photo 74. Hunter Pence TEX
Pence was elected to the All-Star game and is having an excellent bounceback season with a .294 average and 15 homers in just 194 at-bats, but without everyday playing time, he'll be passed up by many other outfielders in counting stats and that's before you even factor in the expected regression.
5 weeks ago
Oscar Mercado photo 75. Oscar Mercado CLE
Willie Calhoun photo 76. Willie Calhoun TEX
Alex Gordon photo 77. Alex Gordon KC
Despite his age, Gordon may be having a career year although he has seen regression over the last month. He may end up with 20 homers and 10 steals, but don't expect the batting average to stay north of .275 all season.
5 weeks ago
Brian Anderson photo 78. Brian Anderson MIA
Anderson doesn't do much for a fantasy team in terms of batting average and you can be sure he won't pile up runs and RBIs in Miami's lineup, but he might hit 20 homers and won't kill you in any category.
6 weeks ago
Nick Markakis photo 79. Nick Markakis ATL
As always, Markakis isn't providing much in the way of homers or steals, but his is on pace for 90 RBIs and 90 runs to go with another strong batting average. While that isn't a league-winner, he is giving fantasy teams exactly what they hoped for from him.
5 weeks ago
Garrett Cooper photo 80. Garrett Cooper MIA
While there isn't much help in the Marlins' offense, Cooper has been playing well enough that fantasy owners can mostly ignore the RBIs, runs and lack and speed. His batting average and power will both play and appear to be legitimate.
5 weeks ago
Gregory Polanco photo 81. Gregory Polanco PIT
Polanco still hasn't quite amounted to what everyone hoped and thought he would be. That is still possible in the long run, of course, but for now, he isn't helping fantasy teams in any category and can remain on waivers.
5 weeks ago
Ender Inciarte photo 82. Ender Inciarte ATL
Billy Hamilton photo 83. Billy Hamilton ATL
Hamilton is still swiping bases, but he is no longer elite in that category with just a 25 steal pace heading into the break. As always, his power and average are non-existant so he isn't even worthy of a roster spot at this point.
5 weeks ago
Adam Frazier photo 84. Adam Frazier PIT
You can be certain that Frazier won't offer any power or speed, but 80 homers and a .280 batting average never hurt anyone. If you need a warm body to fill in for an injured player, he can answer the call without pain.
5 weeks ago
Josh Reddick photo 85. Josh Reddick HOU
Reddick continues to play every day for the Astros despite Kyle Tucker waiting around in the minors. Reddick isn't bad with a .291 average and decent power, but that may not be enough to hold off the kid in the second-half of the year.
5 weeks ago
Chris Taylor photo 86. Chris Taylor LAD
Taylor hit the IL with a fractured wrist and while he isn't quite worth holding onto, he will be one to add once he returns to action for the Dodgers. As always, Taylor should provide some power and speed to go with a solid batting average and great counting stats because of the lineup he is in.
5 weeks ago
Brandon Belt photo 87. Brandon Belt SF
Belt has given fantasy owners reason to be disappointed for years now. Although he is never awful, it may finally be time to give up and cut him loose. There are plenty of other projects on the waivers with more fantasy upside like Bobby Bradley.
6 weeks ago
Harrison Bader photo 88. Harrison Bader STL
Jarrod Dyson photo 89. Jarrod Dyson ARI
Dyson is by no means a power hitter with just 5 first-half homers and 18 RBIs, but he is what everyone wanted out of Billy Hamilton with 20 steals, 40 runs and a bad, but not terrible batting average. Judging by the demand for steals, Dyson is well worth scooping up.
5 weeks ago
Niko Goodrum photo 90. Niko Goodrum DET
The batting average hasn't been there with Niko this year, but there is reason for hope and when you add that to the fact that he is a reliable source of both power and speed, he is worthy of keeping an eye on for a potential injury fill-in in the coming weeks.
6 weeks ago
Kike Hernandez photo 91. Kike Hernandez LAD
The batting average has devestated fantasy owners thus far in the first half and while it may come up, it won't be enough to warrant rostering Kike in a standard-sized league.
6 weeks ago
Jake Bauers photo 93. Jake Bauers CLE
Bauers hasn't turned it on yet, and although there is still promise that he will, it isn't worth banking on this year. Rather, target him as a post-hype buy next season.
6 weeks ago
Eric Thames photo 94. Eric Thames MIL
Thames has shown flashes of all that pop we got in 2017 during his breakout campaign but the Brewers just aren't playing him enough to make much of a fantasy impact. He belongs on your waiver wire speed dial, however.
6 weeks ago
Kevin Pillar photo 96. Kevin Pillar SF
Brandon Nimmo photo 97. Brandon Nimmo NYM
Marwin Gonzalez photo 98. Marwin Gonzalez MIN
Derek Dietrich photo 99. Derek Dietrich CIN
The batting average has come crashing down and his power has completely halted to go along with the playing time. With that said, he was so exceptional for a stretch that you can make a case for stashing him until he comes out of it and mashes again.
6 weeks ago
Tyler O'Neill photo 100. Tyler O'Neill STL
Kyle Tucker photo 101. Kyle Tucker HOU
Tucker is still stuck down in the minors for Houston and while playing time will be difficult to come by apart from a trade, he would be a 100% FAAB pickup if he gets the call and is inserted into the starting lineup. Think Andrew Benintendi right away with both power and speed.
5 weeks ago
Leury Garcia photo 102. Leury Garcia CWS
Garcia isn't even going to finish the season with 10 homers, but he offers some speed and is on pace for 100 runs thanks to a quality .290 batting average and every day playing time for the White Sox. You can use him without regret although he won't be a world saver.
5 weeks ago
Jason Kipnis photo 103. Jason Kipnis CLE
At this point in his career, Kipnis is only a worthwhile fantasy asset in deeper leagues. He should end up with double-digit homers and steals, but not by much, and drug down by a rough batting average.
5 weeks ago
Dexter Fowler photo 104. Dexter Fowler STL
Christin Stewart photo 105. Christin Stewart DET
Dwight Smith Jr. photo 106. Dwight Smith Jr. BAL
Raimel Tapia photo 107. Raimel Tapia COL
Tapia will never be a source of much power or speed, but as long as he continues to play in Coors, his batting average will suffice if you are desperate for a warm body in your fantasy outfield.
5 weeks ago
Aristides Aquino photo 108. Aristides Aquino CIN
Mike Tauchman photo 109. Mike Tauchman NYY
Ian Happ photo 110. Ian Happ CHC
Andrew McCutchen photo 111. Andrew McCutchen PHI
McCutchen might not be that first round pick he once was when we were getting 30 homers, 20 steals and a .320 batting average, but he is still a plenty capable fantasy asset. He is as durable as they come and has managed 20+ homers in 8 straight seasons. Not only that. but he still steals double-digit bags per year and is moving into by far the best ballpark of his career so don't be surprised if we get a resurgence.
21 weeks ago
Chad Pinder photo 112. Chad Pinder OAK
Howie Kendrick photo 113. Howie Kendrick WSH
In what may be the most surprising breakout in all of baseball, the 36-year-old Kendrick has turned into a prolific hitter with power to go along with his .330 batting average. And believe it or not, the underlying stats suggest it is the real deal so don't get the crazy idea of trying to sell him high.
5 weeks ago
Greg Allen photo 114. Greg Allen CLE
Clint Frazier photo 115. Clint Frazier NYY
Frazier was by no means a star while he was up, but was surely good enough that the very second he gets the call again, he should be a top waiver priority even if it comes with him being dealt to another team before the deadline.
5 weeks ago
Leonys Martin photo 116. Leonys Martin FA
Mark Canha photo 117. Mark Canha OAK
Lewis Brinson photo 118. Lewis Brinson MIA
Dominic Smith photo 119. Dominic Smith NYM
Tyler Naquin photo 120. Tyler Naquin CLE
Bryan Reynolds photo 121. Bryan Reynolds PIT
Reynolds has been phenomenal from a batting average standpoint, batting .348 through the second half. Beyond that, however, he offers virtually nothing and we surely can't lean on him to maintain a batting average even north of .300 the rest of the way.
5 weeks ago
Franchy Cordero photo 122. Franchy Cordero SD
Joey Wendle photo 123. Joey Wendle TB
Alex Dickerson photo 125. Alex Dickerson SF
Odubel Herrera photo 127. Odubel Herrera PHI
Daniel Palka photo 128. Daniel Palka CWS
Matt Kemp photo 129. Matt Kemp NYM
Kemp is not playing nearly as often as those who drafted him had hoped. While there is a chance that changes, he can be safely released in standard-sized leagues until he begins getting regular at-bats.
20 weeks ago
Brian Goodwin photo 130. Brian Goodwin LAA
Goodwin flashed some fantasy appeal earlier on in the season but now that he is on the IL, he can safely be ignored in fantasy leagues.
5 weeks ago
Scott Schebler photo 131. Scott Schebler CIN
Ben Zobrist photo 132. Ben Zobrist CHC
Cedric Mullins photo 133. Cedric Mullins BAL
Harold Ramirez photo 134. Harold Ramirez MIA
Cameron Maybin photo 135. Cameron Maybin NYY
Carlos Gonzalez photo 136. Carlos Gonzalez FA
Matt Adams photo 137. Matt Adams WSH
Adam Duvall photo 138. Adam Duvall ATL
Jordan Luplow photo 139. Jordan Luplow CLE
JaCoby Jones photo 140. JaCoby Jones DET
Trent Grisham photo 142. Trent Grisham MIL
Brandon Dixon photo 143. Brandon Dixon DET
Melky Cabrera photo 144. Melky Cabrera PIT
Once again, Melky is helping fantasy owners with a batting average north of .300 and not much more in any category. You can make a case for using a player like that, but for the most part, he should be reserved as an injury fill-in, not a long-term solution.
5 weeks ago
Austin Hays photo 145. Austin Hays BAL
Phillip Ervin photo 146. Phillip Ervin CIN
Adam Haseley photo 147. Adam Haseley PHI
Steven Duggar photo 148. Steven Duggar SF
Keon Broxton photo 149. Keon Broxton SEA
Gerardo Parra photo 150. Gerardo Parra WSH
Hernan Perez photo 151. Hernan Perez MIL
Jose Osuna photo 152. Jose Osuna PIT
Roman Quinn photo 153. Roman Quinn PHI
Bradley Zimmer photo 154. Bradley Zimmer CLE
Chris Owings photo 156. Chris Owings BOS
Derek Fisher photo 157. Derek Fisher TOR
Austin Slater photo 158. Austin Slater SF
Billy McKinney photo 159. Billy McKinney TOR
Mark Trumbo photo 160. Mark Trumbo BAL
Yairo Munoz photo 161. Yairo Munoz STL
Sam Travis photo 162. Sam Travis BOS
DJ Stewart photo 163. DJ Stewart BAL
Mac Williamson photo 164. Mac Williamson SEA
Nick Williams photo 165. Nick Williams PHI
Myles Straw photo 167. Myles Straw HOU
Pablo Reyes photo 168. Pablo Reyes PIT
Alen Hanson photo 169. Alen Hanson TOR
Steve Pearce photo 171. Steve Pearce BOS
Adam Engel photo 172. Adam Engel CWS
Yoenis Cespedes photo 173. Yoenis Cespedes NYM
Anthony Alford photo 174. Anthony Alford TOR
Skye Bolt photo 176. Skye Bolt OAK
Dustin Fowler photo 177. Dustin Fowler OAK
Tony Kemp photo 178. Tony Kemp CHC
Jake Marisnick photo 179. Jake Marisnick HOU
Nick Martini photo 180. Nick Martini OAK
Mikie Mahtook photo 181. Mikie Mahtook DET
Ben Gamel photo 182. Ben Gamel MIL
Jake Cave photo 183. Jake Cave MIN
Charlie Tilson photo 184. Charlie Tilson CWS
Robbie Grossman photo 185. Robbie Grossman OAK
Brett Phillips photo 186. Brett Phillips KC
Joey Rickard photo 187. Joey Rickard SF
Brock Holt photo 188. Brock Holt BOS
Cesar Puello photo 189. Cesar Puello MIA
Carlos Gomez photo 190. Carlos Gomez NYM
Aaron Altherr photo 191. Aaron Altherr NYM
Juan Lagares photo 192. Juan Lagares NYM
Jose Pirela photo 193. Jose Pirela PHI
Jon Jay photo 194. Jon Jay CWS
Jose Bautista photo 195. Jose Bautista FA
Colby Rasmus photo 196. Colby Rasmus FA
Austin Jackson photo 197. Austin Jackson FA
Terrance Gore photo 199. Terrance Gore NYY
Austin Dean photo 200. Austin Dean MIA