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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2019 Fantasy Baseball Rest of Season Notes
Aroldis Chapman Note
Aroldis Chapman photo 1. Aroldis Chapman NYY
Chapman may not be as dominant as he once was, but he still clearly belongs within the elite tier of fantasy closers. Once again, fantasy owners can expect 100 Ks to go with plenty of saves and solid ratios.
27 weeks ago
Kirby Yates Note
Kirby Yates photo 2. Kirby Yates SD
Yates is the latest of a long line of dominant closers for the Padres. He has been the single best fantasy closer through the first half thanks to loads of save opportunities to go with incredible ratios and that is all expected to continue.
27 weeks ago
Kenley Jansen Note
Kenley Jansen photo 3. Kenley Jansen LAD
Jansen has been so good for so long that you might automatically assume him to be the top closer once again in 2019, but last year, he was nowhere close to it. Rather, his ERA plummeted to 3.01 with "just" 82 Ks. You can still grab him among the top tier, but you shouldn't even be considering taking him in the first five or six rounds.
44 weeks ago
Brad Hand Note
Brad Hand photo 4. Brad Hand CLE
Cleveland struck gold in acquiring Brad Hand last year. He has been nothing but magic for them, continuing into this year when he struck out over 60 first half batters and already executed more than 25 saves.
27 weeks ago
Roberto Osuna Note
Roberto Osuna photo 5. Roberto Osuna HOU
The change of scenery has proved useful for Osuna, who has done nothing but dominate since the deal to Houston. While he won't strike out 100 like some of the names above him, Osuna is a safe bet for 35 saves and excellent ratios.
27 weeks ago
Josh Hader Note
Josh Hader photo 6. Josh Hader MIL
Hader has run into a bit of a cold spell in July but that is bound to happen to even the best relievers at one point or another. The fact of the matter is, he is on pace for 140 Ks again to go with 35+ saves and sparkling ratios.
27 weeks ago
Craig Kimbrel Note
Craig Kimbrel photo 7. Craig Kimbrel CHC
Cubs fans have certainly hoped for more than Kimbrel has given them since the signing, but that should turn around quickly now that his version of Spring Training is officially up. Fantasy owners can expect a second tier closer over the second half.
27 weeks ago
Edwin Diaz Note
Edwin Diaz photo 8. Edwin Diaz NYM
Diaz went from hero to zero in a short time. Granted, he still has 59 first half Ks but with an ERA above 5.00, many owners are wondering what they should do with Diaz. Keep him as long as he has the job but hoping for a turnaround may be too much to ask for.
27 weeks ago
Sean Doolittle Note
Sean Doolittle photo 9. Sean Doolittle WSH
Doolittle is no longer a world beater for the Nationals or fantasy owners, but they can't complain about 48 first half Ks, nor the respectable ratios he continues to put up each and every month.
27 weeks ago
Will Smith Note
Will Smith photo 10. Will Smith ATL
Smith has been lights out for the Giants with 61 first-half Ks and a WHIP below 1.00. So long as he remains the closer, he will be an excellent fantasy option, but it seems likely San Francisco will deal him before long.
27 weeks ago
Ken Giles Note
Ken Giles photo 11. Ken Giles TOR
The Blue Jays' closer role is not as coveted as some others, but Giles has certainly made the most of it with 57 first half Ks, an ERA below 2.00 and a WHIP south of 1.10. He isn't quite a top tier closer, but is close.
27 weeks ago
Raisel Iglesias Note
Raisel Iglesias photo 12. Raisel Iglesias CIN
Iglesias hasn't racked up as many saves as fantasy owners had hoped for, nor are his ratios what you'd have expected, but he did have 50 first half Ks and is a strong bet to bounceback in the second half.
27 weeks ago
Alex Colome Note
Alex Colome photo 13. Alex Colome CWS
Colome again has strong ratios with a WHIP now sitting at 0.80 but his 30 Ks through 39 first half innings is certainly nothing to write home about. Fantasy owners have a good one for sure, but he isn't in the elite conversation.
27 weeks ago
Jose Leclerc Note
Jose Leclerc photo 14. Jose Leclerc TEX
It seemed like only a matter of time before the Rangers would turn back to Leclerc who has been excellent since removed from the closer role. It may happen due to performance or perhaps if Kelley's MRI doesn't show up as they'd hope. When it does, Leclerc may be a top 10 closer.
27 weeks ago
Hector Neris Note
Hector Neris photo 15. Hector Neris PHI
Neris has had a rough month for the Phillies but he is still closing games and overall, has a solid first half line with over 50 Ks and a WHIP south of 1.20. He should be rostered in every league.
27 weeks ago
Liam Hendriks Note
Liam Hendriks photo 16. Liam Hendriks OAK
As incredible as Hendricks has been with his 1.15 ERA and 1.01 WHIP to go with 69 Ks in 55 innings, he happens to share a roster with Blake Treinen, who may not be as great this season, but was the best closer in baseball last year. You can use Hendricks without a doubt, but know saves aren't going to be a big part of the equation.
27 weeks ago
Shane Greene Note
Shane Greene photo 17. Shane Greene ATL
Greene is this year's version of Blake Treinen, posting absurd ratios while executing every save in sight. It may not keep up at quite this rate, but you can be sure he'll fall into the top 10 closers through the first half.
27 weeks ago
Wade Davis Note
Wade Davis photo 18. Wade Davis COL
Davis has had ups and downs in his career but it has never been as rough as this year's 6 ERA and 1.70 WHIP. Assuming this continues, he may soon be replaced by Scott Oberg as the closer.
27 weeks ago
Taylor Rogers Note
Taylor Rogers photo 19. Taylor Rogers MIN
The Twins entered the season with a three-headed-monster at the back end of their bullpen and it was Rogers who emerged as the clear closer thanks to 57 first half Ks to go with a sub 2 ERA and sub 1 WHIP.
27 weeks ago
Mychal Givens Note
Mychal Givens photo 20. Mychal Givens BAL
While technically the closer, Givens hasn't had enough save opportunities to warrant putting up with his lackluster ratios. That may change in the second half but for now, you'd be better off rostering a setup man like Brandon Workman.
27 weeks ago
Archie Bradley Note
Archie Bradley photo 21. Archie Bradley ARI
Bradley isn't a 90 strikeout guy, nor should we expect an ERA south of 2.00, but he is the heavy favorite to get saves in Arizona, which certainly counts for something. Granted, they won't win 80 games, but even 35 saves is plenty to warrant a late-round pick.
44 weeks ago
Carlos Martinez Note
Carlos Martinez photo 22. Carlos Martinez STL
Martinez has performed well as the Cardinals closer and if that were expected to continue, he'd be a lock for the top 15 relievers, but it seems as though they might dangle him at the deadline and who knows what his role would be in a new situation.
27 weeks ago
Hansel Robles Note
Hansel Robles photo 23. Hansel Robles LAA
Robles has been an excellent reliever for the surprise Angels, entering the second half with 46 Ks, a 2.56 ERA and a WHIP below 1.10. While that may not quite keep up, he is a strong bet to help fantasy owners in the second half.
27 weeks ago
Mark Melancon Note
Mark Melancon photo 24. Mark Melancon ATL
Will Smith is the closer for now in San Francisco but he hasn't been all that durable, plus he may be on the trade market before long as a coveted lefty setup man. Don't sleep on Melancon getting saves again within a few months.
44 weeks ago
Brandon Workman Note
Brandon Workman photo 25. Brandon Workman BOS
Workman has been terrific with 60 first-half Ks and incredible ratios. If you could add 20 saves to that, he would be elite, the Red Sox are insistent on keeping him in his current role while making Eovaldi the closer.
27 weeks ago
Emilio Pagan Note
Emilio Pagan photo 26. Emilio Pagan TB
With Alvarado and Castillo both ahead of Pagan to begin the season, it seemed unlikely he would become a dominant closer, but here we are with him entering the second half with a sub 0.90 WHIP and 54 Ks in just 39 innings. He is the real deal.
27 weeks ago
Andrew Miller Note
Andrew Miller photo 27. Andrew Miller STL
Carlos Martinez is now filling in for Jordan Hicks, but there are rumors that St. Louis is shopping him. If that were to happen, they may go with Gant or perhaps the lefty, Miller, who is back to cruising for the Cardinals.
27 weeks ago
Pedro Strop Note
Pedro Strop photo 28. Pedro Strop FA
Brandon Morrow is technically the Cubs' closer, but it seems as though he will miss at least a month to open the season. Strop was named the replacement but hasn't been great thus far so let's see if he can straighten himself out before Morrow tries to take the job back.
43 weeks ago
Joe Jimenez Note
Joe Jimenez photo 29. Joe Jimenez DET
Most depth charts have Shane Greene slotted into the closer role for Detroit but this job is up in the air. Jimenez was an all-star last season, and while he pitched poorly down the stretch, don't sleep on him winning the job this spring.
44 weeks ago
Sergio Romo Note
Sergio Romo photo 30. Sergio Romo MIN
Although he isn't the most exciting closer, Romo does, in fact, get the save opportunities for his team and isn't exactly struggling in the ratios. He won't strikeout even 60 batters this season but you can't find better on waivers.
27 weeks ago
Matt Barnes Note
Matt Barnes photo 31. Matt Barnes BOS
Barnes is no longer the closer with Eovaldi back off the IL, and his ratios won't be ideal, but fantasy owners can bet on another 50+ second half Ks while rostering him as a fallback saves option should Eovaldi hit the IL again.
27 weeks ago
Adam Ottavino Note
Adam Ottavino photo 32. Adam Ottavino NYY
As expected, Ottavino has been sensational outside of Coors Field. Even with Yankee Stadium being a hitter's haven, Ottavino carries a sub-two ERA with 61 Ks in 43 innings. Don't expect saves in this crowded pen though.
27 weeks ago
Ian Kennedy Note
Ian Kennedy photo 33. Ian Kennedy KC
Max Fried Note
Max Fried photo 34. Max Fried ATL
Fried entered the second half on the IL but when he returns, fantasy owners have a solid fifth starting pitcher who will pick up wins, strike out a handful of batters most start and won't kill your ratios at all.
27 weeks ago
Blake Parker Note
Blake Parker photo 35. Blake Parker FA
After Parker signed with the Twins, many assumed he will be the closer, but it seems as though Trevor May is the favorite. In fact, Parker is likely the third-best reliever in this bullpen behind May and Rogers so beware on draft day.
44 weeks ago
Luke Jackson Note
Luke Jackson photo 36. Luke Jackson ATL
Jackson is on pace for well over 100 Ks this season and while his WHIP isn't great, he is racking up saves for a playoff contender and has virtually no competition for the job so fantasy owners can continue to rely on him.
27 weeks ago
Greg Holland Note
Greg Holland photo 37. Greg Holland KC
Holland had some struggles early on in St. Louis last year but has since then been lights out. He carries a 3.09 ERA with a 1.16 WHIP into the second half, and while be will never approach 100 Ks, he still strikes out 10 batters per nine.
27 weeks ago
Jeremy Jeffress Note
Jeremy Jeffress photo 38. Jeremy Jeffress CHC
Josh Hader is the current closer in Milwaukee with Knebel out for the season but once Jeffress returns from the IL, that may quickly change. Jeffress is only owned in about 20% of leagues and should be among the top pickups with this potential outcome on the horizon.
43 weeks ago
Ross Stripling Note
Ross Stripling photo 39. Ross Stripling LAD
While not as terrific as last year, Stripling hasn't disappointed by any measure other than the fact that the Dodgers' insane rotational depth hasn't allowed for enough innings. While he starts, however, Stripling is well worth owning.
27 weeks ago
Diego Castillo Note
Diego Castillo photo 40. Diego Castillo TB
If you play in a deeper league, Castillo can be a ratio master that racks up plenty of saves, or better yet, if you employ the Marmol Strategy, Castillo qualifies as a starting pitcher so you can plug him on days where you don't have enough starters going.
44 weeks ago
Ty Buttrey Note
Ty Buttrey photo 41. Ty Buttrey LAA
Ryan Pressly Note
Ryan Pressly photo 42. Ryan Pressly HOU
Pressly is one of the best relievers in baseball, but unfortunately that doesn't add up to enough fantasy production to reach the top 20, as saves are crucial. Still, should anything happen to Osuna, he would become an immediate top 5 closer.
27 weeks ago
Zack Britton Note
Zack Britton photo 43. Zack Britton NYY
Not only is Aroldis Chapman ahead of Britton in New York, but they also have Betances and Chad Green roaming around the pen. Chances are that Britton would get the first crack at saves if Aroldis went down, but it's no guarantee.
27 weeks ago
Yonny Chirinos Note
Yonny Chirinos photo 44. Yonny Chirinos TB
Chirinos may not have the most impressive underlying metrics, but he just keeps getting it done from a ratio standpoint and as expected, the wins have followed. Don't expect 200 Ks or anywhere close, but he is a plenty useful piece for your rotation.
27 weeks ago
Tyler Glasnow Note
Tyler Glasnow photo 45. Tyler Glasnow TB
The Rays were already taking their time with Glasnow then he had a setback so his return is still up in the air. It could happen in August, or perhaps he will be shut down for the season. You can't drop him yet just in case, however, as he would deliver top 15 SP numbers the moment he returns.
27 weeks ago
Shawn Kelley Note
Shawn Kelley photo 46. Shawn Kelley FA
Kelley is technically the closer for Texas and hasn't done all that bad, but with Jose Leclerc right behind him, there is no guarantee Kelley will have the job next week, let alone for the rest of the season.
27 weeks ago
Trevor May Note
Trevor May photo 47. Trevor May MIN
May did not win the closer job in Minnesota. While he may get a few saves here and there, Rocco Baldelli is employing a true closer by committee approach. May can be used as a Josh Hader-lite, but otherwise is droppable.
43 weeks ago
Hunter Strickland Note
Hunter Strickland photo 48. Hunter Strickland WSH
Strickland opened the year as the Mariners' closer but is now on the 60 day DL and isn't even guaranteed the job when or if he returns. There is no need to waste an IL spot on him for your fantasy roster.
43 weeks ago
Brandon Woodruff Note
Brandon Woodruff photo 49. Brandon Woodruff MIL
Woodruff has been insane, striking out 133 first half batters to go with a 1.13 WHIP. You can look past that 3.53 ERA as the underlying metrics suggest it will come down in the second half, giving fantasy owners a total stud.
27 weeks ago
Roenis Elias Note
Roenis Elias photo 50. Roenis Elias WSH
Elias is having a rough go with an ERA north of 5, but he is the closer for Seattle and should get another 15 to even 25 save opportunities over the second half. That may be reason enough to put up with the lousy ratios.
27 weeks ago
Kelvin Herrera Note
Kelvin Herrera photo 51. Kelvin Herrera CWS
Herrera was presumably signed to close for the White Sox, but they also added Alex Colome who has closing experience. This one is too close to call for now so you may want to add both in a late round just to make sure you get some saves.
44 weeks ago
Ryan Brasier Note
Ryan Brasier photo 52. Ryan Brasier BOS
There was speculation that Brasier might take the Red Sox open closer role, but he was passed over for Matt Barnes. While there is a chance that doesn't last all season, you can safely drop Braiser for now.
43 weeks ago
Ryan Yarbrough Note
Ryan Yarbrough photo 53. Ryan Yarbrough TB
Cody Allen Note
Cody Allen photo 54. Cody Allen FA
It seemed as though Ty Buttrey, Bedrosian and Anderson were going to compete for saves in LA, but then they signed Allen who figures to get the job. Don't be surprised if he losses the gig early, however, if he struggles like we saw last season. Don't consider him a lock for 25 saves again.
44 weeks ago
Brad Peacock Note
Brad Peacock photo 55. Brad Peacock HOU
When Peacock returns to health, he is expected to be tossed back into the rotation even with rumors that Houston may acquire another arm. As long as Peacock continues starting, he will prove well worth a fantasy roster spot.
27 weeks ago
Michael Lorenzen Note
Michael Lorenzen photo 56. Michael Lorenzen CIN
Seranthony Dominguez Note
Seranthony Dominguez photo 57. Seranthony Dominguez PHI
Seth Lugo Note
Seth Lugo photo 58. Seth Lugo NYM
Chad Green Note
Chad Green photo 59. Chad Green NYY
Green wasn't as electric in 2018 as the year before, but he still registered 94 strikeouts with excellent ratios and 8 wins. He isn't the closer, nor does he have a path to saves, but you can certainly make a case for drafting him even in standard sized leagues.
44 weeks ago
John Gant Note
John Gant photo 60. John Gant STL
Gant has been nothing but sensational for the Cardinals this year. He won't strike everyone out, but he is racking up wins while improving fantasy team ratios and may even have an outside chance at saves if Carlos Martinez is dealt.
27 weeks ago
Matt Strahm Note
Matt Strahm photo 61. Matt Strahm SD
Strahm has shown enough promise that we can keep an eye on him in the second half, but more likely than not, he will only be an occasional streamer in home games against easy opponents.
27 weeks ago
Yoshihisa Hirano Note
Yoshihisa Hirano photo 62. Yoshihisa Hirano FA
Anthony Swarzak Note
Anthony Swarzak photo 63. Anthony Swarzak FA
Jeurys Familia Note
Jeurys Familia photo 64. Jeurys Familia NYM
The Mets added the best closer in baseball this off-season so Familia takes a step back, but if anything happens to Diaz, Familia is the clear closer-in-waiting and would be top 20 at the position right away.
44 weeks ago
Brad Boxberger Note
Brad Boxberger photo 65. Brad Boxberger FA
Boxberger is expected to hold off Peralta for the Royals' closer job, and while it may not be the most envied role, he should still be able to compile 20 to 25 saves if he can hang onto the job. His ratios won't be ideal, but he does offer some K-upside as we've seen before.
44 weeks ago
Wily Peralta Note
Wily Peralta photo 66. Wily Peralta KC
Chris Martin Note
Chris Martin photo 67. Chris Martin ATL
Pablo Lopez Note
Pablo Lopez photo 68. Pablo Lopez MIA
Derek Law Note
Derek Law photo 69. Derek Law FA
Matt Magill Note
Matt Magill photo 70. Matt Magill SEA
Jalen Beeks Note
Jalen Beeks photo 71. Jalen Beeks TB
Beeks isn't technically a starting pitcher, but he is racking up the innings and has plenty of Ks to go along with it. More importantly, his ratios are stellar and he'll pick up some wins to go with it all.
27 weeks ago
Giovanny Gallegos Note
Giovanny Gallegos photo 72. Giovanny Gallegos STL
Keone Kela Note
Keone Kela photo 73. Keone Kela PIT
Vasquez is the closer in Pittsburgh for now, but Kela has immense upside if he slips up or is injured so be sure to keep him on waiver wire speed dial.
44 weeks ago
Steve Cishek Note
Steve Cishek photo 74. Steve Cishek CWS
Anthony Bass Note
Anthony Bass photo 75. Anthony Bass TOR
Corbin Burnes Note
Corbin Burnes photo 76. Corbin Burnes MIL
Yoan Lopez Note
Yoan Lopez photo 77. Yoan Lopez ARI
Mike Montgomery Note
Mike Montgomery photo 78. Mike Montgomery KC
Amir Garrett Note
Amir Garrett photo 79. Amir Garrett CIN
Dakota Hudson Note
Dakota Hudson photo 80. Dakota Hudson STL
Colin Poche Note
Colin Poche photo 81. Colin Poche TB
Craig Stammen Note
Craig Stammen photo 82. Craig Stammen SD
Jordan Lyles Note
Jordan Lyles photo 83. Jordan Lyles TEX
Zach Eflin Note
Zach Eflin photo 84. Zach Eflin PHI
Asher Wojciechowski Note
Asher Wojciechowski photo 85. Asher Wojciechowski BAL
Trevor Rosenthal Note
Trevor Rosenthal photo 86. Trevor Rosenthal KC
Jarlin Garcia Note
Jarlin Garcia photo 87. Jarlin Garcia MIA
Martin Perez Note
Martin Perez photo 88. Martin Perez BOS
Adam Conley Note
Adam Conley photo 89. Adam Conley MIA
Paul Fry Note
Paul Fry photo 90. Paul Fry BAL
Shawn Armstrong Note
Shawn Armstrong photo 91. Shawn Armstrong BAL
Carl Edwards Jr. Note
Carl Edwards Jr. photo 92. Carl Edwards Jr. SEA
It seems as though Pedro Strop will be the closer to open the season and eventually Brandon Morrow will get the job back. There is a chance Edwards slips in as the closer, however, but he has plenty of upside regardless of saves.
44 weeks ago
Jairo Diaz Note
Jairo Diaz photo 93. Jairo Diaz COL
Daniel Hudson Note
Daniel Hudson photo 94. Daniel Hudson WSH
Tommy Kahnle Note
Tommy Kahnle photo 95. Tommy Kahnle NYY
Matt Albers Note
Matt Albers photo 96. Matt Albers FA
Ryne Stanek Note
Ryne Stanek photo 97. Ryne Stanek MIA
Justus Sheffield Note
Justus Sheffield photo 98. Justus Sheffield SEA
Kyle Barraclough Note
Kyle Barraclough photo 99. Kyle Barraclough SD
Yusmeiro Petit Note
Yusmeiro Petit photo 100. Yusmeiro Petit OAK
Jared Hughes Note
Jared Hughes photo 101. Jared Hughes FA
Joe Kelly Note
Joe Kelly photo 102. Joe Kelly LAD
A.J. Ramos Note
A.J. Ramos photo 103. A.J. Ramos FA
Joakim Soria Note
Joakim Soria photo 104. Joakim Soria OAK
Daniel Ponce de Leon Note
Daniel Ponce de Leon photo 105. Daniel Ponce de Leon STL
It seems as though the Cardinals have made up their mind about keeping Ponce de Leon in the rotation. He won't strike out many hitters, but perhaps he can win a few games while not hurting your ratios. Don't sleep on him being dealt for a pitcher like Stroman, however.
27 weeks ago
Brandon Kintzler Note
Brandon Kintzler photo 106. Brandon Kintzler MIA
Marcus Walden Note
Marcus Walden photo 107. Marcus Walden BOS
Pat Neshek Note
Pat Neshek photo 108. Pat Neshek FA
Adrian Houser Note
Adrian Houser photo 109. Adrian Houser MIL
Aaron Bummer Note
Aaron Bummer photo 110. Aaron Bummer CWS
Elieser Hernandez Note
Elieser Hernandez photo 111. Elieser Hernandez MIA
Brad Brach Note
Brad Brach photo 112. Brad Brach NYM
Chris Devenski Note
Chris Devenski photo 113. Chris Devenski HOU
Luke Gregerson Note
Luke Gregerson photo 114. Luke Gregerson STL
Carlos Martinez Note
Carlos Martinez photo 115. Carlos Martinez MIA
Cam Bedrosian Note
Cam Bedrosian photo 116. Cam Bedrosian LAA
Nick Wittgren Note
Nick Wittgren photo 117. Nick Wittgren CLE
Richard Bleier Note
Richard Bleier photo 118. Richard Bleier BAL
Sam Gaviglio Note
Sam Gaviglio photo 119. Sam Gaviglio TOR
Heath Hembree Note
Heath Hembree photo 120. Heath Hembree BOS
Bud Norris Note
Bud Norris photo 121. Bud Norris PHI
Fernando Rodney Note
Fernando Rodney photo 122. Fernando Rodney FA
Alex Claudio Note
Alex Claudio photo 123. Alex Claudio MIL
Chaz Roe Note
Chaz Roe photo 124. Chaz Roe TB
Luiz Gohara Note
Luiz Gohara photo 125. Luiz Gohara FA
Wade LeBlanc Note
Wade LeBlanc photo 126. Wade LeBlanc BAL
Corbin Martin Note
Corbin Martin photo 127. Corbin Martin ARI
Luis Cessa Note
Luis Cessa photo 128. Luis Cessa NYY
Adam Cimber Note
Adam Cimber photo 129. Adam Cimber CLE
Jake Diekman Note
Jake Diekman photo 130. Jake Diekman OAK
Ray Black Note
Ray Black photo 131. Ray Black MIL
Addison Reed Note
Addison Reed photo 132. Addison Reed FA
Brad Ziegler Note
Brad Ziegler photo 133. Brad Ziegler FA
Tyler Thornburg Note
Tyler Thornburg photo 134. Tyler Thornburg CIN
John Brebbia Note
John Brebbia photo 135. John Brebbia STL
Dominic Leone Note
Dominic Leone photo 136. Dominic Leone CLE
Victor Alcantara Note
Victor Alcantara photo 137. Victor Alcantara FA
Tanner Scott Note
Tanner Scott photo 138. Tanner Scott BAL
Fernando Romero Note
Fernando Romero photo 139. Fernando Romero MIN
Trent Thornton Note
Trent Thornton photo 140. Trent Thornton TOR
Adrian Sampson Note
Adrian Sampson photo 141. Adrian Sampson FA
Dan Altavilla Note
Dan Altavilla photo 142. Dan Altavilla SEA
Tayron Guerrero Note
Tayron Guerrero photo 143. Tayron Guerrero CWS
Alec Mills Note
Alec Mills photo 144. Alec Mills CHC
Ryan Tepera Note
Ryan Tepera photo 145. Ryan Tepera CHC
Joe Biagini Note
Joe Biagini photo 146. Joe Biagini HOU
Trevor Hildenberger Note
Trevor Hildenberger photo 147. Trevor Hildenberger BOS
Jimmie Sherfy Note
Jimmie Sherfy photo 148. Jimmie Sherfy ARI
Keynan Middleton Note
Keynan Middleton photo 149. Keynan Middleton LAA
Justin Anderson Note
Justin Anderson photo 150. Justin Anderson LAA
Cionel Perez Note
Cionel Perez photo 151. Cionel Perez HOU
Junior Guerra Note
Junior Guerra photo 152. Junior Guerra ARI
Will Harris Note
Will Harris photo 153. Will Harris WSH
David Hernandez Note
David Hernandez photo 154. David Hernandez WSH
Hector Rondon Note
Hector Rondon photo 155. Hector Rondon ARI
Jace Fry Note
Jace Fry photo 156. Jace Fry CWS
Taylor Cole Note
Taylor Cole photo 157. Taylor Cole LAA
Caleb Ferguson Note
Caleb Ferguson photo 158. Caleb Ferguson LAD
Pedro Baez Note
Pedro Baez photo 159. Pedro Baez LAD
Brett Anderson Note
Brett Anderson photo 160. Brett Anderson MIL
Tyler Clippard Note
Tyler Clippard photo 161. Tyler Clippard MIN
Juan Nicasio Note
Juan Nicasio photo 162. Juan Nicasio TEX
Ryan Buchter Note
Ryan Buchter photo 163. Ryan Buchter FA
Richard Lovelady Note
Richard Lovelady photo 164. Richard Lovelady KC
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17J.D. Martinez (BOS)LF,RF
18Anthony Rendon (LAA)3B
19Jose Ramirez (CLE)2B,3B
20Walker Buehler (LAD)SP
21Fernando Tatis Jr. (SD)SS
22Aaron Judge (NYY)RF,DH
23Bryce Harper (PHI)CF,RF
24Rafael Devers (BOS)3B
25Shane Bieber (CLE)SP
26Mike Clevinger (CLE)SP
27Jack Flaherty (STL)SP
28Stephen Strasburg (WSH)SP
29Xander Bogaerts (BOS)SS
30Peter Alonso (NYM)1B,DH
1Anthony Davis (LAL)PF,C
2James Harden (HOU)PG,SG
3Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL)SF,PF
4Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN)C
5Kevin Durant (BKN)SF,PF
6LeBron James (LAL)SF,PF
7Stephen Curry (GSW)PG,SG
8Nikola Jokic (DEN)PF,C
9Damian Lillard (POR)PG
10Russell Westbrook (HOU)PG
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11Victor Oladipo (IND)PG,SG
12Paul George (LAC)SF,PF
13Joel Embiid (PHI)PF,C
14Kawhi Leonard (LAC)SG,SF
15Chris Paul (OKC)PG
16Jimmy Butler (MIA)SG,SF
17Kemba Walker (BOS)PG
18Ben Simmons (PHI)PG,SF
19Kyrie Irving (BKN)PG,SG
20Jrue Holiday (NOR)PG,SG
21Rudy Gobert (UTH)C
22Andre Drummond (DET)PF,C
23John Wall (WAS)PG
24Kyle Lowry (TOR)PG
25Donovan Mitchell (UTH)PG,SG
26Khris Middleton (MIL)SG,SF
27Bradley Beal (WAS)SG
28Kevin Love (CLE)PF,C
29Draymond Green (GSW)PF,C
30LaMarcus Aldridge (SAS)PF,C
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