Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2019 Fantasy Baseball Rest of Season Notes
Mike Trout photo 1. Mike Trout CF,DH - LAA
As incredible as Trout has been once again, both Yelich and Bellinger have been more useful from a fantasy perspective. It may not last much longer, but with the rate Yelich has been going for the past 120 games, it seems unlikely that Trout will catch him by season's end as the top fantasy hitter.
6 weeks ago
Christian Yelich photo 2. Christian Yelich LF,CF,RF - MIL
In real life, Yelich doesn't do enough overall to have surpassed Trout as the top player in the game but with a 50 homer, 40 steal pace to go with a .330 batting average, you can bet your bottom dollar that he has been the #1 fantasy asset this season and will continue to be so.
6 weeks ago
Ronald Acuna Jr. photo 3. Ronald Acuna Jr. LF,CF - ATL
Acuna picked up right where he left off last season with 70 first-half runs to go with a 40/20 homer/steal pace to go with it. As if that wasn't enough, he may end up hitting .300 as well, putting him in the conversation as the top fantasy asset in baseball next spring.
6 weeks ago
Mookie Betts photo 4. Mookie Betts CF,RF - BOS
Incredibly, as disappointing as Betts has been, he is still a top 10 fantasy outfielder and hasn't even begun to play his best ball yet. Although Trout, Yelich and Bellinger are the clear top three, it would surprise no one if Betts has the best second half of them all.
6 weeks ago
Nolan Arenado photo 5. Nolan Arenado 3B - COL
While Arenado hasn't been quite as dominant as seasons in the past, he is back in the top two among fantasy third basemen once again. His reliability is off the charts and fantasy owners might be in store for an even better second half.
6 weeks ago
Cody Bellinger photo 6. Cody Bellinger 1B,CF - LAD
Although he has cooled off, Bellinger is clearly one of the top three fantasy assets in baseball this season. He may end the season with 120 runs, 120 RBIs, 50 homers and 15 stolen bases. And don't forget that he is still batting over .340.
6 weeks ago
Trevor Story photo 7. Trevor Story SS - COL
It is a challenge to imagine thinking Story would outperform his absurd breakout 2018 season, but here we are in mid-July with it looking more likely than not. It goes without saying that if he keeps it up, we'll be talking about Story in the first round next Spring.
6 weeks ago
J.D. Martinez photo 8. J.D. Martinez LF,RF,DH - BOS
If you are hoping to make some noise in the trade market, you may want to put in a feeler for J.D. who has been among the most unlucky hitters in terms of batted balls this season. While his production looks down, he is actually hitting the ball just as well as he has the past few seasons.
6 weeks ago
Javier Baez photo 9. Javier Baez 2B,3B,SS - CHC
The underlying metrics screamed regression last year but it hasn't come. It may be time to admit that he is some kind of cheat code who will continue to defy BABIP odds and bat near .300 with all the power to go with it.
6 weeks ago
Francisco Lindor photo 10. Francisco Lindor SS - CLE
Lindor had a slow start as he recovered from his injury, but with the way he performed to close out the first half, it seems likely that he will finish the year with 25 homers, 25 steals and a batting average nearing .300. It's tough to beat that at any position, let alone shortstop.
6 weeks ago
Trea Turner photo 11. Trea Turner SS - WSH
Turner missed enough time that the counting stats entered the break far behind other star shortstops, but he is still performing at a 20/45 full-season pace with a batting average of .280. If he can stay on the field, that's a top 15 overall fantasy asset.
6 weeks ago
Alex Bregman photo 12. Alex Bregman 3B,SS - HOU
While the batting average has dropped, Bregman is still compiling RBIs, runs and homers at a rate where you can't move him out of the top five third basemen in fantasy. Don't be shocked if he kicks it into the next gear in the coming months too.
6 weeks ago
Freddie Freeman photo 13. Freddie Freeman 1B - ATL
Freeman is as steady as ever this season, batting a crisp .313 through the first half with 20+ homers and nearly 70 RBIs and runs each. He may not have the upside of Pete Alonso, but there is something to be said about Freeman's reliability month by month.
6 weeks ago
Charlie Blackmon photo 14. Charlie Blackmon CF - COL
Blackmon took a bit of a step back last year after finishing as the top overall fantasy asset in 2017. It seemed as though he was going to continue his downward trend at the start of the season but Blackmon has kicked it into gear and ended up being a top fantasy outfielder in the first-half.
6 weeks ago
Anthony Rendon photo 15. Anthony Rendon 3B - WSH
Rendon may not have the ceiling of an Alex Bregman or Manny Machado, but his consistency is a sight to behold. He is on pace for 35 homers, 120 runs, 110 RBIs and a .310 batting average. We may be looking at a first round fantasy pick next year.
6 weeks ago
Juan Soto photo 16. Juan Soto LF - WSH
Soto may not equate to much in the field long term, but in fantasy, he continues to dominate with an average still over .300 to go with plus contribution in RBIs, runs, HRs and even a few stolen bases mixed in.
6 weeks ago
Aaron Judge photo 17. Aaron Judge RF,DH - NYY
Now that Judge is finally back, everyone will soon remember why he was recently considered to be in the top-tier of outfielders. Don't be shocked if he leads the AL in homers and runs over the rest of the season.
6 weeks ago
Xander Bogaerts photo 18. Xander Bogaerts SS - BOS
Entering the all-star break, Xander has been the single most useful fantasy shortstop thanks to a batting average north of .300, 20+ homers and mostly his 130/130 RBIs and runs pace. Both of those may slow down but there is no denying that he is firmly within the top tier of fantasy shortstops moving forward.
6 weeks ago
Bryce Harper photo 19. Bryce Harper CF,RF - PHI
It is hilarious that an .850 OPS is a major disappointment for someone like Harper. He has actually been solid in fantasy as well thanks to 115 combined RBIs and runs thus far. Sure, the batting average is still low, but overall, no one should be complaining about his production.
6 weeks ago
Manny Machado photo 20. Manny Machado 3B,SS - SD
Machado has taken a step back from an obvious second round pick to a fringe top 50 player. There is still a chance he returns to that type of production, but as expected, the new ballpark seems to be playing a significant role in his numbers.
6 weeks ago
Starling Marte photo 21. Starling Marte CF - PIT
While still not elite, Marte is clearly a second-tier fantasy outfielder with both power and speed to go with a potential 100/100 RBIs and runs season despite playing for the Pirates' sluggish offense. Fantasy owners have to be loving his performance once again.
6 weeks ago
Jose Ramirez photo 22. Jose Ramirez 2B,3B - CLE
Don't look now, but Jose Ramirez is back to obliterating baseballs over the past month. He may not finish the season like the first round pick we all expected him to be, but he will at the very least reward to owner who was patient enough to hold onto him.
6 weeks ago
Jose Altuve photo 23. Jose Altuve 2B - HOU
Altuve is not done in the way Joey Votto appears to be, but he sure has hit a wall that caps both his batting average and stolen bases. The average should climb toward .290 with sufficient power remaining, but at this point, he is merely a second or even third-tier fantasy middle infielder.
6 weeks ago
Anthony Rizzo photo 24. Anthony Rizzo 1B - CHC
Rizzo is your typical player who is much better in real life than in fantasy baseball. With that said, he is still on track to hit 35 homers with a quality batting average, but that doesn't mean he is as useful as even Max Muncy in fantasy.
6 weeks ago
Whit Merrifield photo 25. Whit Merrifield 1B,2B,CF,RF,DH - KC
Whit has done exactly what fantasy owners have hoped for up until the break. He is on pace for both 20 homers and 30 steals to go with a batting average north of .300. While he doesn't possess top-tier upside, fantasy owners can continue to rely on him as a 3rd or even 2nd round value.
6 weeks ago
Kris Bryant photo 26. Kris Bryant 3B,RF - CHC
Believe it or not, Bryant is on pace for 130 runs this season despite his slow start. He won't bop 40 homers like some of the other stars, but with a quality batting average and sufficient power, fantasy owners have to be pleased with their investment.
6 weeks ago
George Springer photo 27. George Springer CF,RF,DH - HOU
With the injuries to both Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa, Springer's counting stats haven't quite been what fantasy owners expected but he is still among the clear-cut second-tier of fantasy outfielders and may finish with 35 homers, 10 steals and a .300 batting average.
6 weeks ago
Paul Goldschmidt photo 28. Paul Goldschmidt 1B - STL
Fantasy owners have been disappointed with Goldschmidt and wondering if he has hit the inevitable brick wall that comes with age. It is possible but more likely that he is just in an extended slump as we've seen from him before. Expect fireworks after the break.
6 weeks ago
Rafael Devers photo 29. Rafael Devers 3B - BOS
Going into the break, there has been no third basemen more valuable to his fantasy team than Devers. He is stealing bases, hitting bombs and scoring an unbelievable number of runs thanks to his high batting average. Lock him in as a top 30 pick next year.
6 weeks ago
Pete Alonso photo 30. Pete Alonso 1B,DH - NYM
Alonso hasn't been in the bigs long enough for pitchers to pinpoint his struggles and get a blueprint so a slump may come, but even if it did, we'd be looking at a top-ten fantasy first basemen at seasons end and with likely 45+ homers.
6 weeks ago
Eddie Rosario photo 31. Eddie Rosario LF - MIN
Rosario is no longer swiping any bags for fantasy owners, but his consistency at the plate has rewarded them richly as he is once again on track for 30 homers with a useful batting average and all the RBIs and runs to match both.
6 weeks ago
Rhys Hoskins photo 32. Rhys Hoskins 1B,LF - PHI
You can say what you want about Hoskins' potential, and while it may be true, the fact of the matter is that he has never contributed in the batting average department and has actually been propped up quite a bit by batted ball luck to even keep him above .260. He will provide RBIs, runs and homers, of course, but is more of a sell candidate than a buy-low.
6 weeks ago
Nelson Cruz photo 33. Nelson Cruz DH - MIN
Cruz may not be producing quite at the same rate as we've seen in years prior, but his batted ball data is virtually identical so it is difficult to even say he has slowed down. Rather, we are still talking about a top 100 overall player in fantasy baseball.
5 weeks ago
Gleyber Torres photo 34. Gleyber Torres 2B,SS - NYY
Although last year's sample wasn't quite large enough to draw a full conclusion, fantasy owners can be sure now that his rookie season wasn't a fluke. Torres is a safe source for batting average and homers with the lineup continuing to prop up his RBIs and runs as well.
6 weeks ago
Ozzie Albies photo 35. Ozzie Albies 2B - ATL
Albies bounced back nicely after last season's awful second-half. He isn't an elite source of either power or speed, but he contributes nicely in both areas while adding plus batting average and plenty of RBIs and runs thanks to the strong Braves lineup.
6 weeks ago
Josh Bell photo 36. Josh Bell 1B - PIT
Bell's breakout has been legitimate with the underlying stats confirming that he is, in fact, one of the best hitters in baseball. Neither his .300 batting average nor his 45 homer pace are expected to slow down so don't get the idea to sell-high via trade.
6 weeks ago
Eugenio Suarez photo 37. Eugenio Suarez 3B - CIN
Suarez has been great over the last few seasons and while he may have slowed down in the first half this year, there is nothing wrong with a guy who bats .250 if he is hitting 35 bombs with 100 RBIs which is the pace Suarez is on going into the break.
6 weeks ago
Andrew Benintendi photo 38. Andrew Benintendi LF,CF - BOS
Even with the power disappearing, Benintendi batting in the middle of the Boston lineup means runs and RBIs galore thanks to his strong BB-rate. While he might not return draft value the rest of the season, fantasy owners can at least expect him to right the ship from here on out.
6 weeks ago
Yasiel Puig photo 39. Yasiel Puig RF - CLE
Puig was borderline droppable just a month ago but he has quickly turned his season around and is now on track for 40 homers, 20 steals, 100 RBIs and is batting over .260. While that may not keep up, it wouldn't be a surprise either considering he is playing in Great American Ballpark.
6 weeks ago
Jose Abreu photo 40. Jose Abreu 1B,DH - CWS
Abreu just keeps getting it done for fantasy owners year after year and this time around is no different. He has a .280 batting average with 21 homers going into the break and that's the type of reliable production we should expect in the second half too.
6 weeks ago
Tommy Pham photo 41. Tommy Pham LF,CF - TB
Pham has not only managed to stay healthy so far this season, but his efficiency has actually improved as well. If he keeps it up, fantasy owners could be looking at a 30/20 season to go with another strong performance in the batting average department.
6 weeks ago
Matt Chapman photo 42. Matt Chapman 3B - OAK
Chapman entered the All-Star break on pace for 100 runs, 100 RBIs and 35 homers. That batting average isn't ideal, but those are the numbers of a bonafide stud. If drafts were tomorrow, he'd be top 60 without a doubt.
6 weeks ago
Carlos Correa photo 43. Carlos Correa SS - HOU
Correa was again playing great baseball for the Astros prior to his fractured rib which has held him out for two months. Now that he is coming back, he should quickly return to being a top 10 fantasy shortstop and top 50 fantasy asset overall.
6 weeks ago
Marcell Ozuna photo 44. Marcell Ozuna LF - STL
Ozuna may currently be on the IL but he was terrific in the first half with a whopping 62 RBIs to go with both power (20 homers) and speed (8 steals). His batting average isn't, nor will it be ideal, but all of this still combines to make him a top 50 fantasy asset.
6 weeks ago
Max Muncy photo 45. Max Muncy 1B,2B,3B - LAD
Muncy has now been one of the best hitters in baseball over the last calendar year. He has shown no signs of slowing down so don't be shocked when you look up at the end of the season and see 40 homers and 100 RBIs with a solid batting average.
6 weeks ago
Ketel Marte photo 46. Ketel Marte 2B,SS - ARI
Marte has been spectacular with an astonishing 21 first-half homers to go with a batting average well over .300. While he is clearly no fluke, the notion that he is suddenly one of the top offensive middle infielders in baseball won't stick around for long so sell him high if you can find a taker willing to pay enough.
6 weeks ago
Gary Sanchez photo 47. Gary Sanchez C,DH - NYY
Sanchez is in the clear-cut top tier of catchers with Realmuto, Contreras and Grandal. Although he won't help in batting average much, his power and the RBIs that will follow are what sets him apart as potentially the best fantasy catcher in baseball.
6 weeks ago
Mike Moustakas photo 48. Mike Moustakas 3B,DH - MIL
Although he wasn't a popular free agent this off-season, fantasy owners knew they could rely on his power, especially with him being in Milwaukee, and Moose has delivered. He is on track for 45 bombs to go with 100 RBIs and runs.
6 weeks ago
Michael Brantley photo 49. Michael Brantley LF,DH - HOU
Brantley keeps on hitting, and as long as he stays healthy, fantasy owners can expect a .320 average from him to go with all the runs and RBIs that come from batting in the middle of the order for Houston. There won't be much in the way of power or speed, however.
6 weeks ago
Adalberto Mondesi photo 50. Adalberto Mondesi 2B,SS - KC
Mondesi has slowed down of late in both the power department and with his batting average dipping below .270 and now he is on the IL with a shoulder injury significant enough that it wouldn't be a surprise if he was shut down for the season.
3 weeks ago
Khris Davis photo 51. Khris Davis LF,DH - OAK
Davis has dropped off in power this season, but we all know that at the drop of a hat, he can rattle off a dozen homers in a month and quickly climb that leaderboard. He is still be all means a top 25 fantasy outfielder even with is frustrating first half.
6 weeks ago
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. photo 52. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 3B - TOR
Prior to the home run derby, Guerrero's start had been so bad that many were beginning to call him a bust. Let's not forget that this is one of the best prospects in the last decade. Make a move for him before his owner snaps out of it.
6 weeks ago
Michael Conforto photo 53. Michael Conforto LF,CF,RF - NYM
It now seems clear that Conforto will never be that star everyone expected him to become. If we can look past that disappointment, it's easy to accept a player on our roster who hits 30 homers with 10 steals, 90 RBIs and 90 runs even if it comes with a sub .250 batting average and that just so happens to be the pace Conforto is on.
6 weeks ago
Justin Turner photo 54. Justin Turner 3B - LAD
Turner is still chugging along as an underrated fantasy baseball asset. He may reach 90 runs, 20 HRs and a .300 batting average this season despit being drafted low each and every season.
6 weeks ago
Josh Donaldson photo 55. Josh Donaldson 3B,DH - ATL
Donaldson has managed to stay healthy so far this season, but the risk remains a factor. With that said, when he is on the field, you can still bank on 30-homer power with plenty of RBIs and runs.
6 weeks ago
Jorge Polanco photo 56. Jorge Polanco SS - MIN
Polanco was quite good last year but has taken it up another notch at the plate this season with a 20 homer pace and batting average well north of .300 heading into the break. With that said, he has been struggling of late and seems to have lost the 15 steal speed we figured he'd provide.
6 weeks ago
Carlos Santana photo 57. Carlos Santana 1B,3B - CLE
Most were shocked to see Santana compete in the home run derby, but he has been a beast for Cleveland and fantasy owners with 19 homers and a 90/90 RBI/run pace to go with a .295 batting average. He seems to only improve with age.
6 weeks ago
Domingo Santana photo 58. Domingo Santana RF - SEA
Santana has cooled off since his incredible start, but he is still on track for 100 runs, 110 RBIs and 35 HRs while stealing some bases and maintaining a quality batting average. It may not quite keep up, but it goes without saying that fantasy owners will end the season having gotten an incredible value from him.
6 weeks ago
Austin Meadows photo 59. Austin Meadows LF,CF,RF - TB
This time last month, Meadows was all the rave and was considered a can't miss superstar. While he is still a nice asset, 25 homers, 15 steals and 70/80 runs and RBIs don't quite fit the description of a top 20 outfielder, let alone a top 5 guy.
6 weeks ago
J.T. Realmuto photo 60. J.T. Realmuto C,1B - PHI
Realmuto may be struggling so far compared to expectations, but he certainly hasn't hurt you with a BA over .270 to go with double-digit homers and a handful of steals. He may not be the top overall fantasy catcher but he could be in the secound half.
6 weeks ago
Elvis Andrus photo 61. Elvis Andrus SS - TEX
After catching everyone off guard in 2017 with the #1 fantasy shortstop performance, Andrus took a huge step back last year. He seems to be back on track, however, with a 15/35 pace and a .300 batting average heading into the break.
6 weeks ago
Victor Robles photo 62. Victor Robles RF - WSH
Robles didn't become an immediate star like many thought possible. That doesn't mean it can't happen in the second half, but more than likely, we are looking at someone who holds a .250 batting average with near 20 homers and 20 steals. That is useful for sure, but by no means a league-winner.
6 weeks ago
Daniel Murphy photo 63. Daniel Murphy 1B,2B - COL
Unfortunately, Murphy is playing like a shell of his former self. There is even less power than before and his batting average has dropped south of .290. While that is still helpful and possible to increase, fantasy owners are right to be disappointed.
6 weeks ago
Yoan Moncada photo 64. Yoan Moncada 2B - CWS
If you are ever looking for an example of a post-hype sleeper, turn to Moncada who was all but left for dead by disappointed fantasy owners this winter. He finally broke out with both power and average while producing what will likely be double-digit steals by the end of the season.
6 weeks ago
Jonathan Villar photo 65. Jonathan Villar 2B,SS - BAL
Villar was excellent after the trade to Baltimore last season and hasn't slowed down this year. Going into the break, he already had double-digit homers and was on track for both 100 runs and 30 stolen bases. The batting average isn't killing fantasy owners either which is a major surprise.
6 weeks ago
Corey Seager photo 66. Corey Seager SS - LAD
It is incredible to think that just a few years ago, Seager was the Fernando Tatis of baseball with multiple MVPs surely in his future. Seager is still startable, of course, but by no means worthy of being called a star. Let this be a word of caution about breakout youngsters like Tatis and Kingery.
6 weeks ago
Lorenzo Cain photo 67. Lorenzo Cain CF - MIL
After making a run at the NL MVP last season, Cain came with high hopes, but it turns out that he has been among the most frustrating players so far this season, going for just 5 gomers, 11 steals and a .253 average in the first half. Even so, he still deserves a roster spot, but perhaps not much longer.
6 weeks ago
Nicholas Castellanos photo 68. Nicholas Castellanos RF - CHC
Castellanos isn't doing nearly as much this season for the Tigers as we have grown to expect from him. He may end up with 90 runs scored, but with no one else in the lineup, his RBIs are vastly behind what we've seen in the past. Likewise, his power is virtually non-existent.
6 weeks ago
Matt Olson photo 69. Matt Olson 1B - OAK
If Olson hadn't been injured to start the year, he likely would have been a top 100 pick. Since returning from the IL, he has done nothing to change the narrative so he should continue to be treated as though he is that top 100 player.
6 weeks ago
Jean Segura photo 70. Jean Segura SS - PHI
While Segura doesn't have elite power or speed, he is offering plenty of both to go along with a 100 run, 75 RBI pace and a solid batting average. All of that combined makes him a useful player worthy of seeing your starting lineup every day.
6 weeks ago
Eloy Jimenez photo 71. Eloy Jimenez LF,RF - CWS
For the most part, Jimenez has been a grand disappointment for fantasy owners who expected a.290 batting average with 30 homers as a rookie. The homers might come, but his approach at the plate isn't as polished as we all anticipated.
6 weeks ago
Max Kepler photo 72. Max Kepler CF,RF - MIN
As odd as it is to imagine, Kepler just started playing baseball a decade ago so it should be no surprise that his breakout came a little late. It appears to be here to stay, however, and while the batting average and speed will never be a plus, 100 RBIs, 100 runs and 35 homers will certainly do the trick for fantasy owners.
6 weeks ago
Giancarlo Stanton photo 73. Giancarlo Stanton LF,RF,DH - NYY
With the AL East likely in the bag, the Yankees have been wise to hold off on rushing Stanton back. When he will finally return is anyone's guess, but when he does, you can expect a top 15 fantasy outfielder as always.
6 weeks ago
Eduardo Escobar photo 74. Eduardo Escobar 3B,SS - ARI
It seemed inevitable each week that Escobar would finally return to the player he once was, but at this point, it seems clear that the breakout is for real. Now, he might not be a top-five fantasy third baseman, but top 15 seems reasonable.
6 weeks ago
DJ LeMahieu photo 75. DJ LeMahieu 2B - NYY
There is no doubt about it that LeMahieu has been an incredible surprise, but that doesn't mean that he will continue hitting .340 with power. Granted, the runs and RBIs will continue to help fantasy owners, but you may be able to sell high right now and will want to take advantage of that opportunity.
6 weeks ago
Yasmani Grandal photo 76. Yasmani Grandal C - MIL
Grandal's batting average may not seem all that appealing in the .240s range, but that is actually at replacement-level for the position so he won't hurt you there. He will definitely help in HRs, RBIs and runs, though. Over the last three seasons, he trails only (the injured) Salvador Perez in homers, and that was before he moved from an awful park for hitters in L.A. to a hitter's have in Milwaukee.
21 weeks ago
Joey Votto photo 77. Joey Votto 1B - CIN
We can't rely on Votto for power any more, of course, but the batting average should return back closer to the .290 mark in the second half to go with plenty of runs thanks to his bonkers BB-rate. Don't drop Votto quite yet.
6 weeks ago
Yordan Alvarez photo 78. Yordan Alvarez LF - HOU
Yordan came into the league blazing but as we saw with Michael Chavis earlier this season, that doesn't suddenly make him a superstar. While it is possible that he continues to rake like Pete Alonso, we are better off holding back from calling him a top 10 fantasy outfielder for now.
6 weeks ago
Luke Voit photo 79. Luke Voit 1B - NYY
Voit finished 2018 on a complete terror and started off the 2019 season the same way. In fact, the underlying statcast metrics all suggest he might actually hit better once he returns from the IL but that timeline is still up in the air and it may be awhile.
3 weeks ago
Joey Gallo photo 80. Joey Gallo 1B,LF,CF,RF - TEX
Even despite all the strikeouts, Gallo is batting .279 thanks to a league-high average exit velocity of 94 MPH. Add in 20 homers in 204 at-bats thus far and we are talking about one of the premium power hitters in fantasy baseball, worthy of a top 50 pick next year.
6 weeks ago
Franmil Reyes photo 81. Franmil Reyes LF,RF - CLE
Franmil has been a sensation with 25 first-half homers despite playing half his games in San Diego. If he were to get dealt, his stock would sky rocket, but for now, he will continue to be held back by the park and getting a day or two off every week because of the Padres' outfield logjam.
6 weeks ago
Tim Anderson photo 82. Tim Anderson SS - CWS
Anderson came roaring back to earth after a blistering start for fantasy owners. He is now down to a .320 batting average and that figure it expected to drop south of .300 by season's end. With that said, we are still looking at a 15/20 guy with solid average so that will certainly play.
6 weeks ago
Eric Hosmer photo 83. Eric Hosmer 1B - SD
Don't look now, but Hosmer is back to playing quite well again, hitting nearly .300 with some power for once. If you grabbed this bargain on draft day, you would do best to hang onto him rather than try to sell high on the trade market.
6 weeks ago
David Peralta photo 84. David Peralta LF - ARI
Peralta was raging hot earlier in the season but as the underlying numbers accurately forecasted, that was a mere fluke. Now that he is on the IL, you can make a case for cutting him loose if you need the extra roster spot.
6 weeks ago
Trey Mancini photo 85. Trey Mancini 1B,LF - BAL
There is nothing sexy about owning Trey Mancini, but he has rebounded quite nicely from his disappointing 2018 campaign. The underlying metrics suggest what we have seen in 2019 is the real Mancini so it wouldn't be wise to attempt selling high on him.
6 weeks ago
Paul DeJong photo 86. Paul DeJong SS - STL
DeJong had been one of the top fantasy shortstops over the first two months but has come crashing back down to earth and is now producing just about what everyone expected heading into the season with a 20 homer, 10 SB pace and a lackluster batting average.
6 weeks ago
Justin Upton photo 87. Justin Upton LF,DH - LAA
Upton hasn't exactly hit the ground running since returning from the IL but his performance hasn't been poor enough to warrant a panic either. Rather, expect sufficient home runs and batting average to make him a fringe OF3 for the remainder of the season.
6 weeks ago
Edwin Encarnacion photo 88. Edwin Encarnacion 1B,DH - NYY
There is no doubt that Encarnacion's 25 homers are a welcome site to fantasy owners, but his .215 batting average is dreadful and may cost him at-bats once both Luke Voit and Giancarlo Stanton are back for the Yankees off the IL.
6 weeks ago
A.J. Pollock photo 89. A.J. Pollock CF - LAD
Pollock has always produced when on the field but injuries have held him back quite a bit. This year, even the efficiency has taken a hit, and while he can still help fantasy teams, it isn't anywhere near as much as in previous seasons.
5 weeks ago
Mitch Haniger photo 90. Mitch Haniger CF,RF - SEA
We know that Haniger offers plenty of upside when he returns from the IL, but it may continue to be rough going as we've seen in the first half. If you have the room on your bench to keep him, go for it, but don't sacrifice anything to do so.
6 weeks ago
Yuli Gurriel photo 91. Yuli Gurriel 1B,3B,DH - HOU
Gurriel isn't a big source of power, but playing in this Astros offense guarantees him plenty of runs and RBI opportunities. Add in a worthwhile batting average and you've got a solid starter for your fantasy squad.
6 weeks ago
Willson Contreras photo 92. Willson Contreras C - CHC
Through the first half of baseball, Willson Contreras has been the top fantasy catcher with nearly 20 homers to go with 51 RBIs and a .286 batting average. As long as he can stay on the field, you've got a top 60 overall fantasy value in Contreras.
6 weeks ago
Fernando Tatis Jr. photo 93. Fernando Tatis Jr. SS - SD
It is easy to get excited about a guy who went for 14/14 homers/steals and batted .340 through his first third of a season. Let's try to remember the precautionary tales like Michael Chavis, though. What's more, is that Statcast suggests no one in baseball has been luckier that Tatis so far.
6 weeks ago
Marcus Semien photo 94. Marcus Semien SS - OAK
Semien's batting average has been better than expected, and while it may come down over the rest of the season, his 25 homer pace with a handful of steals will certainly make him a worthwhile start for fantasy owners.
6 weeks ago
Ryan Braun photo 95. Ryan Braun 1B,LF - MIL
As usual, Braun is dealing with injuries off and on, but getting the job done for fantasy owners while he is on the field. Going into the break, he carries a .271 average with a dozen homers and a handful of steals which is what we should expect in the second half too.
6 weeks ago
Jorge Soler photo 96. Jorge Soler RF,DH - KC
Soler entered the All-Star Break on track for 40 homers and well over 100 RBIs. While the batting average won't help you at all, he seems to be on the route to a Khris Davis type of season, which as you know, would make him a top 100 fantasy asset easily.
6 weeks ago
Hunter Renfroe photo 97. Hunter Renfroe LF,RF - SD
With Wil Myers struggling for the Padres, Renfroe has been playing nearly every day and it has paid off as he knocked 27 first-half bombs. Sure, the batting average isn't there, nor will it ever be, but fantasy owners will gladly welcome 45 dingers from a mid-season waiver wire addition.
6 weeks ago
Mallex Smith photo 98. Mallex Smith LF,CF,RF - SEA
Mallex certainly isn't going to provide any pop or batting average support, but he scores enough runs to go with his 45 steal pace that he should start for every night for every fantasy team that owns him.
6 weeks ago
Shin-Soo Choo photo 99. Shin-Soo Choo LF,RF,DH - TEX
Choo may be getting old but he certainly isn't slowing down and may finish the year with 25 homers, 15 steals, 110 runs and a batting average near .300. While he is by no means a superstar, that would be a tremendous second outfielder.
6 weeks ago
David Dahl photo 100. David Dahl LF,CF,RF - COL
Dahl has been every bit as good as advertised and more with a 110 run, 100 RBI pace to go along with a batting average north of .300. Fantasy owners should expect those numbers to drop a bit, however, as he has an outrageous BABIP so don't hesitate to explore the trade market.
6 weeks ago
Nomar Mazara photo 101. Nomar Mazara RF - TEX
Mazara has only supplied 12 homers in the first half despite all his raw power. With that said, batting in the middle of the order for Texas definitely comes with his perks, as you can see with his 90 RBI, 90 run pace through the break.
6 weeks ago
Byron Buxton photo 102. Byron Buxton CF - MIN
Buxton has had streaks this season that show why there is still reason to be optimistic about his potential but overall, it has been the same old mediocre statline with some power and speed, but a less than ideal batting average.
6 weeks ago
C.J. Cron photo 103. C.J. Cron 1B,DH - MIN
Cron is dealing with a thumb injury heading into the break, but when he returns, fantasy owners are getting an excellent asset with 30+ homer power and a quality batting average to go with loads of RBIs in a top-notch Twins lineup.
6 weeks ago
Jeff McNeil photo 104. Jeff McNeil 2B - NYM
No, McNeil isn't going to bat .350 forever, but .320 and an NL batting title is quite possible. There won't be a ton of power or speed, but enough that he won't drag you down in any area. McNeil should be a top 100 pick next spring in re-draft leagues.
6 weeks ago
Kyle Schwarber photo 105. Kyle Schwarber LF - CHC
No one is surprised by Schwarber's performance thus far as he is yet again, piling up runs and RBIs with a pace of 35 homers. All of that is great, of course, but the batting average is once again south of .240 so he doesn't offer much more value than a Randal Grichuk.
6 weeks ago
Didi Gregorius photo 106. Didi Gregorius SS - NYY
Didi has not quite gotten off to the start most fantasy owners hoped for when he came off the IL, but let's try to remember Lindor's struggles at first too. It is a long season and Didi is talented enough to surge back into a top 20 or even 15 fantasy shortstop before long.
6 weeks ago
Matt Carpenter photo 107. Matt Carpenter 1B,2B,3B - STL
Don't drop Carpenter quite yet. Remember, after all, that Carp was every bit as bad heading into July last year before he went scorched earth in the second half. You don't have to play him, but keep him on your bench and wait out the slump.
6 weeks ago
Nick Senzel photo 108. Nick Senzel 2B,3B,CF - CIN
Senzel has merely been mediocre for fantasy owners up into the break with a .258 average and limited power, but he does have 8 steals already and we know he has the potential to breakout much like Scott Kingery did earlier this season.
6 weeks ago
Ramon Laureano photo 109. Ramon Laureano RF - OAK
Believe it or not, Laureano is on pace for 30 homers, 20 steals and 100 runs. While that may not keep up, it is worth noting that he has performed as a top 50 fantasy asset thus far so even if he drops off a cliff, fantasy owners should keep running him out in their lineup every night.
6 weeks ago
Dee Gordon photo 110. Dee Gordon 2B,CF - SEA
Gordon won't steal 60 bases anymore and he clearly isn't a .300 hitter, but fantasy owners can still rely on him to offer nearly 30 steals with a batting average that won't kill you. Nothing about that is exciting, but he is still a worthwhile fantasy piece.
6 weeks ago
Aaron Hicks photo 111. Aaron Hicks CF - NYY
Hicks hasn't gotten going quite yet after missing some time earlier in the season. And while he likely won't steal double-digit bags, it is fair to expect the power to return and his batting average to bounceback in the second half.
6 weeks ago
Miguel Sano photo 112. Miguel Sano 1B,3B,DH - MIN
Sano is back off the IL and doing Sano things with a .230 batting average but with loads of power. He could hit 25 bombs in the second-half with the RBIs and runs to go with it so don't give up on him quite yet.
6 weeks ago
Amed Rosario photo 113. Amed Rosario SS - NYM
While it is true that Rosario has much untapped potential, he is still producing enough power and speed to help fantasy owners. The batting average may take a hit in the second half, but he is solid enough in the other four categories to make up for it.
6 weeks ago
Keston Hiura photo 114. Keston Hiura 2B - MIL
It took long enough but the Brewers finally called Hiura back after he destroyed minor league pitching. The kid does not only have an excellent future, but he is polished and ready to provide fantasy owners vintage Robinson Cano like numbers.
6 weeks ago
Hunter Dozier photo 115. Hunter Dozier 1B,3B,RF - KC
Dozier entered the all-star break om pace for 20 homers, 80 RBIs and carries a .283 batting average. Regardless of whether those numbers are a fluke or not, you can bet he won't regress enough to become waiver wire fodder in the second half.
6 weeks ago
Wil Myers photo 116. Wil Myers 3B,LF,RF - SD
In terms of batting average, Myers has been abysmal, but he might also finish the season with 20 homers, 20 steals and 80 runs, plus we know he has much more in the way of upside so don't drop him quite yet.
6 weeks ago
Justin Smoak photo 117. Justin Smoak 1B,DH - TOR
According to Baseball Savant's Statcast metrics, no one in baseball has been more unlucky than Justin Smoak. He is actually hitting the ball harder and at a better angle than he did in his 2017 breakout season so it is time to buy the second-half bounceback.
6 weeks ago
Ian Desmond photo 118. Ian Desmond 1B,LF - COL
Although he isn't starting every game for the Rockeis, Desmond does play enough in Coors to warrant a roster spot on fantasy teams. Gone are the days where he will steal 20 bags, but he should be solid at worst in the other four standard categories.
6 weeks ago
Wilson Ramos photo 119. Wilson Ramos C,DH - NYM
The Mets haven't gotten as much out of Ramos in the first half as they may have expected but he is an extremely streaky hitter so it would be no surprise if his BA jumps from 270 to 300 in the second half to go with a dozen more homers. He is still a C1 without question.
6 weeks ago
Jesus Aguilar photo 120. Jesus Aguilar 1B - TB
This time last year we were talking about Aguilar in the same light as we are with Ketel Marte today. It now appears clear, however, that he isn't worth owning in fantasy leagues.
6 weeks ago
Dansby Swanson photo 121. Dansby Swanson SS - ATL
You may not believe in the breakout, but every underlying metric suggests Swanson's breakout has been legitimate after years of disappointing optimistic fantasy owners. He should finish the year with 25 homers, a dozen steals and a solid batting average to go with loads of RBIs and runs.
6 weeks ago
Cesar Hernandez photo 122. Cesar Hernandez 2B - PHI
You may not feel sexy running Hernandez out there in your lineup every day, but as is always the case, Hernandez isn't making anyone regret spending a late round pick on his reliable production in all five categories.
6 weeks ago
Adam Eaton photo 123. Adam Eaton LF,RF - WSH
Eaton is the same player we've always known him to be with a handful of steals, homers and tons of runs to go with a quality batting average. While there is nothing exciting about an asset like that, he is certainly worthy of a fantasy roster spot.
6 weeks ago
Joc Pederson photo 124. Joc Pederson LF,CF - LAD
Joc has already swatted 20 homers even though the Dodgers primarily only play him against right-handed pitchers. He will continue to produce while he is in the lineup, but the counting stats may not finish as high as others with his sort of pop.
6 weeks ago
Brian Dozier photo 125. Brian Dozier 2B - WSH
Gone are the days where Dozier will flirt with 40 homers, but he still has sufficient power that outweighs his often lousy batting average. He is a useful fantasy asset in deeper leagues and one worth keeping an eye on in more shallow formats.
6 weeks ago
Jonathan Schoop photo 126. Jonathan Schoop 2B - MIN
It may not be the Schoop of old, but there is certainly value in what the Twins' second basemen has accomplished for fantasy owners thus far. He should finish the season with 25 homers while offering plenty of RBIs and runs thanks to everyday at-bats in the strong Twins' lineup.
6 weeks ago
Robinson Cano photo 127. Robinson Cano 2B - NYM
Cano was exceptional in 2018 when he wasn't suspended but apparently, he finally hit the wall towards the end of a player's career. Neither the batting average or power are here nor are the expected to return.
6 weeks ago
Scooter Gennett photo 128. Scooter Gennett 2B - SF
Scooter missed the vast majority of the first half and hasn't quite been playing every day since returning from injury. With that said, he was so exceptional over his previous 1000 plate appearances that it should be considered only a matter of time before he returns to hitting like Freddie Freeman.
6 weeks ago
Jesse Winker photo 129. Jesse Winker LF,RF - CIN
Overall, Winker is merely a fringe fantasy asset, but if you can afford to use him correctly, you've got yourself a serious player. Winker is abysmal versus lefties, but terrorizes righties so be sure to check the probable opposing pitcher each day.
6 weeks ago
Daniel Vogelbach photo 130. Daniel Vogelbach 1B,DH - SEA
While the batting average won't be ideal, you can avoid that penalty by just sitting him when the Mariners take on a lefty. Outside of that, Vogelbach has been one of the best hitters in all of baseball and that isn't any kind of fluke considering the dominant underlying metrics.
6 weeks ago
Rougned Odor photo 131. Rougned Odor 2B,DH - TEX
Odor did his thing for a while where he was a total trainwreck, and while the batting average is still below .200, he has started to play much better of late and is, as always, producing in both the homer and stolen base departments.
6 weeks ago
Scott Kingery photo 132. Scott Kingery 3B,SS - PHI
Kingery was white-hot for a month and has since come back down to earth like Tim Anderson. While Kingery is a quality ballplayer, his underlying metrics suggest the regression will continue coming, albeit with some power and speed to soften the blow.
6 weeks ago
Omar Narvaez photo 133. Omar Narvaez C - SEA
It is hard to imagine that anyone saw this coming, but Narvaz has been tremendous to open the season with a batting average near .300 and a dozen homers. While it may not continue at this pace, there is no doubt that he is a top 12 catcher from this point forward.
6 weeks ago
Lourdes Gurriel Jr. photo 134. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. 2B,SS - TOR
Gurriel was so awful to open the season the Toronto sent him back to the minors. He responded by earning his job back then taking the league by storm. Heading into the break, he was one of the most exciting middle infielders in the game and that should continue throughout the remainder of the year.
6 weeks ago
Miguel Cabrera photo 135. Miguel Cabrera 1B,DH - DET
Cabrera has been healthy and is batting .304 as a result, but his power is completely zapped and there is, of course, no hope for speed. You can roll him out in your fantasy lineup, however, and expect similar results to Votto at this point.
6 weeks ago
Stephen Piscotty photo 136. Stephen Piscotty RF - OAK
Piscotty was terrific last season for the A's, but has come back down to reality a bit this year with a subpar batting average and not much in the way of power. He still has upside for more, but for now, fantasy owners shouldn't count on his production.
6 weeks ago
Christian Walker photo 137. Christian Walker 1B - ARI
Walker has been streaky and volatile, but even so, he still managed to put together an impressive first half stat line with both power and a little speed. The batting average may drop south of .250 at some point, but he is still well worth starting even if that is the case.
6 weeks ago
Andrelton Simmons photo 138. Andrelton Simmons SS - LAA
Simmons has continued to be exactly what fantasy owners expected: a safe source of quality batting average with a little speed and not much more. There is a place on a fantasy roster for a player like that.if you are in a deeper league.
6 weeks ago
Oscar Mercado photo 139. Oscar Mercado CF - CLE
Mitch Garver photo 140. Mitch Garver C - MIN
Garver has been absolutely terrorizing pitchers with a .295 average and 13 homers in just 156 at-bats. If he played every day, Garver would be a top 5 fantasy catcher without a doubt, but because he doesn't, he is merely a fringe top-10 guy for now.
6 weeks ago
Danny Santana photo 141. Danny Santana LF - TEX
Among all the fantasy breakout players, Santana may be the biggest surprise with double-digit homers and steals in the first half to go with a batting average above .300. All of those numbers are likely to take a dip, but even with that being the case, he should still be owned in every league.
6 weeks ago
Brandon Lowe photo 142. Brandon Lowe 2B - TB
Lowe has slowed down considerably and hit the IL after fouling a ball off his shin, but he will be back any day and when he does, fantasy owners have a reliable player who will contribute in all five primary categories, but without carrying you in any.
6 weeks ago
Kevin Kiermaier photo 143. Kevin Kiermaier CF - TB
Kiermaier is quietly having an excellent season and may reach 20 homers to go with 30 steals by the time the season comes to a close. Health is always a concern with the way he plays in the field, but so long as he keeps playing every day, you've got to find a way to get Kiermaier in your fantasy lineup.
6 weeks ago
Bo Bichette photo 144. Bo Bichette SS - TOR
Randal Grichuk photo 145. Randal Grichuk CF,RF - TOR
As always, Grichuk is providing some pop to go with runs and RBIs. There is, of course, a batting average well below .250 to accompany the benefits in the other categories. This makes him a fringe candidate for a roster spot in standard-sized leagues.
6 weeks ago
Ryan McMahon photo 146. Ryan McMahon 1B,2B,3B - COL
McMahon has loads of upside seeing that he plays in Coors, has power and some speed. Now, it hasn't shown yet, and the playing time hasn't been consistent, but he is a classic post-hype sleeper to have a huge second half for fantasy owners.
6 weeks ago
Jackie Bradley Jr. photo 147. Jackie Bradley Jr. CF,RF - BOS
It is anyone's guess which Bradley we will get in the second half, whether it is the worst offensive player in baseball or a fringe all-star. We have seen both at times this year and in the past. For now, though, he is hot so don't hesitate to use him.
6 weeks ago
Kole Calhoun photo 148. Kole Calhoun RF - LAA
Calhoun has outperformed expectations thus far with a Kyle Schwarber like line of 20+ homers with a lackluster batting average. He also carries a 100/90 runs/RBIs pace up into the break so don't hesitate to scoop him up if you still can.
6 weeks ago
Gio Urshela photo 149. Gio Urshela 3B,SS - NYY
The Yankees have been surprised with this kid as he hit .305 in the first half. The batting average will drop a bit and there won't be much power, but if he keeps playing every day in this lineup, he'll be worth owning and using every week.
6 weeks ago
Renato Nunez photo 150. Renato Nunez 3B - BAL
Nunez has always had power, there was never a doubt about that. What is surprising, however, is that it has translated to a 90 RBI, 80 runs pace. The batting average will be tough to swallow, but even so, he is worthy of a fantasy roster spot without question.
6 weeks ago
Jose Martinez photo 151. Jose Martinez 1B,RF - STL
Martinez hasn't provided fantasy owners much with a .282 batting average and just 6 homers, but all Statcast metrics suggest those numbers will come roaring up in the second half. It might be time to add him before it costs you a pretty penny.
6 weeks ago
Cavan Biggio photo 152. Cavan Biggio 2B - TOR
It is tempting to get excited when you hear Biggio's name, but he was not a top prospect by any stretch of the imagination and while he may provide some power and speed, the batting average will likely kill you.
6 weeks ago
Avisail Garcia photo 153. Avisail Garcia RF - TB
One of the most underrated fantasy assets this year has been Garcia who entered the break with 12 homers, 9 steals, a 75/80 runs/RBIs pace and a solid .280 batting average. There is no reason he should still be available in 75% of leagues.
6 weeks ago
Danny Jansen photo 154. Danny Jansen C - TOR
Jansen's underlying stats have been screaming positive regression all season and over the last few weeks, it has started to turn around. While he isn't quite a top 12 catcher, he should be on your radar as a future waiver wire add if he keeps hitting.
6 weeks ago
Brett Gardner photo 155. Brett Gardner LF,CF - NYY
Gardner is once again providing plenty of runs and RBIs for fantasy owners and just so happens to be on pace for 25 homers which off-sets his drop in steals that came with age. Fantasy owners can continue to rely on Gardner as a OF4.
6 weeks ago
Austin Riley photo 156. Austin Riley 3B - ATL
Riley had everyone excited upon his arrival to the bigs and while that name recognition may still linger, he is coming back down to earth a bit. Don't be shocked if he finishes the year with 35 homers, but his batting average won't help much and he offers zero speed.
6 weeks ago
Maikel Franco photo 157. Maikel Franco 3B - PHI
Although Franco isn't going to help your fantasy team's batting average and he only has mediocre power, there is worth in the fact that he plays almost every day in one of the best lineups in baseball. With that will come both RBIs and runs.
6 weeks ago
Alex Verdugo photo 158. Alex Verdugo LF,CF - LAD
Verdugo has been raking in the first half for the Dodgers with a batting average well above .300 and even some speed. Don't be surprised if he ends up with 20+ homers too if the Dodgers continue to get him enough at-bats.
6 weeks ago
Jose Peraza photo 159. Jose Peraza SS - CIN
Peraza broke out last season with 13 homers, 23 steals and a .288 batting average. Whether or not the power stays is a question, but he seems to be a safe source for runs, steals and batting average in the middle of drafts.
21 weeks ago
Aristides Aquino photo 160. Aristides Aquino RF - CIN
Jay Bruce photo 161. Jay Bruce 1B,RF - PHI
Most gave up on Bruce before the season because he was so awful in 2018, but he was struggling through plantar fasciitis. Now that he is healthy, Bruce just keeps mashing with 24 homers headed into the break. He is good bet to keep hitting if he can stay on the field.
6 weeks ago
Corey Dickerson photo 162. Corey Dickerson LF,DH - PHI
Christian Vazquez photo 163. Christian Vazquez C - BOS
Vasquez is one of a handful of surprising catchers to breakout in the first half. Regardless of whether you believe it to be a fluke, he has been so good that even with some regression, he sneaks into the top 10 rest of season projections.
6 weeks ago
Hunter Pence photo 164. Hunter Pence LF,RF - TEX
Pence was elected to the All-Star game and is having an excellent bounceback season with a .294 average and 15 homers in just 194 at-bats, but without everyday playing time, he'll be passed up by many other outfielders in counting stats and that's before you even factor in the expected regression.
6 weeks ago
Ender Inciarte photo 165. Ender Inciarte CF - ATL
Michael Chavis photo 166. Michael Chavis 1B,2B,3B - BOS
Chavis has cooled down after he came roaring out of the gates for Boston and fantasy owners. He won't bat .300, but the batting average won't be bad enough to be a concern and there is still enough power that you ought to keep him on your roster for now.
6 weeks ago
Nick Markakis photo 167. Nick Markakis RF - ATL
As always, Markakis isn't providing much in the way of homers or steals, but his is on pace for 90 RBIs and 90 runs to go with another strong batting average. While that isn't a league-winner, he is giving fantasy teams exactly what they hoped for from him.
6 weeks ago
Yandy Diaz photo 168. Yandy Diaz 3B - TB
Diaz has been hitting the ball hard all season with underlying metrics actually suggesting his batting average should be higher than the current .277 and his homers may spike too. He makes for a terrific pickup if you need a third baseman.
6 weeks ago
Yadier Molina photo 169. Yadier Molina C - STL
Catcher's don't often get 450 trips to the plate, but Tadi has done it every year since 2008. As you can imagine, the runs and RBIs pile up with extra playing time, and it certainly helps that he increases your team's batting average and may add another 20 homers this season.
21 weeks ago
Jorge Alfaro photo 170. Jorge Alfaro C - MIA
Alfaro was not technically a top 12 catcher in the first half, but he was right on the cusp and his underlying numbers suggest he will climb well into the top 10 over the rest of the season. Don't hesitate to add him and start him if you need a catcher.
6 weeks ago
James McCann photo 171. James McCann C - CWS
James McCann has been raking for the White Sox with a .320 batting average through the first half to go with some power and even the most steals among all catchers in fantasy. He is due to regress some, but is still a no-doubt top 12 catcher in the second half.
6 weeks ago
Andrew McCutchen photo 172. Andrew McCutchen LF,RF - PHI
McCutchen might not be that first round pick he once was when we were getting 30 homers, 20 steals and a .320 batting average, but he is still a plenty capable fantasy asset. He is as durable as they come and has managed 20+ homers in 8 straight seasons. Not only that. but he still steals double-digit bags per year and is moving into by far the best ballpark of his career so don't be surprised if we get a resurgence.
21 weeks ago
Jason Heyward photo 173. Jason Heyward CF,RF - CHC
As difficult as it may be to believe, Heyward is actually hitting quite well so far this season with a 25-homer pace and a batting average back up around .280. It might not be here to stay, but you can be sure that he is worthy of a roster spot in your fantasy league.
6 weeks ago
Adam Jones photo 174. Adam Jones CF,DH - ARI
Jones isn't back to his glory days, but he has certainly been a nice surprise this season for fantasy owners, contributing in three categories and not hurting anyone in batting average. You can continue to use him as a mediocre asset.
6 weeks ago
Jurickson Profar photo 175. Jurickson Profar 1B,2B,3B,SS - OAK
Profar has been downright awful this season for fantasy owners, batting just .212. With that said, he is still on track for 18 homers and double-digit steals so if he can turn the batting average around, we may have a fantasy impact player again.
6 weeks ago
Manuel Margot photo 176. Manuel Margot CF - SD
Nate Lowe photo 177. Nate Lowe 1B - TB
Lowe didn't do much in his brief MLB debut and was thus sent back down to the minors. Since then, he has been batting .340 with bonkers power. He should be a hot pickup the moment Tampa calls him back up and may actually be worthy of a stash now.
6 weeks ago
Teoscar Hernandez photo 178. Teoscar Hernandez LF,RF - TOR
Travis Shaw photo 179. Travis Shaw 1B,3B,2B - MIL
Shaw could potentially be a worthwhile addition at some point later in the year, but for now, he has lost his job to Hiura and should be released in every format.
6 weeks ago
Willie Calhoun photo 180. Willie Calhoun LF - TEX
Kolten Wong photo 181. Kolten Wong 2B - STL
For years, Wong has flashed excellent fantasy skills at times then proceeded to burn everyone who had the nerve to pick him up in the midst of his hot streak. There may be another flash left at some point this season, but you certainly can't count on much if you own Wong.
6 weeks ago
Gregory Polanco photo 182. Gregory Polanco RF - PIT
Polanco still hasn't quite amounted to what everyone hoped and thought he would be. That is still possible in the long run, of course, but for now, he isn't helping fantasy teams in any category and can remain on waivers.
6 weeks ago
Willy Adames photo 183. Willy Adames 2B,SS - TB
There is no denying the potential in the Rays' young middle-infielder, but like Dansby Swanson over the past few seasons, he just isn't quite ready at the plate yet. You can still get a handful of steals and homers, but not enough to make up for his batting average.
6 weeks ago
Brandon Belt photo 184. Brandon Belt 1B,LF - SF
Belt has given fantasy owners reason to be disappointed for years now. Although he is never awful, it may finally be time to give up and cut him loose. There are plenty of other projects on the waivers with more fantasy upside like Bobby Bradley.
6 weeks ago
Brian Anderson photo 185. Brian Anderson 3B,RF - MIA
Anderson doesn't do much for a fantasy team in terms of batting average and you can be sure he won't pile up runs and RBIs in Miami's lineup, but he might hit 20 homers and won't kill you in any category.
6 weeks ago
Buster Posey photo 186. Buster Posey C,1B - SF
Feel free to drop Buster at this point. He isn't likely to finish the season with double-digit homers and doesn't play in a good enough offense to tally up runs and RBIs like the top 15 fantasy catchers in baseball.
6 weeks ago
Jake Bauers photo 187. Jake Bauers 1B,LF - CLE
Bauers hasn't turned it on yet, and although there is still promise that he will, it isn't worth banking on this year. Rather, target him as a post-hype buy next season.
6 weeks ago
Brandon Nimmo photo 188. Brandon Nimmo LF,CF,RF - NYM
Kyle Seager photo 189. Kyle Seager 3B - SEA
Seager was as consistent of a fantasy asset as you could find two years ago, but age has slowed him down enough that it is to the point where there is no case to be made for owning him in fantasy baseball.
6 weeks ago
Harrison Bader photo 190. Harrison Bader LF,CF,RF - STL
Kevin Pillar photo 191. Kevin Pillar CF - SF
Leury Garcia photo 192. Leury Garcia 2B,LF,CF,RF - CWS
Garcia isn't even going to finish the season with 10 homers, but he offers some speed and is on pace for 100 runs thanks to a quality .290 batting average and every day playing time for the White Sox. You can use him without regret although he won't be a world saver.
6 weeks ago
David Fletcher photo 193. David Fletcher 2B,3B - LAA
Fletcher isn't going to help you win the home run category, nor will he steal double-digit bases, but he might reach 80 runs with a batting average near .300 so make room for him if he is still available in your league.
6 weeks ago
Kike Hernandez photo 194. Kike Hernandez 1B,2B,SS,LF,CF,RF - LAD
The batting average has devestated fantasy owners thus far in the first half and while it may come up, it won't be enough to warrant rostering Kike in a standard-sized league.
6 weeks ago
Alex Gordon photo 195. Alex Gordon LF,CF - KC
Despite his age, Gordon may be having a career year although he has seen regression over the last month. He may end up with 20 homers and 10 steals, but don't expect the batting average to stay north of .275 all season.
6 weeks ago
Francisco Mejia photo 196. Francisco Mejia C,DH - SD
J.D. Davis photo 197. J.D. Davis 1B,3B - NYM
Davis is raking for the Mets, but it hasn't quite shown up on paper. His underlying metrics are exceptional so don't be surprised if his batting average and power numbers follow in the second half.
6 weeks ago
Asdrubal Cabrera photo 198. Asdrubal Cabrera 2B,3B,SS - WSH
Cabrera is the cut-off between a long list of useful fantasy middle infielders and players who can fill a roster spot if you are desperate for counting stats. The batting average is going to hurt and he surely won't steal bags, but the other three categories are all plusses.
6 weeks ago
Jarrod Dyson photo 199. Jarrod Dyson CF,RF - ARI
Dyson is by no means a power hitter with just 5 first-half homers and 18 RBIs, but he is what everyone wanted out of Billy Hamilton with 20 steals, 40 runs and a bad, but not terrible batting average. Judging by the demand for steals, Dyson is well worth scooping up.
6 weeks ago
Evan Longoria photo 200. Evan Longoria 3B - SF
Longoria is struggling in San Francisco with a low batting average and limited power. While there is a chance that changes in the coming months, there is no sense in waiting it out. Rather, just drop him until he proves himself useful in fantasy baseball.
6 weeks ago
Billy Hamilton photo 201. Billy Hamilton CF - ATL
Hamilton is still swiping bases, but he is no longer elite in that category with just a 25 steal pace heading into the break. As always, his power and average are non-existant so he isn't even worthy of a roster spot at this point.
6 weeks ago
Carson Kelly photo 202. Carson Kelly C - ARI
Kelly is smashing MLB pitchers the last month and while he is a former top prospect, the sample size is not enough to trust him as a reliable fantasy option yet. The upside is still quite high, however, so he is a top 12 rest of season option for the time being.
3 weeks ago
Nick Ahmed photo 203. Nick Ahmed SS - ARI
There is nothing exciting about a shortstop who isn't plus in any of the five primary categories, but he is getting the job done so far with mediocre production in each area. Whether that keeps up is a question, of course, but for now, he can fill in during an injury.
6 weeks ago
Ryan Zimmerman photo 204. Ryan Zimmerman 1B - WSH
Zimmerman had his run as a useful fantasy baseball player but it seems to be over at this point so go ahead and cut him loose for one of the better options on waivers.
6 weeks ago
Starlin Castro photo 205. Starlin Castro 2B - MIA
Castro is playing every game for Miami, but that is quite literally all you can say on the pro side of his performance. He doesn't offer power anymore and his batting average will continue to hover around .250 for the remainder of the season.
6 weeks ago
Albert Pujols photo 206. Albert Pujols 1B,DH - LAA
Robinson Chirinos photo 207. Robinson Chirinos C - HOU
Chirinos will hurt you in batting average, although not as bad as someone like Zunino. With that said, he is a reliable source of power and since he plays in such a strong Astros' lineup, you can bank on him piling up RBIs and runs as well.
6 weeks ago
Chris Taylor photo 208. Chris Taylor 2B,SS,LF,CF - LAD
Taylor hit the IL with a fractured wrist and while he isn't quite worth holding onto, he will be one to add once he returns to action for the Dodgers. As always, Taylor should provide some power and speed to go with a solid batting average and great counting stats because of the lineup he is in.
6 weeks ago
Bryan Reynolds photo 209. Bryan Reynolds CF - PIT
Reynolds has been phenomenal from a batting average standpoint, batting .348 through the second half. Beyond that, however, he offers virtually nothing and we surely can't lean on him to maintain a batting average even north of .300 the rest of the way.
6 weeks ago
Garrett Hampson photo 210. Garrett Hampson 2B,SS - COL
More than likely, Hampson won't get his job back as the Rockies' primary second baseman. Even with injury, he may be third on the depth chart. With that said, if for whatever reason he does find his way into at-bats, he'll be worth monitoring as a potential pickup.
6 weeks ago
Mark Canha photo 211. Mark Canha 1B,LF,CF,RF - OAK
Niko Goodrum photo 212. Niko Goodrum 1B,2B,3B,SS,LF,RF - DET
The batting average hasn't been there with Niko this year, but there is reason for hope and when you add that to the fact that he is a reliable source of both power and speed, he is worthy of keeping an eye on for a potential injury fill-in in the coming weeks.
6 weeks ago
Miguel Andujar photo 213. Miguel Andujar 3B,DH - NYY
Andujar has a torn labrum which has ended many careers abruptly. The word is that he intends to play through it but that doesn't mean it will work out. Rather, trade him the moment he returns before everything can go further south. Let it be someone else's headache.
20 weeks ago
Mike Tauchman photo 214. Mike Tauchman CF,RF - NYY
Tyler White photo 215. Tyler White 1B - LAD
Jung Ho Kang photo 216. Jung Ho Kang 3B - MIL
Kang may not open the season as the starter in Pittsburgh, but with the way he is playing this spring, you'll want to keep a close eye on him. After all, we've seen Kang be a useful fantasy piece in years prior.
21 weeks ago
Adam Frazier photo 217. Adam Frazier 2B,LF,RF - PIT
You can be certain that Frazier won't offer any power or speed, but 80 homers and a .280 batting average never hurt anyone. If you need a warm body to fill in for an injured player, he can answer the call without pain.
6 weeks ago
Ronald Guzman photo 218. Ronald Guzman 1B - TEX
Roberto Perez photo 219. Roberto Perez C - CLE
Perez has already mashed 16 homers through the first half for Cleveland. His batting average isn't useful, but won't kill you either so you could certainly do much worse than Perez even if he does take a step back toward expectations in the second half.
6 weeks ago
Tim Beckham photo 220. Tim Beckham 3B,SS - SEA
Eric Thames photo 221. Eric Thames 1B,LF,RF - MIL
Thames has shown flashes of all that pop we got in 2017 during his breakout campaign but the Brewers just aren't playing him enough to make much of a fantasy impact. He belongs on your waiver wire speed dial, however.
6 weeks ago
Mitch Moreland photo 222. Mitch Moreland 1B - BOS
Marwin Gonzalez photo 223. Marwin Gonzalez 1B,2B,SS,LF - MIN
Jake Lamb photo 224. Jake Lamb 3B - ARI
You may not feel great about drafting Lamb after his trainwreck 2018 season, but he is just one year removed from 30 homers and 105 RBIs so don't sleep on him bouncing back. With that said, the move to the humidor in Arizona makes it seem as though his ceiling is a bit lower than what we saw from him in 2017.
21 weeks ago
Todd Frazier photo 225. Todd Frazier 3B - NYM
Frazier has had a bit of a resurgence this season, and while it hasn't amounted to a ton, there is a place on a fantasy roster for a guy with 25 homer power and a mediocre batting average which is what he appears to offer again.
6 weeks ago
Matt Kemp photo 226. Matt Kemp LF,RF - NYM
Kemp is not playing nearly as often as those who drafted him had hoped. While there is a chance that changes, he can be safely released in standard-sized leagues until he begins getting regular at-bats.
20 weeks ago
Cedric Mullins photo 227. Cedric Mullins CF - BAL
Will Smith photo 228. Will Smith C - LAD
Smith has been unbelievable for the Dodgers and while there is a chance he continues to amaze fantasy owners, it is more likely that he follows the vast majority of rookies who started amazing before going south.
3 weeks ago
Welington Castillo photo 229. Welington Castillo C - CWS
Castillo only saw 49 games worth of action last season, but his bat was still quality when he played. Over the last five years, he averages 26 homers with a .261 BA and 85 RBIs per 162 games, so now that he is starting, fantasy owners can expect useful production out of him.
21 weeks ago
Ryon Healy photo 230. Ryon Healy 1B - SEA
Luis Urias photo 231. Luis Urias 2B - SD
Urias was rough in his debut, but don't give up on him quite yet. Rather, he is among the top stashes remaining in the minor leagues. When he does get another chance, he will be worth owning in most leagues assuming the Padres or his new team (via trade) gives him a chance.
6 weeks ago
Tyler O'Neill photo 232. Tyler O'Neill LF,RF - STL
Yonder Alonso photo 233. Yonder Alonso 1B - COL
Alonso wasn't especially impressive last year with a .250 batting average and just 23 homers, but he is just one year removed from posting an .866 OPS with Oakland and Seattle so don't discount a big bounce-back campaign.
21 weeks ago
Justin Bour photo 234. Justin Bour 1B - LAA
Franchy Cordero photo 235. Franchy Cordero LF,CF - SD
Dwight Smith Jr. photo 236. Dwight Smith Jr. LF - BAL
Ryan O'Hearn photo 237. Ryan O'Hearn 1B - KC
Garrett Cooper photo 238. Garrett Cooper LF - MIA
While there isn't much help in the Marlins' offense, Cooper has been playing well enough that fantasy owners can mostly ignore the RBIs, runs and lack and speed. His batting average and power will both play and appear to be legitimate.
6 weeks ago
Odubel Herrera photo 239. Odubel Herrera CF - PHI
Rowdy Tellez photo 240. Rowdy Tellez 1B - TOR
Chance Sisco photo 241. Chance Sisco C - BAL
Sisco should play every day for the Orioles in the second half and he has plenty of talent so you'll want to keep a close eye on him as a potential catcher pickup off waivers.
6 weeks ago
Derek Dietrich photo 242. Derek Dietrich 1B,LF - CIN
The batting average has come crashing down and his power has completely halted to go along with the playing time. With that said, he was so exceptional for a stretch that you can make a case for stashing him until he comes out of it and mashes again.
6 weeks ago
Jeimer Candelario photo 243. Jeimer Candelario 3B - DET
There is nothing sexy about drafting Candelario, but you can anticipate his batting average coming up 20 points this year, as he was among the most unlucky hitters in that department last year. Along with that, fantasy owners should get around 20 homers from him.
21 weeks ago
Raimel Tapia photo 244. Raimel Tapia CF - COL
Tapia will never be a source of much power or speed, but as long as he continues to play in Coors, his batting average will suffice if you are desperate for a warm body in your fantasy outfield.
6 weeks ago
Josh Reddick photo 245. Josh Reddick LF,RF - HOU
Reddick continues to play every day for the Astros despite Kyle Tucker waiting around in the minors. Reddick isn't bad with a .291 average and decent power, but that may not be enough to hold off the kid in the second-half of the year.
6 weeks ago
Howie Kendrick photo 246. Howie Kendrick 2B,LF - WSH
In what may be the most surprising breakout in all of baseball, the 36-year-old Kendrick has turned into a prolific hitter with power to go along with his .330 batting average. And believe it or not, the underlying stats suggest it is the real deal so don't get the crazy idea of trying to sell him high.
6 weeks ago
Christin Stewart photo 247. Christin Stewart LF - DET
Mike Yastrzemski photo 248. Mike Yastrzemski OF - SF
Anthony Santander photo 249. Anthony Santander LF,RF - BAL
Daniel Palka photo 250. Daniel Palka LF,RF,DH - CWS
Tucker Barnhart photo 251. Tucker Barnhart C - CIN
Barnhart doesn't have the best bat, but his elite defense will keep him on the field for nearly 500 at-bats again. In a killer Red's lineup, that should be plenty to get him the counting stats he needs to be draftable.
21 weeks ago
Kyle Tucker photo 252. Kyle Tucker LF - HOU
Tucker is still stuck down in the minors for Houston and while playing time will be difficult to come by apart from a trade, he would be a 100% FAAB pickup if he gets the call and is inserted into the starting lineup. Think Andrew Benintendi right away with both power and speed.
6 weeks ago
Ian Happ photo 253. Ian Happ 3B,LF,CF,RF - CHC
Kevin Newman photo 254. Kevin Newman SS - PIT
Neman's .326 batting average entering the break sure is exciting, but underlying metrics suggest that will come plummeting down before long, and when it does, all you've got is mediocre power and speed. While you can still play him, he shouldn't be regarded as safe quite yet.
6 weeks ago
Travis d'Arnaud photo 255. Travis d'Arnaud C - TB
d'Arnaud is extraordinarily hot over the past month and while it may not keep up, he has always possessed this type of potential so it wouldn't be surprising if this was a start of a major breakout.
5 weeks ago
Colin Moran photo 256. Colin Moran 1B,3B - PIT
Moran is still batting near .300 heading into the all-star break and although he doesn't offer a ton in the power department, finishing with 18 homers and 80 RBIs would be a welcome line to any fantasy owner.
6 weeks ago
Josh Phegley photo 257. Josh Phegley C - OAK
Scott Schebler photo 258. Scott Schebler CF,RF - CIN
Eric Sogard photo 259. Eric Sogard 2B,SS - TB
Sogard has been a pleasant surprise this year with a batting average near 300 and both some power and speed. It's a risk to rely on that continuing, but there is more hope than many other options on your waiver wire in the middle infield.
6 weeks ago
Isan Diaz photo 260. Isan Diaz 2B,SS - MIA
Leonys Martin photo 261. Leonys Martin OF - FA
Dominic Smith photo 262. Dominic Smith 1B,LF - NYM
Freddy Galvis photo 263. Freddy Galvis SS - CIN
Galis has performed admirably thus far with a 25 homer pace to go with a solid batting average and plenty of RBIs and runs. Even if he takes a sizeable step back, fantasy owners would still have someone they can rely on.
6 weeks ago
Chad Pinder photo 264. Chad Pinder 2B,3B,LF,RF - OAK
Josh Harrison photo 265. Josh Harrison 2B - DET
Yan Gomes photo 266. Yan Gomes C - WSH
Kendrys Morales photo 267. Kendrys Morales 1B,DH - FA
Greg Allen photo 268. Greg Allen CF,RF - CLE
Jason Kipnis photo 269. Jason Kipnis 2B,CF,DH - CLE
At this point in his career, Kipnis is only a worthwhile fantasy asset in deeper leagues. He should end up with double-digit homers and steals, but not by much, and drug down by a rough batting average.
6 weeks ago
Joey Wendle photo 270. Joey Wendle 2B,LF - TB
Lewis Brinson photo 271. Lewis Brinson OF - MIA
Wilmer Flores photo 272. Wilmer Flores 1B,2B,3B - ARI
Dexter Fowler photo 273. Dexter Fowler RF - STL
Brandon Crawford photo 274. Brandon Crawford SS - SF
Crawford is never going to steal bases or hit for a great average, but you can count on him to play 150 games which will add up in the RBIs and runs department, plus he is good for a dozen homers every year.
21 weeks ago
Franklin Barreto photo 275. Franklin Barreto 2B - OAK
Alex Dickerson photo 276. Alex Dickerson LF,RF - SF
Greg Bird photo 277. Greg Bird 1B - NYY
Orlando Arcia photo 278. Orlando Arcia SS - MIL
There is no doubt that Arcia has potential for much more, but that doesn't mean fantasy owners should continue to run him out there while he bats .230 or worse. There is some power and will be a handful of steals but that isn't quite enough to justify using him quite yet.
6 weeks ago
Hanser Alberto photo 279. Hanser Alberto SS - BAL
Delino DeShields photo 280. Delino DeShields CF - TEX
Ji-Man Choi photo 281. Ji-Man Choi DH - TB
David Bote photo 282. David Bote 2B,3B - CHC
Francisco Cervelli photo 283. Francisco Cervelli C - FA
Trent Grisham photo 284. Trent Grisham OF - MIL
Kurt Suzuki photo 285. Kurt Suzuki C - WSH
Suzuki isn't playing every day quite yet, but when he does play, he'll be helping your fantasy squad with both power (11 HR in 163 AB through the first half) and batting average which is sitting at .270. That is enough to warrant a starting catcher spot in 12-team leagues.
6 weeks ago
Tyler Naquin photo 286. Tyler Naquin LF,CF,RF - CLE
Josh Naylor photo 287. Josh Naylor 1B - SD
Mike Zunino photo 288. Mike Zunino C - TB
Mike Zunino has been a bust this season and can safely be dropped in all formats. Don't hesitate to scoop him up if he starts to catch fire in the second-half, however.
6 weeks ago
Luis Arraez photo 289. Luis Arraez IF - MIN
Ian Kinsler photo 290. Ian Kinsler 2B - SD
Brandon Dixon photo 291. Brandon Dixon 1B,RF - DET
Cameron Maybin photo 292. Cameron Maybin LF,CF,RF - NYY
Matt Adams photo 293. Matt Adams 1B,LF - WSH
Evan Gattis photo 294. Evan Gattis DH - FA
J.P. Crawford photo 295. J.P. Crawford 3B,SS - SEA
Crawford's bat hasn't quite developed as fast as many expected, but he is a source of both speed and power but with upside for more. Keep an eye on him as a potential waiver wire pickup in the second half.
6 weeks ago
Willians Astudillo photo 296. Willians Astudillo C,3B - MIN
Austin Hedges photo 297. Austin Hedges C - SD
JaCoby Jones photo 298. JaCoby Jones LF,CF - DET
Jed Lowrie photo 299. Jed Lowrie 2B,3B - NYM
Lowrie has been on the IL all season and just suffered another setback. Even if and when he returns to action, fantasy owners shouldn't pay any attention.
6 weeks ago
Ben Zobrist photo 300. Ben Zobrist 2B,LF,RF - CHC
Tyler Flowers photo 301. Tyler Flowers C - ATL
Tommy Edman photo 302. Tommy Edman IF - STL
Lewin Diaz photo 303. Lewin Diaz 1B - MIN
Albert Almora Jr. photo 304. Albert Almora Jr. CF - CHC
Adam Duvall photo 305. Adam Duvall 1B,LF - ATL
Logan Forsythe photo 306. Logan Forsythe 2B,3B - TEX
Matt Duffy photo 307. Matt Duffy 3B - TB
Carlos Gonzalez photo 308. Carlos Gonzalez RF - FA
Chris Iannetta photo 309. Chris Iannetta C - FA
Iannetta has been getting only 30% of the playing time for Colorado, and while he is playing well, that isn't enough to warrant rostering him in fantasy.
6 weeks ago
Jason Castro photo 310. Jason Castro C - MIN
Victor Caratini photo 311. Victor Caratini C,1B - CHC
David Freese photo 312. David Freese 1B,3B - LAD
Cole Tucker photo 313. Cole Tucker SS - PIT
Nicky Lopez photo 314. Nicky Lopez SS - KC
Tyler Austin photo 315. Tyler Austin 1B,DH - FA
Adam Haseley photo 316. Adam Haseley LF,CF - PHI
Clint Frazier photo 317. Clint Frazier LF - NYY
Frazier was by no means a star while he was up, but was surely good enough that the very second he gets the call again, he should be a top waiver priority even if it comes with him being dealt to another team before the deadline.
6 weeks ago
Austin Slater photo 318. Austin Slater LF - SF
Jose Iglesias photo 319. Jose Iglesias SS - CIN
Mark Trumbo photo 320. Mark Trumbo RF,DH - BAL
Stephen Vogt photo 321. Stephen Vogt C,1B - SF
Myles Straw photo 322. Myles Straw RF - HOU
Dustin Pedroia photo 323. Dustin Pedroia 2B - BOS
Johan Camargo photo 324. Johan Camargo 3B,SS - ATL
Josh VanMeter photo 325. Josh VanMeter SS - CIN
Skye Bolt photo 326. Skye Bolt OF - OAK
Yoenis Cespedes photo 327. Yoenis Cespedes LF - NYM
Jose Osuna photo 328. Jose Osuna 1B,3B,RF - PIT
Addison Russell photo 329. Addison Russell SS - CHC
Austin Barnes photo 330. Austin Barnes C,2B - LAD
Pablo Reyes photo 331. Pablo Reyes RF - PIT
Anthony Alford photo 332. Anthony Alford LF - TOR
Nick Williams photo 333. Nick Williams LF,RF - PHI
DJ Stewart photo 334. DJ Stewart LF - BAL
Mikie Mahtook photo 335. Mikie Mahtook LF,RF - DET
Matt Beaty photo 336. Matt Beaty 1B - LAD
Pablo Sandoval photo 337. Pablo Sandoval 1B,3B - SF
Nobody saw it coming, but Pablo is back and playing great for the Giants. Of course, he isn't playing every day so the counting stats aren't ideal but with a .290 batting average and 11 homers in 176 at-bats, there may be a place for him on your fantasy squad.
6 weeks ago
Melky Cabrera photo 338. Melky Cabrera RF - PIT
Once again, Melky is helping fantasy owners with a batting average north of .300 and not much more in any category. You can make a case for using a player like that, but for the most part, he should be reserved as an injury fill-in, not a long-term solution.
6 weeks ago
Bobby Bradley photo 339. Bobby Bradley 1B - CLE
Just because Bradley hasn't started out all that hot for Cleveland doesn't mean you should give up on him. Rather, keep a close eye on this potential 40-homer threat, as he could explode onto the fantasy scene any day now.
6 weeks ago
Travis Jankowski photo 340. Travis Jankowski LF,CF,RF - SD
Brendan Rodgers photo 341. Brendan Rodgers SS - COL
Rodgers hasn't done anything this season at the big league level and although he is mashing in the minors, the Rockies sent him to the IL with shoulder impingement. If he does make a return, he'll be a hot waiver commodity, but you shouldn't count on it.
6 weeks ago
John Hicks photo 342. John Hicks C,1B - DET
Chris Owings photo 343. Chris Owings 2B,3B,CF,RF - BOS
Brian McCann photo 344. Brian McCann C - ATL
Rio Ruiz photo 345. Rio Ruiz 3B - BAL
Chris Davis photo 346. Chris Davis 1B - BAL
Eduardo Nunez photo 347. Eduardo Nunez 2B,3B - FA
Lonnie Chisenhall photo 348. Lonnie Chisenhall RF - PIT
Austin Hays photo 349. Austin Hays CF,RF - BAL
Tommy La Stella photo 350. Tommy La Stella 2B,3B - LAA
La Stella was among the top breakout infielders this year before going on the IL for 2 to 3 months. If you have enough room on your IL or even bench, he may be worth holding onto for the head to head playoff stretch.
6 weeks ago
Brian Goodwin photo 351. Brian Goodwin LF,CF,RF - LAA
Goodwin flashed some fantasy appeal earlier on in the season but now that he is on the IL, he can safely be ignored in fantasy leagues.
6 weeks ago
Alex Avila photo 352. Alex Avila C - ARI
Ty France photo 353. Ty France 3B - SD
France has been terrific in the minors this season and while he wasn't impressive in his MLB debut, there is a chance that he gets another shot before the end of the season and proves to be a worthwhile waiver wire addition.
6 weeks ago
Phillip Ervin photo 354. Phillip Ervin LF,RF - CIN
Tom Murphy photo 355. Tom Murphy C - SEA
Jake Marisnick photo 356. Jake Marisnick CF - HOU
Joe Panik photo 357. Joe Panik 2B - NYM
Gavin Lux photo 358. Gavin Lux SS - LAD
Matt Wieters photo 359. Matt Wieters C - STL
Yairo Munoz photo 360. Yairo Munoz 3B,SS,CF - STL
Ben Gamel photo 361. Ben Gamel LF,RF - MIL
Elias Diaz photo 362. Elias Diaz C - PIT
Keon Broxton photo 363. Keon Broxton CF - SEA
Gerardo Parra photo 364. Gerardo Parra LF,RF - WSH
Billy McKinney photo 365. Billy McKinney LF,RF - TOR
Jonathan Lucroy photo 366. Jonathan Lucroy C - CHC
Pedro Severino photo 367. Pedro Severino C - BAL
Severino has limited competition for playing time and is batting near the middle of the Orioles lineup most games so he should continue to pile up counting stats to go with a subpar batting average.
3 weeks ago
Tony Kemp photo 368. Tony Kemp LF,CF - CHC
Jordan Luplow photo 369. Jordan Luplow LF,RF - CLE
Mac Williamson photo 370. Mac Williamson LF - SEA
Nick Solak photo 371. Nick Solak 2B - TEX
Harold Ramirez photo 372. Harold Ramirez OF - MIA
Matt Davidson photo 373. Matt Davidson 1B,3B,DH - TEX
Carter Kieboom photo 374. Carter Kieboom SS - WSH
Sam Travis photo 375. Sam Travis LF - BOS
Dustin Fowler photo 376. Dustin Fowler CF - OAK
Daniel Descalso photo 377. Daniel Descalso 1B,2B,3B - CHC
Roman Quinn photo 378. Roman Quinn LF,CF - PHI
Isiah Kiner-Falefa photo 379. Isiah Kiner-Falefa C,2B,3B - TEX
Matt Thaiss photo 380. Matt Thaiss 1B - LAA
Steve Pearce photo 381. Steve Pearce 1B,LF,DH - BOS
Kevin Cron photo 382. Kevin Cron 1B - ARI
Miguel Rojas photo 383. Miguel Rojas 1B,3B,SS - MIA