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Mike Tagliere’s Final 2019 NFL Mock Draft with Trades – Three Rounds

by Mike Tagliere | @MikeTagliereNFL | Featured Writer
Apr 22, 2019

It appears the Cardinals will select Kyler Murray at No. 1 overall

The time has finally come to put our money where our mouth is. It’s the week of the NFL Draft and after countless scouting reports, big boards, and mock drafts, it’s time to finally cement our predictions for what will take place.

This is the final mock draft I’ll be doing, which is why there’s going to be some trades included. Predicting trades can get very tricky, as making one that doesn’t happen can have a domino effect down the entire draft, which is not something we’re looking to accomplish. We’re guessing what’s most likely to happen during the NFL Draft, and trades are even harder to predict than how the prospects will pan out.

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I’ll promise you something right now. You’re not going to agree with all my picks. In fact, it’s really okay that you don’t agree. That’s the beauty of the draft. But when I tell you that I’ve combed through every teams needs and played out countless scenarios in my dreams over the last few months, believe me. There’s nothing I want more than to be right with every single pick, though that’s really not possible. Rumors have to be taken into consideration, as do private workouts and interviews, and team visits. With that being said, here’s my predictions with what will happen starting Thursday night. If there are any trades that happen in-between now and then, make sure to check my Twitter account @MikeTagliereNFL to see any updates I’ve made.


1. Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray (QB – Oklahoma)
This one makes no sense to me, as Josh Rosen is still on the roster, but where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. If the Cardinals don’t trade him before/during the draft, they lose all leverage in a potential Rosen trade, as teams know he’s just a backup to them. The current Vegas odds for Murray to go No. 1 overall are -500, which means you’d have to lay $500 just to win $100, while Nick Bosa is +225. That doesn’t seem like great odds for those of us who think they should select Bosa.

2. San Francisco 49ers – Nick Bosa (DE – Ohio State)
The 49ers are handed a gift on a silver platter with Bosa, who’s right there with Quinnen Williams as the best player in the draft. He plays as an edge rusher, which just happens to be the second-most important position on the field behind quarterback. Pairing him with Dee Ford gives the 49ers front-four a brand-new look. If Bosa goes No. 1 overall, I’d expect the 49ers to be open to trading back with a team who’s interested in Murray.

3. New York Jets – Josh Allen (EDGE – Kentucky)
This is another pick I’m not completely on-board with from a fit-perspective, but Allen is widely considered as the best edge rusher after Bosa. We don’t know if Gregg Williams is planning on turning back to his typical 4-3 defense or keeping the Jets a 3-4 unit, but I’m one who believes Allen would be a better fit in a 3-4. If Williams is going to his usual 4-3, I’d prefer Montez Sweat or Clelin Ferrell over the highly-touted Allen, but Allen would be the correct pick if they’re sticking with a 3-4 scheme.

4. Oakland Raiders – Quinnen Williams (DT – Alabama)
The Raiders lucked out when they landed Maurice Hurst in the fifth round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Pairing him with Williams up front is a nasty duo, as Williams has Aaron Donald-like potential and is in contention for best player in the entire draft. The Raiders have added quite a few pieces to the offense this offseason, so snagging a potential game-changer like Williams would be a great pick.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Devin White (LB – LSU)
After losing Kwon Alexander, the Bucs have a big need at inside linebacker, and no, Deone Bucannon is not solving their problems. White is a plug-and-play linebacker who comes with very minimal risk. After watching their defense allow 125 rushing yards per game last year, they need to address the heart of the defense, especially when you consider they lost one of their best players. The Bucs did meet with White at the Combine and then again when they had him in for a private visit.

6. New York Giants – Rashan Gary (DE – Michigan)
There have been just two players who the Giants met with on three separate occasions. One was Nick Bosa, who maybe they try to trade-up to get? The other was Gary. They met with him at the Combine, they were at his Pro Day, and then they had him in for a private meeting. If Devin White were to fall to this spot, he’d be someone they could go with, but in this scenario, Gary is the pick. Going quarterback would make sense, but knowing they can likely land one at No. 17, they snag their defensive player at No. 6.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jawaan Taylor (OT – Florida)
This was the first spot I thought about trading a team out of, as the Jaguars can likely land a solid offensive tackle later in this round, but the issue is that there’s no team who’s likely to trade-up for a quarterback, as the next two teams to pick also don’t have a need at the position. Instead, the Jaguars take the tackle they’ve met with multiple times. Taylor would not only help protect Nick Foles, but he’d clear plenty of space in the run-game.

8. Detroit Lions – Brian Burns (EDGE – Florida State)
The Lions are a tricky one because they haven’t brought in their last three first-round picks on private visits. That doesn’t mean it’s a lock they don’t here, but it’s interesting. It’s been popular to suggest they’ll take Montez Sweat with this pick, but knowing about his heart condition has teams scared off him. Remember Maurice Hurst last year? Projected first-round pick fell to the fifth-round for such issue. The Lions were interested in Anthony Barr in free agency and they did bring Burns in for a private visit, so if they were planning on Sweat, Burns may be the backup plan to minimize risk. This is a pick that could change prior to the draft and it’s possible the Lions trade back.

9. Buffalo Bills – Ed Oliver (DT – Houston)
We very rarely see defensive tackles go in the top-five, so why would we expect two of them to go there? Oliver is extremely talented but is also a bit undersized as an interior lineman. The Bills didn’t do anything to replace Kyle Williams, so they have a void to fill at the position, and Oliver can definitely help fill it.

10. Denver Broncos – Drew Lock (QB – Missouri)
It’s popular to think the Broncos are going to wait until next year at quarterback, but think about it for a minute. If Vic Fangio is the defensive genius most think he is, combining him with all the talent the Broncos have on the defensive side of the ball, do you really think they’re going to have a top-10 pick again in 2020? Lock has apparently been the apple of John Elway’s eye, so taking him over Dwayne Haskins seems extremely plausible. Lock can hopefully be trained to stop throwing from bad platforms even when there’s no pressure while Joe Flacco starts the season.

11. Cincinnati Bengals – Devin Bush (LB – Michigan)
After releasing Vontaze Burfict, the Bengals have a clear need at linebacker. In fact, they had one before cutting Burfict. There’s a massive void at linebacker in this draft class once you get past Bush and Devin White, and they can likely find their other needs later in the draft. Bush is one of the lowest risk players on the board, so Bengals fans should be happy if he’s their selection.

12. Green Bay Packers – Jonah Williams (OT – Alabama)
Everyone wants something sexy here out of the Packers, who can go in a lot of different directions, but in the end, they must protect their biggest investment, Aaron Rodgers. They have injury-prone Bryan Bulaga who’s in the final year of his contract, and many have said that Williams would be best-suited as a right tackle, which is where Bulaga plays. The addition of Billy Turner could allow them to wait a bit longer, as he offers flexibility as a guard or tackle, but ready-to-start offensive tackles are hard to find and the Packers don’t pick this high very often.

13. Miami Dolphins – Clelin Ferrell (DE – Clemson)
Everyone suspects the Dolphins will run up to the podium to select a quarterback here, but they’re far too early in the rebuilding process to be taking one here, which is why they signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to a two-year deal. They’ve lost all their edge rushers this offseason and good luck waiting around until the second round to find one who can be a legitimate starter on day one like Ferrell can. Montez Sweat should also be in the mix for this pick, as the Dolphins have done their homework on him, but for a franchise that needs to take little-to-no risk, Ferrell should be the pick.

14. *PROJECTED TRADE* New York Giants (from Falcons) – Daniel Jones (QB – Duke)
After passing on him with their No. 6 pick, the Giants trade up with the Falcons to jump the Redskins and take Jones. In the deal, the Giants give up their No. 17 overall pick (from the Browns) and their third-round pick (No. 95 overall). The Giants have done all their homework on Jones, attending his Pro Day with tons of decision-makers, hosting him on a private workout, and meeting with him at the Combine. Jones is apparently the No. 1 quarterback on their board right now, even if I don’t agree.

15. Washington Redskins – Dwayne Haskins (QB – Ohio State)
This would be the best-case scenario for the Redskins, as I believe Haskins is the top quarterback in the draft class, though he probably shouldn’t start right away. They have Case Keenum to provide a bridge for most of this year, and the Redskins have too much money tied up in Alex Smith to sign a quarterback in free agency.

16. Carolina Panthers – Montez Sweat (EDGE – Mississippi State)
The fall ends for Sweat, who is dealing with a heart condition that has reportedly caused four teams to completely remove him from their board. The Panthers did attend his Pro Day (after his heart condition was announced) and had him in for a private visit, so it would make sense that they’d take a chance on him here. With Julius Peppers gone, they need a starting-caliber edge rusher, and Sweat has received Peppers comparisons, though they are a bit lofty.

17. *PROJECTED TRADE* Atlanta Falcons (from Giants) – Andre Dillard (OT – Washington State)
After trading back with the Giants to acquire this pick and the No. 95 pick overall, the Falcons get the player they were debating at No. 14 with Dillard. He will move from left tackle to right tackle, which should be an easier transition into the NFL. The Falcons are likely to pass quite a bit under Dirk Koetter, so they’ll need to protect Matt Ryan. Ryan Schraeder has been a weak-point on the offensive line, so snagging Dillard makes sense. Many might project a defensive tackle here, but veteran Jack Crawford played well last year, and they drafted Deadrin Senat in the third-round of last year’s draft, who was also solid.

18. Minnesota Vikings – Cody Ford (OG/OT – Oklahoma)
If the Vikings don’t go offensive line here, they need to admit they have a problem with offensive linemen as a whole. All the guaranteed money they gave to Kirk Cousins doesn’t mean anything if he doesn’t have time to throw, so they snag Ford, who can likely play three different positions on the offensive line. The other way I could see them going is defensive tackle, though their defense is already potent enough.

19. Tennessee Titans – Christian Wilkins (DT – Clemson)
This was tough, as T.J. Hockenson has been moving up draft boards rapidly, but we cannot forget that the Titans drafted Jonnu Smith to be Delanie Walker‘s eventual successor. Instead, they snag Wilkins, who would be a disruptor up the middle alongside Jurrell Casey and Cameron Wake. This is also a spot where I could see the Titans wanting to move back a few spots if there’s a team willing to trade up.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers – T.J. Hockenson (TE – Iowa)
Most don’t expect Hockenson to be here at this point, and to be fair, I’ve debated selecting him with a few teams to this point, but the defensive talent is just too strong in this draft to take a tight end in the top-15. The Steelers have a whole bunch of targets up for grabs with Antonio Brown gone, and it just so happens that they lost Jesse James to the Lions this offseason. They need an edge rusher or linebacker, but nobody at those positions deserves to go this high.

21. Seattle Seahawks – Jeffery Simmons (DT – Mississippi State)
I really wanted to mock Byron Murphy to them with this pick, but the Seahawks almost always bulk-up their front-seven. After swinging and missing on Malik McDowell, they need to address the defensive tackle position, and everyone knows that Simmons is a top-10 talent in this draft. His off-the-field question marks and ACL injury will have him slide down draft boards, but I don’t think he’s falling out of the first round.

22. Baltimore Ravens – D.K. Metcalf (WR – Ole Miss)
After all the speculation about which wide receiver would come off the board first, it’s Metcalf. The Ravens have hosted him, Marquise Brown, and Hakeem Butler on private visits, so they’re clearly interested in a receiver. The issue with Brown is that he’s not your prototypical No. 1 receiver who Lamar Jackson can throw the ball up to in a pinch. Metcalf does need to develop a bit as a route-runner, but he can help stretch the field for the offense.

23. Houston Texans – Chris Lindstrom (OG – Boston College)
The Texans have been too cute with their lack of dedication to improve the offensive line, so instead of taking an upside tackle, they take the sure thing at guard. Lindstrom is one of the sturdiest players available in the draft who can come in and start right away to give the Texans a boost in both the run-game and provide better pass-protection.

24. Oakland Raiders (from Bears) – Greedy Williams (CB – LSU)
I have a hard time believing the first cornerback comes off the board this late, but in order for him to go earlier, you’d likely have one of the quarterbacks fall, which seems unlikely. The Raiders haven’t worked out many cornerbacks, but their depth chart is highly suspect, as the projected starters right now are Gareon Conley (solid), Nick Nelson (big question mark), Nevin Lawson (was released by the CB-needy Lions), and Daryl Worley (disappointment to this point). I could see them snagging Noah Fant or potentially a wide receiver, but they have another pick after two teams go.

25. Philadelphia Eagles – Tytus Howard (OT – Alabama State)
There hasn’t been someone skyrocketing up draft boards more than Howard over the last few months, as the former quarterback has now had private workouts with 24 of 32 teams. He’s clearly highly sought-after, so the Eagles surprise everyone and draft Jason Peters‘ eventual replacement.

26. Indianapolis Colts – A.J. Brown (WR – Ole Miss)
This is a perfect fit for the Colts, as they have T.Y. Hilton to stretch the field, Devin Funchess to be a big red zone target, and Brown would be the moveable chess piece in the offense, filling the slot-heavy role in Frank Reich’s offense. The Colts have a well-rounded roster right now and could go multiple ways, but filling the slot must be high on their list of wants.

27. Oakland Raiders (from Cowboys) – Noah Fant (TE – Iowa)
After passing on him at No. 24, the Raiders believed the Colts and Eagles are set at tight end, so there was no need to rush and pick Fant. They land Jared Cook‘s replacement here, and if he’s used similarly to the way Cook was, he’s going to make a lot of fantasy owners happy, though the target share isn’t going to be what is was with Antonio Brown now in town. The Raiders suddenly have a bevy of pass-catchers.

28. Los Angeles Chargers – Jerry Tillery (DT – Notre Dame)
It’s kind of odd that the Chargers haven’t met with many defensive tackles throughout the draft process, but truth be told, they haven’t met with many first-round prospects at all. Safety is a position that should be contemplated here, too, as Nasir Adderley would pair extremely well with Derwin James, as both are movable chess pieces. But the lack of depth at the defensive tackle position is glaring and Tillery is likely a better fit for their 4-3 defense than someone like Dexter Lawrence, who works best as a nose tackle.

29. Seattle Seahawks (from Chiefs) – Byron Murphy (CB – Washington)
The Seahawks found a team willing to trade a first-round pick for Frank Clark, and oddly enough, they take who the Chiefs likely would’ve selected with this pick. Byron Murphy fits their zone scheme perfectly. It’s possible they take Murphy with their pick at No. 21, but getting Simmons on their defensive line was their first priority.

30. Green Bay Packers – Marquise Brown (WR – Oklahoma)
After passing on wide receiver with their No. 12 pick, the Packers get their field-stretcher in Brown. He had Lisfranc surgery this offseason, so he may not offer everything he has in year one, but he’s not going to be asked to be the top guy with Davante Adams there. Those two combined with Aaron Rodgers would make one of the best duos in the NFL and maybe the most fun to watch.

31. *PROJECTED TRADE* Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Rams) – Deandre Baker (CB – Georgia)
The Bucs decide they don’t want to wait-and-see if their guy will be there at No. 39, so they trade that pick along with their fourth-round pick (No. 107 overall) to the Rams in exchange for the No. 31 pick in the draft. After moving on from Brent Grimes, the Bucs have a starting position to fill in their secondary, and coming from Clemson, Baker has experience in high-pressure games. He’ll join Carlton Davis and M.J. Stewart as one of the youngest trios in football.

32. New England Patriots – Dexter Lawrence (DT – Clemson)
The Patriots have been searching for their next Vince Wilfork and Lawrence may be as good as they’re going to get. He’s a big body at 6-foot-4 and 342 pounds, comparable to Mike Pennel the free agent they acquired from the Jets. It’s possible they look to the edge considering they gained Pennel, but you also have to keep in mind the Patriots lost both Malcom Brown and Danny Shelton, two players that combined for nearly 800 snaps last year. Pennel has never played more than 358 snaps in one year.


33. Arizona Cardinals – Hakeem Butler (WR – Iowa State)
Now that they’ve landed their quarterback, they need to get him some weapons, because behind Larry Fitzgerald – who’s going to retire shortly – they have Christian Kirk, and that’s about it. While Butler only has the one year of elite production, it’s the same story with Kyler Murray, so why worry about it now? N’Keal Harry could be another one they look at, though he wouldn’t fit well with the way Murray plays.

34. Indianapolis Colts (from Jets) – Johnathan Abram (S – Mississippi State)
After no safety came off the board in the first round, the Colts end that early in the second round, pairing Abram with Malik Hooker. With Hooker manning the deep part of the field and being a ball-hawk, they can have Abram play that in-your-face run defense. He’s a player who’ll bring some attitude to the Colts defense.

35. Oakland Raiders – Josh Jacobs (RB – Alabama)
There are many analysts who still believe Jacobs will go in the first round, and while I’ll admit it’s a possibility, there’s enough questions about him taking on a big workload for him to fall into the second round. He’d pair well with Isaiah Crowell to ensure they don’t overload him in year one, though if he’s able to carry a full workload, I’d expect him to pass Crowell in short order.

36. *PROJECTED TRADE* Denver Broncos – Garrett Bradbury (C – NC State)
The Broncos see Bradbury drop enough, so they offer the 49ers their No. 41 pick and their fourth-round pick in the 2020 draft to move up to the No. 36 pick. Bradbury is another one who’s projected to go in the first round, though I don’t see it with all the defensive talent on the board. He would immediately be asked to start after the Broncos lost Matt Paradis this offseason.

37. New York Giants – Dalton Risner (OT – Kansas State)
Now that they’ve landed their guy on defense and have their quarterback, the Giants try to add one of the final pieces to the offensive line. The right tackle position has been a nightmare for them, and it’s precisely where Risner played at Kansas State. He’d walk in and be an upgrade immediately.

38. Jacksonville Jaguars – Irv Smith Jr. (TE – Alabama)
With John DeFilippo going to be the coordinator for the Jaguars, you know tight end has to be a priority for them, as he stems from the Doug Pederson coaching tree. My NFL comparison for Smith is Trey Burton, who happened to have success in that offense. He’s a moveable tight end who can also help as a blocker, and best of all, he’s pro-ready.

39. *PROJECTED TRADE* Los Angeles Rams (from Bucs) – Mack Wilson (LB – Alabama)
After moving back from No. 31 to No. 39, the Rams still get the player they were going to select. While Wilson isn’t very high on my board, he’s in the next tier of linebackers in this draft class and he obviously gets a bump for playing in Alabama’s defense. Linebacker is a massive need for the Rams, so they need to get one here considering they don’t have another pick until the fourth round.

40. Buffalo Bills – Amani Oruwariye (CB – Penn State)
The Bills did a lot of signing during free agency, making it tough to say which way they’ll go, but one thing we do know is that they’re short in the secondary behind Tre’Davious White. Sure, they signed E.J. Gaines to come back, but he’s on a one-year deal worth just over $1 million. Oruwariye has the size NFL teams want, which is why he’s likely going to be picked top-45 of the draft.

41. *PROJECTED TRADE* San Francisco 49ers (from Broncos) – Rock Ya-Sin (CB – Temple)
The move-back from the No. 36 pick turns out to be a good one. The 49ers continue to try and build their defense snagging Ya-Sin, who is likely worth a first-round pick. He’d be their long-term solution, while the risk/reward signing of Jason Verrett could give them depth at the position. The other direction we could see them go is a possession wide receiver after losing Pierre Garcon, though it hasn’t appeared to be high on their priority list this offseason.

42. Cincinnati Bengals – Jaylon Ferguson (EDGE – Louisiana Tech)
After playing it safe in the first round with Devin Bush, the Bengals go for the high-upside play in Ferguson. He set an NCAA record with 47 sacks during his time in college, though there are some questions about his transition to the tougher competition in the NFL. There have been plenty of teams who’ve brought him in for private visits and the Bengals were one of them.

43. Detroit Lions – Lonnie Johnson (CB – Kentucky)
He’s been getting a lot of buzz lately and the Lions did bring him in for a private visit. They have Darius Slay on one side and signed Justin Coleman to cover the slot, but do they consider Rashaan Melvin a sure thing after signing him to a one-year, $2.1 million deal? Probably not. With all the wide receivers in their division, the Lions need to beef-up their cornerback unit.

44. Green Bay Packers – Nasir Adderley (S – Delaware)
After landing Adrian Amos in free agency, the Packers have snagged one of the safeties they’ll need, but will they stick with Tramon Williams and Kentrell Brice behind him? It’s highly unlikely considering Brice hasn’t been very good, even when healthy, and Williams just turned 36 years old. Adderley offers some much-needed versatility in the secondary and should pair well with Amos.

45. Atlanta Falcons – Sean Bunting (CB – Central Michigan)
Some may not be expecting Bunting to go this high but count me as someone who was extremely impressed when watching his film. On top of that, he dominated all of his Combine drills and Pro Day performances. The Falcons have Desmond Trufant and Isaiah Oliver playing on the perimeter, but Bunting would walk in and cover the slot from day one.

46. Washington Redskins – Deionte Thompson (S – Alabama)
With the lack of buzz around Thompson, the Redskins may be able to land Thompson here in the second round. They can pair him with Landon Collins to have an Alabama back-end, which isn’t too far off their front-end that includes both Jonathan Allen and Da’Ron Payne. Building an Alabama pro-style defense isn’t the worst idea.

47. Carolina Panthers – Yodny Cajuste (OT – West Virginia)
After snagging one of their bigger needs on the defensive side of the ball in the first round, the Panthers move to the offensive line to protect Cam Newton from further injury. They signed Daryl Williams to just a one-year deal and finally moved on from Matt Kalil, so they need to rebuild on the edges. Taylor Moton and Cajuste could make for a solid duo for years to come.

48. Miami Dolphins – Trayvon Mullen (CB – Clemson)
With the Dolphins in full rebuild mode, they grab another long-lasting player to add to their secondary. Mullen offers a great secondary option across from Xavien Howard, who has flashed shutdown ability at times. The Dolphins did host Mullen on a private visit recently and he was never going to be an option at No. 13 overall.

49. Cleveland Browns – Greg Little (OT – Ole Miss)
We’ve heard whispers that the Browns want to get back into the first round, but in this scenario, they stay put and take the upside play to potentially find their future left tackle. Little was practically a locked-in first-round pick coming out of high school, but he never progressed the way most expected, and it’s possible he falls lower than this. The Browns have enough talent on the roster to take the risk with him here.

50. Minnesota Vikings – Jace Sternberger (TE – Texas A&M)
The Vikings have met with a lot of high-profile tight ends, bringing them in for private visits, including Sternberger. Kyle Rudolph is under contract for one more year, which would make this the perfect transition, as Sternberger has very limited experience as a one-year star at Texas A&M. In this mock draft, there’s no defensive tackle worth taking in this spot.

51. Tennessee Titans – Dru Samia (OG – Oklahoma)
After the surprising release of Josh Kline, the Titans have a void to fill on their offensive line. There’s a lot of analysts who’d say Erik McCoy is the likely pick, but Samia is a true guard and one who plays with the attitude the Titans want up front. He was a tad undersized while at Oklahoma, but did put on some weight and is up to 305 pounds.

52. Pittsburgh Steelers – Chase Winovich (EDGE – Michigan)
This is the best-case scenario for the Steelers, who refused to reach for an edge defender in the first round, but Winovich is someone who may get first round consideration. He’s not the strongest or biggest edge rusher, but he gives 100 percent on every play and has a little Clay Matthews to him. Opposite T.J. Watt, these two should make life difficult on opposing offenses.

53. Philadelphia Eagles (from Ravens) – Charles Omenihu (DE – Texas)
Some view Omenihu as an edge, while others view him as an interior lineman, which would give the Eagles plenty of options. After losing both Haloti Ngata and Timmy Jernigan, they have to build some depth on the interior, and it’s never a bad thing to have additional depth at defensive end.

54. Houston Texans (from Seahawks) – Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (CB/S – Florida)
If there’s someone who fills two needs for the Texans, it would make a lot of sense, right? Well, they did sign a few cornerbacks in free agency, but nobody that’s going to replace Kareem Jackson. Fortunately, Gardner-Johnson offers similar versatility to play both nickel cornerback and safety. The only concern would be that he’s off the board by this point, as he’s moved up draft boards in the recent months.

55. Houston Texans – David Montgomery (RB – Iowa State)
After being patient with Lamar Miller and D’Onta Foreman, it’s time for the Texans to snag a running back who can create yardage on his own. Montgomery is that guy and is competent in the passing game, though the Texans don’t heavily utilize their backs in the receiving game. After landing an interior lineman in the first round, there are no tackles worth taking here, so they get their long-term running back.

56. *PROJECTED TRADE* Buffalo Bills (from Patriots) – N’Keal Harry (WR – Arizona State)
The Bills move up by giving the Patriots their second-round pick next year and fourth-round pick (No. 112 overall) this year in exchange for the No. 56 overall pick. They need a big-bodied wide receiver who offers a big catch radius, as they have plenty of speed on the roster already, so Harry fills that need.

57. Philadelphia Eagles – Parris Campbell (WR – Ohio State)
Sure, the Eagles went out and snagged DeSean Jackson this offseason, but that doesn’t mean they’re done at the wide receiver position. Campbell is the ideal slot receiver in Doug Pederson’s offense and can stretch the field in ways that Nelson Agholor just can’t. It’s been whispered that Agholor is actually on the trade block, so to know the Eagles have brought in Campbell on a private visit, it makes sense they’d take him here.

58. Dallas Cowboys – Elgton Jenkins (C – Mississippi State)
If there’s anything the Cowboys learned last year, it’s that Travis Frederick is extremely valuable. If for some reason he’s not able to come back to the player he was, they need a contingency plan. Jenkins is my top-ranked center in the draft who can play guard as well.

59. Indianapolis Colts – JoeJuan Williams (CB – Vanderbilt)
The Colts could really use some more depth in their secondary. While their starting unit played well for most of the year, many would agree they played over their current talent level. Quincy Wilson is just a guy, so adding some second-round talent in Williams, even if he doesn’t start right away, makes plenty of sense. Another direction they could go is edge rusher, though the acquisition of Justin Houston likely has them going another direction.

60. Los Angeles Chargers – Juan Thornhill (S – Virginia)
After stealing Derwin James last year, the Chargers add Thornhill to play alongside him here. With Jahleel Addae gone, the position is vacant at the moment, though the Chargers did re-sign Adrian Phillips to a one-year deal. Thornhill is expected to go in this range and it’s a fit for the Chargers, who also hosted him on a private visit and went to his Pro Day.

61. Kansas City Chiefs – Justin Layne (CB – Michigan State)
Switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense is never easy in one offseason, but the Chiefs have now added Frank Clark, Emmanuel Ogbah, and Alex Okafor to their defensive line. They have to add someone in the secondary here, so they reach for Layne, who is a big-bodied perimeter cornerback that’s been moving up draft boards.

62. New Orleans Saints – Emanuel Hall (WR – Missouri)
I’m putting Hall here because I believe Sean Payton knows what he’s doing when it comes to selecting offensive skill-position players. Hall is a mold of Mike Wallace who could be extremely dangerous opposite Michael Thomas. He would take the place of Ted Ginn as the Saints get younger while increasing their shot at a Super Bowl. This may be considered a round too early by some, but I think he’s the perfect fit for the Saints win-now offense.

63. Kansas City Chiefs (from Rams) – Erik McCoy (C/OG – Texas A&M)
After losing Mitch Morse to the Bills this offseason, the Chiefs would have to go to former fifth-round pick Austin Reiter in his place if they don’t draft someone. Not to say Reiter can’t play, but they need help at the guard position as well, something McCoy can offer. Depending on what’s going on with Tyreek Hill, we could see them select a wide receiver here, and Deebo Samuel offers the versatility that Andy Reid would likely want.

64. New England Patriots – Deebo Samuel (WR – South Carolina)
The Patriots were contemplating him at No. 56 before trading that pick to the Bills, so they’re happy to see him still on the board. Samuel is a receiver who can move all over the field, similar to Julian Edelman. He’s best-suited for slot-work in the NFL, but he does have plenty of experience on the perimeter. The Patriots desperately need wide receiver help and Samuel was one of six wide receivers they brought in for private visits.


65. Arizona Cardinals – Darnell Savage (S – Maryland)
After going offense in the first two rounds, the Cardinals get back to their defense and pair Savage with Budda Baker. Many believe Savage’s stock has moved into the second round, and while I think it’s possible, he goes with the first pick in the third round in this scenario.

66. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Raiders) – Taylor Rapp (S – Washington)
After letting Morgan Burnett go (per his request), the Steelers need to beef-up their safety unit. Sean Davis just isn’t the player they’d hoped when they drafted him a few years back, so they add Rapp to play alongside last year’s first-round pick Terrell Edmunds.

67. *PROJECTED TRADE* Baltimore Ravens (from 49ers) – Tre Lamar (LB – Clemson)
The Ravens can’t sit back with pick No. 85 and worry whether or not Lamar will be there despite there being a lot of attention going his way throughout the draft process. To move up, they give the 49ers that No. 85 pick, as well as their No. 113 pick they received from the Broncos. They need to replace C.J. Mosley and the answer isn’t on the roster.

68. New York Jets – Connor McGovern (OG – Penn State)
He’s an offensive lineman who gives the Jets some versatility, as he’s played guard as well as center in his time at Penn State. He’s a solid run-blocker who can help open some holes for Le’Veon Bell.

69. Jacksonville Jaguars – Amani Hooker (S – Iowa)
The Jaguars lost both Tashaun Gipson and Barry Church in the last few months, so safety should be a position they’re targeting in this range. They haven’t tipped their hand in the draft process, though, as they didn’t meet with any safeties at all. In fact, they’re a team who didn’t meet with very many players in general.

70. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Miles Sanders (RB – Penn State)
If I’m being honest, I never expected the Bucs to draft a running back in the top three rounds, but with the players they’ve landed in Devin White and Deandre Baker, they can afford to take a chance on Sanders here. He’s a three-down back who’d work well in Bruce Arians’ offense, though I’m hesitant because I don’t believe they’ve completely moved on from Ronald Jones.

Original Pick No. 71 was forfeited by the New York Giants due to selecting CB Sam Beal in last year’s supplemental draft. 

71. Denver Broncos – Vosean Joseph (LB – Florida)
After snagging Drew Lock and Garrett Bradbury for the offense, the Broncos move to the defensive side of the ball to snag Joseph, who would benefit from a move to play the weak inside linebacker role. It’s not the ideal pick for them here, but after releasing Brandon Marshall and having to lean on Josey Jewell, they need depth.

72. Cincinnati Bengals – Will Grier (QB – West Virginia)
While I believe the Bengals are comfortable with Andy Dalton right now, the fact that Grier falls to them in the third round gives them enough of a reason to select a quarterback. New head coach Zac Taylor reportedly likes Dalton, but getting someone like Grier who may be able to be a long-term starter as a backup makes sense.

73. New England Patriots (from Lions) – Oshane Ximines (EDGE – Old Dominion)
After contemplating Will Grier and watching him going off the board, the Patriots go back to the front-seven, adding Ximines whose skillset allows him to play in both a 4-3 and 3-4, something that should be useful to Bill Belichick.

74. Buffalo Bills – Kaleb McGary (OT – Washington)
The Bills need to add to the offensive line at some point, so why not with a player they met with at the Combine, hosted on a private visit, and hosted a private workout? McGary likely projects as a right tackle, but some believe he could start at left tackle.

75. Green Bay Packers – Jachai Polite (EDGE – Florida)
The Packers lost Clay Matthews this offseason, but also added veterans Za’Darius Smith and Preston Smith. They can use depth and versatility with their edge rushers and outside linebackers, which Polite gives. According to Polite, the Packers “bashed” him in their meeting at the Combine, but I will say that sometimes you’re harder on those you believe in. A few months ago, Polite was expected to go in the first round.

76. Washington Redskins – Julian Love (CB – Notre Dame)
He’s one of the better cornerbacks left on the board and it’s a clear need for the Redskins, as Josh Norman‘s not getting any younger, while Quinton Dunbar is mediocre, at best. Love would come in and compete to start on day one.

77. Carolina Panthers – Clayton Thorson (QB – Northwestern)
We’ve heard the whispers about the Panthers potentially moving on from Cam Newton if he can’t right the ship, so here, they take Thorson. They’ve hosted him on a private visit and were also in attendance at his Pro Day, so there’s certainly interest there. This could also be Jarrett Stidham (who I’d select over Thorson), but they’ve done more homework on Thorson.

78. Miami Dolphins – Zach Allen (DE – Boston College)
After snagging Clelin Ferrell in the first round, the Dolphins add another pass-rusher who falls further than expected. He can play defensive end in either a 3-4 or 4-3, which is something new head coach Brian Flores likely covets.

79. Atlanta Falcons – D’Andre Walker (EDGE – Georgia)
The Falcons fell they lucked out with Walker falling to them here, as they went in other directions than edge rusher in the first two rounds but are pleasantly surprised to see him here. Walker could help them move on from Vic Beasley if he pans out.

80. Cleveland Browns – Kris Boyd (CB – Texas)
The Browns lost a few of their cornerbacks this offseason and need to replenish the depth chart. Boyd is a physical cornerback who won’t let a wide receiver push him around despite being just 5-foot-11 and 201 pounds.

81. Minnesota Vikings – Marquise Blair (S – Utah)
After going offense with the top two picks, the Vikings search for a safety to add to the depth chart. Anthony Harris was retained on a one-year deal, though that contract doesn’t inspire long-term confidence.

82. Tennessee Titans – J.J. Arcega-Whiteside (WR – Stanford)
There’s been a lot of chatter around the Titans acquiring wide receivers and while I don’t think it’s a need for them, they’re giving Marcus Mariota as many weapons as they can. Arcega-Whiteside is a red zone monster who can win the majority of 50/50 balls.

83. Pittsburgh Steelers – Riley Ridley (WR – Georgia)
Well, the Steelers didn’t have any problems with the last receiver they took in the later rounds with subpar Combine numbers, right? I’m kidding. Ridley is a route-runner who uses excellent footwork to get open, something Antonio Brown regularly did despite subpar athleticism (from a measurement standpoint). I don’t like Ridley nearly as much as I did his brother (Calvin Ridley) last year, but he’s expected to go in this range.

84. Kansas City Chiefs (from Seahawks) – Darrell Henderson (RB – Memphis)
It’s a dream come true for fantasy players, as Henderson would walk in and compete for the starting job right away in Andy Reid’s running back-friendly offense. He’s a big play waiting to happen, and the Chiefs have no idea if Damien Williams can stay upright for a full season as a workhorse.

85. *PROJECTED TRADE* San Francisco 49ers (from Ravens) – Germaine Pratt (LB – NC State)
After moving back in a trade with the Ravens, the 49ers add to their linebacking corps with an upside pick. Pratt is still learning the position as a former free safety, but because of that, he has excellent coverage skills and athleticism.

86. Houston Texans – Max Scharping (OT – Northern Illinois)
The Texans snag another offensive lineman, though this time they’re hoping they can get some versatility. Scharping played some guard while in college, but projects as a solid right tackle at the next level.

87. Chicago Bears – Jaquan Johnson (S – Miami)
With the loss of Adrian Amos and the one-year signing of Haha Clinton-Dix, the Bears can’t be done at the safety position. Johnson is someone who can play both safety positions, but best-suited for a strong safety role, as tackling is his specialty. Alongside Eddie Jackson, the two could pair very well should Clinton-Dix be in town for just one year.

88. Detroit Lions (from Eagles) – Michael Jordan (OG/C – Ohio State)
After releasing T.J. Lang, the Lions need to find a startable guard in the draft or sign one in free agency. Jordan offers versatility to play both guard and center, though he’d likely be starting at right guard to start the season.

89. Indianapolis Colts – Damien Harris (RB – Alabama)
The Colts did say they’re comfortable with Marlon Mack, but why not snag a durable running back who runs downhill and would excel behind a dominant offensive line? Harris is a no-nonsense runner that would provide depth should Mack come down with another injury.

90. Dallas Cowboys – Andy Isabella (WR – Massachusetts)
He’d be a great fit for the Cowboys offense, as he’s not just delegated to the slot but can play on the perimeter as well. This would allow him and Amari Cooper to interchange to create mismatches on the field. His 4.31-second 40-yard dash likely moved him up draft boards.

91. Los Angeles Chargers – Jarrett Stidham (QB – Auburn)
It’s no secret that the Chargers are looking for a backup quarterback and one who may eventually take over for the aging Philip Rivers. The Chargers haven’t brought in Stidham for a workout, but they haven’t brought in many quarterbacks outside those expected to go in the first round. This is an area of the draft where I could see them pulling the trigger on their top quarterback.

92. Seattle Seahawks (from Chiefs) – L.J. Collier (DE – TCU)
After trading away Frank Clark, the Seahawks snag Collier in an attempt to build the edge position back up. Collier plays with a chip on his shoulder, which helps him break through the line of scrimmage despite him being a tad undersized.

93. New York Jets (from Saints) – Jamel Dean (CB – Auburn)
The Jets need to add a perimeter cornerback in the draft after failing to re-sign Morris Claiborne. Dean is a bigger cornerback at 6-foot-1 and 206 pounds who ran a 4.3-second 40-yard dash, which will appeal to many teams.

94. Los Angeles Rams – Dre’Mont Jones (DT – Ohio State)
After failing to retain Ndamukong Suh, the Rams need someone to plug on the defensive line. Jones is someone who’d typically get a first- or second-round grade, but in a deep defensive tackle class, he falls further than expected.

95. *PROJECTED TRADE* Falcons (from Giants) – Michael Deiter (OG – Wisconsin)
After moving back from No. 14 to No. 17, the Falcons get an additional third-round pick. They spend it on an interior lineman who should help boost the run-game for the Falcons. They did sign James Carpenter and Jamon Brown in free agency, but they aren’t long-term solutions.

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