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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Half PPR Rest of Season Rankings

Derrick Henry Note
Derrick Henry photo 1. Derrick Henry RB - TEN (vs . CIN)
Aaron Jones Note
Aaron Jones photo 2. Aaron Jones RB - GB (vs . SF)
Joe Mixon Note
Joe Mixon photo 3. Joe Mixon RB - CIN (at TEN)
Elijah Mitchell Note
Elijah Mitchell photo 4. Elijah Mitchell RB - SF (at GB)
Davante Adams Note
Davante Adams photo 5. Davante Adams WR - GB (vs . SF)
Devin Singletary Note
Devin Singletary photo 6. Devin Singletary RB - BUF (at KC)
AJ Dillon Note
AJ Dillon photo 7. AJ Dillon RB - GB (vs . SF)
Cooper Kupp Note
Cooper Kupp photo 8. Cooper Kupp WR - LAR (at TB)
Cam Akers Note
Cam Akers photo 9. Cam Akers RB - LAR (at TB)
Leonard Fournette Note
Leonard Fournette photo 10. Leonard Fournette RB - TB (vs . LAR)
Ja'Marr Chase Note
Ja'Marr Chase photo 11. Ja'Marr Chase WR - CIN (at TEN)
Tyreek Hill Note
Tyreek Hill photo 12. Tyreek Hill WR - KC (vs . BUF)
Travis Kelce Note
Travis Kelce photo 13. Travis Kelce TE - KC (vs . BUF)
Deebo Samuel Note
Deebo Samuel photo 14. Deebo Samuel WR - SF (at GB)
Sony Michel Note
Sony Michel photo 15. Sony Michel RB - LAR (at TB)
Clyde Edwards-Helaire Note
Clyde Edwards-Helaire photo 16. Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB - KC (vs . BUF)
Stefon Diggs Note
Stefon Diggs photo 17. Stefon Diggs WR - BUF (at KC)
Mike Evans Note
Mike Evans photo 18. Mike Evans WR - TB (vs . LAR)
Rob Gronkowski Note
Rob Gronkowski photo 19. Rob Gronkowski TE - TB (vs . LAR)
A.J. Brown Note
A.J. Brown photo 20. A.J. Brown WR - TEN (vs . CIN)
Ke'Shawn Vaughn Note
Ke'Shawn Vaughn photo 21. Ke'Shawn Vaughn RB - TB (vs . LAR)
Jerick McKinnon Note
Jerick McKinnon photo 22. Jerick McKinnon RB - KC (vs . BUF)
Tee Higgins Note
Tee Higgins photo 23. Tee Higgins WR - CIN (at TEN)
Giovani Bernard Note
Giovani Bernard photo 24. Giovani Bernard RB - TB (vs . LAR)
Odell Beckham Jr. Note
Odell Beckham Jr. photo 25. Odell Beckham Jr. WR - LAR (at TB)
Brandon Aiyuk Note
Brandon Aiyuk photo 26. Brandon Aiyuk WR - SF (at GB)
Darrel Williams Note
Darrel Williams photo 27. Darrel Williams RB - KC (vs . BUF)
Julio Jones Note
Julio Jones photo 28. Julio Jones WR - TEN (vs . CIN)
Tyler Boyd Note
Tyler Boyd photo 29. Tyler Boyd WR - CIN (at TEN)
Ronald Jones II Note
Ronald Jones II photo 30. Ronald Jones II RB - TB (vs . LAR)
Allen Lazard Note
Allen Lazard photo 31. Allen Lazard WR - GB (vs . SF)
Gabriel Davis Note
Gabriel Davis photo 32. Gabriel Davis WR - BUF (at KC)
Mecole Hardman Note
Mecole Hardman photo 33. Mecole Hardman WR - KC (vs . BUF)
Dawson Knox Note
Dawson Knox photo 34. Dawson Knox TE - BUF (at KC)
Josh Allen Note
Josh Allen photo 35. Josh Allen QB - BUF (at KC)
George Kittle Note
George Kittle photo 36. George Kittle TE - SF (at GB)
Randall Cobb Note
Randall Cobb photo 37. Randall Cobb WR - GB (vs . SF)
Marquez Valdes-Scantling Note
Marquez Valdes-Scantling photo 38. Marquez Valdes-Scantling WR - GB (vs . SF)
Cole Beasley Note
Cole Beasley photo 39. Cole Beasley WR - BUF (at KC)
Van Jefferson Note
Van Jefferson photo 40. Van Jefferson WR - LAR (at TB)
Samaje Perine Note
Samaje Perine photo 41. Samaje Perine RB - CIN (at TEN)
Emmanuel Sanders Note
Emmanuel Sanders photo 42. Emmanuel Sanders WR - BUF (at KC)
Aaron Rodgers Note
Aaron Rodgers photo 43. Aaron Rodgers QB - GB (vs . SF)
Darrell Henderson Jr. Note
Darrell Henderson Jr. photo 44. Darrell Henderson Jr. RB - LAR (at TB)
Patrick Mahomes II Note
Patrick Mahomes II photo 45. Patrick Mahomes II QB - KC (vs . BUF)
Zack Moss Note
Zack Moss photo 46. Zack Moss RB - BUF (at KC)
Scotty Miller Note
Scotty Miller photo 47. Scotty Miller WR - TB (vs . LAR)
Jeff Wilson Jr. Note
Jeff Wilson Jr. photo 48. Jeff Wilson Jr. RB - SF (at GB)
D'Onta Foreman Note
D'Onta Foreman photo 49. D'Onta Foreman RB - TEN (vs . CIN)
Byron Pringle Note
Byron Pringle photo 50. Byron Pringle WR - KC (vs . BUF)
Joe Burrow Note
Joe Burrow photo 51. Joe Burrow QB - CIN (at TEN)
Tyler Johnson Note
Tyler Johnson photo 52. Tyler Johnson WR - TB (vs . LAR)
Breshad Perriman Note
Breshad Perriman photo 53. Breshad Perriman WR - TB (vs . LAR)
Matthew Stafford Note
Matthew Stafford photo 54. Matthew Stafford QB - LAR (at TB)
Tyler Higbee Note
Tyler Higbee photo 55. Tyler Higbee TE - LAR (at TB)
Le'Veon Bell Note
Le'Veon Bell photo 56. Le'Veon Bell RB - TB (vs . LAR)
Tom Brady Note
Tom Brady photo 57. Tom Brady QB - TB (vs . LAR)
Dontrell Hilliard Note
Dontrell Hilliard photo 58. Dontrell Hilliard RB - TEN (vs . CIN)
Jauan Jennings Note
Jauan Jennings photo 59. Jauan Jennings WR - SF (at GB)
Ryan Tannehill Note
Ryan Tannehill photo 60. Ryan Tannehill QB - TEN (vs . CIN)
Anthony Firkser Note
Anthony Firkser photo 61. Anthony Firkser TE - TEN (vs . CIN)
Jimmy Garoppolo Note
Jimmy Garoppolo photo 62. Jimmy Garoppolo QB - SF (at GB)
JaMycal Hasty Note
JaMycal Hasty photo 63. JaMycal Hasty RB - SF (at GB)
Isaiah McKenzie Note
Isaiah McKenzie photo 64. Isaiah McKenzie WR - BUF (at KC)
Demarcus Robinson Note
Demarcus Robinson photo 65. Demarcus Robinson WR - KC (vs . BUF)
Nick Westbrook-Ikhine Note
Nick Westbrook-Ikhine photo 66. Nick Westbrook-Ikhine WR - TEN (vs . CIN)
Green Bay Packers Note
Green Bay Packers photo 67. Green Bay Packers DST - GB (vs . SF)
Josiah Deguara Note
Josiah Deguara photo 68. Josiah Deguara TE - GB (vs . SF)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Note
Tampa Bay Buccaneers photo 69. Tampa Bay Buccaneers DST - TB (vs . LAR)
O.J. Howard Note
O.J. Howard photo 70. O.J. Howard TE - TB (vs . LAR)
Trey Lance Note
Trey Lance photo 71. Trey Lance QB - SF (at GB)
Los Angeles Rams Note
Los Angeles Rams photo 72. Los Angeles Rams DST - LAR (at TB)
Buffalo Bills Note
Buffalo Bills photo 73. Buffalo Bills DST - BUF (at KC)
C.J. Uzomah Note
C.J. Uzomah photo 74. C.J. Uzomah TE - CIN (at TEN)
Kansas City Chiefs Note
Kansas City Chiefs photo 75. Kansas City Chiefs DST - KC (vs . BUF)
Cameron Brate Note
Cameron Brate photo 76. Cameron Brate TE - TB (vs . LAR)
Tennessee Titans Note
Tennessee Titans photo 77. Tennessee Titans DST - TEN (vs . CIN)
Marcedes Lewis Note
Marcedes Lewis photo 78. Marcedes Lewis TE - GB (vs . SF)
Geoff Swaim Note
Geoff Swaim photo 79. Geoff Swaim TE - TEN (vs . CIN)
San Francisco 49ers Note
San Francisco 49ers photo 80. San Francisco 49ers DST - SF (at GB)
Harrison Butker Note
Harrison Butker photo 81. Harrison Butker K - KC (vs . BUF)
Tyler Bass Note
Tyler Bass photo 82. Tyler Bass K - BUF (at KC)
Cincinnati Bengals Note
Cincinnati Bengals photo 83. Cincinnati Bengals DST - CIN (at TEN)
Mason Crosby Note
Mason Crosby photo 84. Mason Crosby K - GB (vs . SF)
Ryan Succop Note
Ryan Succop photo 85. Ryan Succop K - TB (vs . LAR)
Evan McPherson Note
Evan McPherson photo 86. Evan McPherson K - CIN (at TEN)
Robbie Gould Note
Robbie Gould photo 87. Robbie Gould K - SF (at GB)
Matt Gay Note
Matt Gay photo 88. Matt Gay K - LAR (at TB)
Greg Zuerlein Note
Greg Zuerlein photo 89. Greg Zuerlein K - DAL (BYE)
Matt Prater Note
Matt Prater photo 90. Matt Prater K - ARI (BYE)
Randy Bullock Note
Randy Bullock photo 91. Randy Bullock K - TEN (vs . CIN)
Daniel Carlson Note
Daniel Carlson photo 92. Daniel Carlson K - LV (BYE)
Chris Boswell Note
Chris Boswell photo 93. Chris Boswell K - PIT (BYE)
Jake Elliott Note
Jake Elliott photo 94. Jake Elliott K - PHI (BYE)
Quinn Nordin Note
Quinn Nordin photo 95. Quinn Nordin K - NE (BYE)